Story of my life 🌸

�� 1D fanfiction ��
Annie's 16 years old, bullied and talented in singing and playing piano.
She auditioned for Xfactor in London and made it so she started the competition among with many other youths, where she meets Jason.
In 6 episodes they get the news that 5 special boys in a boyband are gonna host the next episode as guests and sing with one of them...


11. Louis POV

Chapter 11. Louis POV I see harry and that girl talking. Of course Harry gets all the pretty girls. But what am I thinking? I already have a beautiful girlfriend. A beautiful cheating girl though. Did I rush when I forgave so easily? Maybe I did. I guess I should talk to someone about it and ask what they think. But not now. Maybe tomorrow. "Hi Lou." Liam comes and lays his hand on my shoulder. "Hey liam." "Looks like you've got a lot in your mind. What's up?" Here's the shot. Right now Tom comes and ruins the shot. "Hey in half an hour your up, okay?" "Sure thanks Tom. You busy?" "Nah I got a few mins." "Oh cool." "Sarcasm." "Oh" I laugh and Liam looks offended. "Tom, funny as always" "You got that right." Liam slowly turns around his head when a girl enters our space. That girl again. Probably her performance was done. She blushes as she catches three pair of eyes looking at her. "Oh sorry." She walks on and tries to be invisible, but we still observe her. "Who's she?" I whisper in the air as her back disappears behind a wall. "That's Annie. She's 16, from Doncaster and she's really shy. Stay away from her, just saying." You must be kidding, is she from Doncaster too? "Louis is from Doncaster too", Liam says seriously. "Oh yeah, I remember!" Tom smiles. "I better go now, I have no time fooling around with you guys." As he leaves we go and look up the other lads. Harry and Niall talks with a little group that's staring at them and looks inlove. Zayn sits on a chair with blue seat watching his phone and typing intensively. I'm guessing he's texting his love, Perrie. "Soon we're up. Maybe we should warm up our vocals?" "Yeah sure. Let's go to our own room." We gather around the couch in our room marked as "one direction lobby" and sing a bit. Without no reason I'm getting nervous. 3 years ago, we were like the other contestants. Nervous, childish and confused. Now we are traveling around the world, doing our dream job. It's amazing. When it's five minutes left we stand in a circle just going through everything and focusing in silence.

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