Homeless and Helpless.

Harry Styles, the homeless guy who does everything for his sister Gemma's daughter Sam. Gemma died from cancer years ago, now, Sam and Harry lives in the streets, struggling to keep themselves alive. But what happens when Harry get's a plan? Which involves getting hit by a car to the very rich Evelyn Jackson the daughter of a sucessfull lawyer.

----Inspired by the movie "Curly Sue"----


5. Chapter FIVE.

Evelyn's P.O.V

We stopped outside a bowling hall, "But Harry, you don't have any money." I said looking up at him.

"Who said we need money?" He smirked before taking my hand starting to walk another direction. I grabbed Sam's hand as we all walked into an alley. Letting go of my hand he started to climb on a pipe that was against the wall to the building.

"Follow me." He said climbing up to the roof.

"Come on princess, we ain't got all day." I heard Sam groan.

"Sorry." I said placing my hand on the dirty pipe.

Starting to climb up it took a while before I was on the top. Sam was right behind me as I watched Harry open a door.

"Are you sure that this is legal?" I questioned walking over to him.

"If it was legal, it wouldn't be fun." He smirked before walking inside.

Sam and I followed him down the stairs until we arrived the backside of the bowling hall. Walking over to bowling lane number 6, we started to play. 

We kept on in over an hour before some guards walked towards us, "Have you paid to play here?" One of them asked us.

"Well..." Harry started, "Run!" He shouted as we all ran the same direction we came in.

The guards started to run after us until we finally got away. We stopped running when we came outside a bakery.

"Anyone hungry?" Harry asked trying to catch his breath before walking into the bakery.

"You want me to buy you an..." I started before he cut me off, "Today we're living my life. No money, no rules." He winked before walked over to the counter.

The old lady who worked there looked over at us and gave us a friendly smile, "Hello childs, what do you want?" She said with a smile.

Harry glanced over at Sam, and Sam nodded slowly before lying down on the floor, screaming while holding over her knee.

"Is that your child?" The old lady asked shocked.

"I don't know her." Harry replied.

The lady walked over to Sam trying to comfort her while Harry stole some donuts and brownies. He handed me some and I placed them inside my bag. We rushed out, seconds later Sam came out too as we started to run again until I followed them into an alley. It was a mattress there, and a box with stuff inside.

Sam jumped on the mattress and Harry handed her some of the brownies and donuts. I sat down on the mattress as well, "What is this place?" I asked glancing over at the box.

"This is our home." Harry replied.

I became numb, did they really live here all their life? I picked up the box and brought out a picture. It was of Sam, Harry and a beautiful brunette.

"Who's she?" I asked pointing at the girl holding up Sam.

"Sam's mother." Harry whispered sitting down on the mattress next to me.

I sat between Sam and Harry. Looking down at Sam I saw that she was looking at her lap, almost about to cry.

"She's beautiful." I whispered stroking my thumb over the picture.

Harry sighed and made a humming voice, "Eve.." He whispered as I looked at him.

"Yes?" I asked looking into his green eyes.

"Sam... She's not my daughter." He mumbled.

"What?" I asked.

"Her mom is my sister. And Sam's not my daughter. I need to tell you the truth because... I fancy you. And the thing about you hitting me with your car was a set up. I'm sorry." He said.

I was shocked, my eyes were wide open as I stood up, "Y-you lied to me.. You.. You made me pay for everything and.." I stuttered placing my hand on my forehead.

"I need to go." I said grabbing my purse, "I hope it was worth it." I walked out of the alley and headed home.

Harry's P.O.V

"We didn't get nothing but dinner and clothes." Sam sighed  lying down on her back.

"We take what we get." I replied.

"We had her for sure, but you screwed it up." Sam said raising her voice.

"You know... That's just the kind of lady you should be praying for to be your mom." I sighed.

"Nah, I mean... Who needs a mom? You don't have a mom and you came out alright." She said looking up at me with puppy eyes.

I let out a loud sigh. swallowing the lump that had formed in my throat, "Go to sleep." I whispered.

She slowly closed her eyes as I noticed some snowflakes falling down on the ground. The wind got cooler and we had no roof. Taking off my jacket I lied it over Sam.

"Come on." I whispered lifting her up.

"Where are we going?" She asked.

"The winter is coming, we need to sleep under a roof." I told her picking up my box with my other hand.

More and more snow was falling from the sky, I've been walking for 15 minutes, Sam was asleep and the ground was now white. Finally we arrived the place where homeless people could sleep for a night. Stepping inside I spotted an empty bed. I lied Sam down on the bed placing the blanket over her before lying down myself next to her holding around her tight.

I noticed the homeless man in the bed in front of us looking down at Sam's hand. Where she was wearing her mother's ring. I gave him an ugly look before closing my eyes, falling asleep minutes later.


Sam and I was sitting up on the bed, I put her shoes on her, "Sorry about your ring." I said after the man lying next to us stole it.

"It's okay." She said.

"I'll get you another." I told her.

"That will make me feel kind of nervous." She said as I held her hands in mine.

"Why would a ring make you feel nervous?" I asked her.

"When somebody gives you something, you'll remember them by it which means they're gonna take off. If they're gonna stick around you don't need something to remember them about because they're always gonna be there." She said faking a smile remembering that's why her mother, Gemma, gave her that ring.

"You worry too much." I chuckled kissing her forehead.

Evelyn's P.O.V

"Why don't you tell me about that new case?" Jack asked taking a sip from his drink as we sat in a fancy restaurant eating dinner.

"You know I have duty of confidentiality, so I won't tell you." I said dryly.

"Something's bothering you." He said furrowing his eyebrows.

"I can't stop thinking about what happened last night." I sighed.

"Well... What's there to think about? It happened. It's over. I was right all along. You'll never see those people ever again." He smirked taking a bite from his food.

"That's what's bothering me... I kinda feel bad for the little girl." I sighed.

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