Homeless and Helpless.

Harry Styles, the homeless guy who does everything for his sister Gemma's daughter Sam. Gemma died from cancer years ago, now, Sam and Harry lives in the streets, struggling to keep themselves alive. But what happens when Harry get's a plan? Which involves getting hit by a car to the very rich Evelyn Jackson the daughter of a sucessfull lawyer.

----Inspired by the movie "Curly Sue"----


7. Chapter SEVEN.

Evelyn's P.O.V

Sam has gone to bed and Harry was in the shower. I walked into the kitchen and poured myself a glass of vodka. Leaning my left arm on the counter I looked down on some sheets from the work. I never knew this job would be so stressing. Suddenly my phone started to ring, taking another sip from my drink I placed it down before picking up my phone.

"Hello?" I said in a tired voice.

"Darling, Jack just called and told me that you're a lawyer now. Why didn't you tell me?" My dad asked.

"I kinda got myself in the middle of something." I sighed.

"What happened?" He asked.

"Hit a homeless guy with my car. I felt bad for his so called daughter." I told him.

"Ah... Well, hopes it all turns out well. I need to go. Love you." He said.

"Love you too, dad." I said before placing my phone on the counter.

I turned around and jumped when I spotted a topless Harry with a towel around his waist.

"You have something other than worn jeans I can wear?" He asked stepping closer.

"Wait here." I told him.

I walked past him avoiding him trying to get closer to me with his fit body. Walking into the guest room I pulled out some sweatpants that was Jack's. Turning around I jumped again when I spotted Harry behind me.

"Jesus Christ Harry, are you deaf?" I asked rolling my eyes.

"No, but I'm not a dog either so I don't listen to commands." He told me.

"Whatever." I said throwing the sweatpants at him.

My eyes widened as I saw him moving his hand lower until it was over the towel, he was about to take it up before he said, "Staying for the show?"

I looked up at him and shook my head in disgust, "Just get dressed." I said turning around.

It took a couple of seconds before he said, "Done." I turned around to face him, damn, should've given him a shirt too. But I only have my tops because Jack always walks around the house topless.

"Thanks for letting us stay by the way." He smirked.

"I'm doing it for Sam." I told him.

"Not only for her." He said leaning against the closed door. Before I got to answer he continued, "Because either way, you would've let her stay but asked me to go."

"Why are you doing this Harry? It's like you're asking me to hate you. You're Sam's uncle. She loves you, you're the only one she's got. That's why I let you stay too." I told him.

"Sounds like she's got you too." He told me.

"Then fine! She's got me too. I get too attached to people too easily. And it's no way I'm going to watch that cute little girl, grow up on the street." I said raising my voice, "And fine Harry. I don't mind you walking around my house half naked. As long as you keep your famous smirk and cheesy pick-up lines away from me. I'm too smart to be seduced by you."

I walked past him about to open the door before suddenly he grabbed my wrist pulling me back. He held around my waist as there were no space between our bodies. My hands was resting on his chest and our faces was inches away from eachother.

"I love Sam of all my life." He whispered looking down at my lips, "But she deserve a better life. Which means a life without me." 

I furrowed my eyebrows at him, "A-are you going to leave her?" I asked as he sighed.

"I'll do what's best for her." He whispered.

"And what's best for her, is to be with the people she loves." I told him.

"You..." He breathe looking down at my lips while licking his before he looked into my eyes again, "You're so innocent, so naive and so... Beautiful." he said changing the subject.

My breath became heavier, I got butterflies in my stomach as his head slowly moved closer. I watched him close his eyes as his lips suddenly attached to mine. I closed my eyes and felt his soft lips on mine. Suddenly we broke from our kiss as we heard Sam gasp from behind.

Turning around she had opened the door and her jaw dropped, "Oh.. Uhm. Sam. Didn't know you were awake." Harry said walking over to her.

"How could you!" She yelled pushing him before walking away.

"What's your problem?" He asked.

"You!" She yelled before rushing into my room again.

"I'll talk to her." I told him before walking into my room.

Sam was sitting on my bed with her knees up to her chest. I closed the door behind me and walked over to her before sitting down next to her.

"I'm sorry." I whispered, "If you don't like me and Harry together... Which we are not. I won't ever kiss him again." I told her.

"It's not that." She whispered looking up at me with her eyes filled with tears, "I really like you Eve. And because of that I've started to think about you as my mom. And I've always been Harry's favorite girl. But when I saw you kiss I thought maybe he's found a new favorite girl."

"Darling, you will always be his favorite girl. No matter what. And you know what?" I asked with a smile.

"What?" She replied.

"You're my favorite girl too." I smiled kissing her forehead, she gave me a huge smile as I stood up, "Now get some sleep." I smiled before walking out of the bedroom.

Harry was standing in the livingroom waiting for me, "She told me she was scared that you've found a new favorite girl. And that she started to think of me as her new mom." I told him.

"Oh.." He mumbled, "Well.." He started before I cut him off, "I'm going to sleep now Harry. You should too. Goodnight." I said turning around.

"Sleep tight." I heard him say before I walked into my bedroom again.

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