Story of my life 🌸

�� 1D fanfiction ��
Annie's 16 years old, bullied and talented in singing and playing piano.
She auditioned for Xfactor in London and made it so she started the competition among with many other youths, where she meets Jason.
In 6 episodes they get the news that 5 special boys in a boyband are gonna host the next episode as guests and sing with one of them...


4. Louis POV

Chapter 4
Louis Tomlinsons POV 

"Okay guys, I need you here in half an hour again. You can go and do whatever in the dining room or in the dress room. Or in the mini gym if you feel for a little workout." 
"I'm up for the gym!" Liam flexes his mussels and kisses them gently. 
Harry grins and Niall claps his hands and bursts out in laughter. 
Me and Zayn walks to the dress room and sits down for a good chat. I ask about Perrie and he says it goes really well. He asks about Eleanor, I answer that things are going well, but it is really not. 
She goes out with 18 year olds and now she has moved out from our apartment we share in London. We are one day from breaking up, I swear. 

"So you ready for the interview later?" Zayn reflects himself in the mirror and fixes his hair a bit. 
"Yeah, I am. Bit tired though." 
"I still can't believe we get to do this. This is unreal." He smiles and his eyes looks so happy.
"I know right, it's unbelievable. It's like we're living a dream I've always dreamed of."

A head shows in between the doors and shouts "time for the interview guys" 
"Be right there" I turn my head around to smile the quickest. 
"Let's go Malik." I push him friendly on his arm and goes up from the chair I sat in. 

Ten minutes later we all sit infront a very hot girl around our age. She smiles a little extra at harry, of course, and I, for some reason, get really pissed off at her and starts to get grumpy and irritated. 
"So guys, I heard you're performing on the xfactors UK on Saturday, it must be really wierd going back where you first broke through?" 
"I think, you know, it's unbelievable that we have come so far and that we just started out as 5 single lads, applying for the xfactor with the dream of singing and then reach out in the entire world." harry says and plays with his hands. 
"But isn't it hard, coping with the whole celebrity thing and all the attention you get from the girls?" She asks, looking into Harry's green eyes. 
"Yeah, sure it is, but as I would say, thanks to the fans we get to this, and without them we wouldn't have got this far. So I don't see it like its hard. We try to be open and not say no to like photos all the time, but I mean we are really busy so we let down a lot of people which makes us sad." Answers harry and looks around on us to get support. 
The other lads nods, but I just.. Sit there and stare at her. 

In that moment she turns her eyes away from harry and starts to stare at me. 
"What about you louis?"
"What about me what?" I reply, with an irritated tone. 
"What about you and Eleanor? How's that working out?"
"It's going great. We trust each other."
I mean, the world doesn't  need to know EVERYTHING. 

"And you are still together?" She somehow stares at me even more and leans forward as I was about to tell a secret. 
Can she tell I'm lying? 
"You sure?"
"What is this - FBI or what?" Niall asks with a silly tone.
"Of course not", she laughs and gets back to  Harry, after one final look on me. 
"So harry, are you single?"
"What is these stupid questions?" I'm muttering. 
"Excuse me Louis?" She looks insulted. 
"I mean, you can't ask about our personal lifes in that way, it's not ok to pry!" 
And with that I walk away from that stupid hot bitch. 

Harry comes after the interview and asks me what is wrong with me. 
I reply that she is a stupid bitch who can't separate between work and personal lifes. 
Harry answers that we are celebrity's and that people can ask basically what they want cause we are different. 
"Why are we different? We are all humans." 
"Because, we are One Direction." He says, desperate to cheer my up. "You know we love you Lou, cheer up buddy. It's okay to have a bad day, we all have it." 
He hugs me friendly and looses the grip to grin and do a thump up to me. 
I do it back but I just feel.. Empty inside. 

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