Story of my life 🌸

�� 1D fanfiction ��
Annie's 16 years old, bullied and talented in singing and playing piano.
She auditioned for Xfactor in London and made it so she started the competition among with many other youths, where she meets Jason.
In 6 episodes they get the news that 5 special boys in a boyband are gonna host the next episode as guests and sing with one of them...


8. Louis POV and Annie's POV


Chapter 7
Louis POV 

As we open the car door I smell the amazing smell Xfactor smelled like a couple years ago. 
I guess we all feel it, so I suggest a group hug to the boys and they happily agrees. The lads are warm, nervous and looks just so... Mature. 
Sometimes I think they're older than me. And I figure others do too. And in some way they kind of are. Because they are they. 

The first we see as we enter the building is the staff behind the whole show, welcoming us and going through the rules here, just as we were little kids running around with no manners. By proving that we're not childrens anymore we go with calm slow steps, talking with a mature tone.

"You guys will perform Best song ever as agreed, right?" My old buddy Tom smiles.
"Yeah Tom. Nice to see you."  I say, and I really mean it. It feels like a different life. So much has happened since we joined xfactor. 
"The same, the same. I've been listening to your albums a lot. You guys are so awesome. I knew it from the start, as soon as you got put in together as a band, that you were going to be something big. Bigger than any of us." 
"Thanks Tom." Liam looks touched and we both make eye contact and smile at the same time.

When we go around a corner some giggles echoes through the walls. It must be the competitors. 

Annie's POV

"Here they come!" Penny eeks and jumps around. "Be cool." 
The last hours I became really starstruck. I listened to their album Take me home. 
The fact that they've started out here and ended up taking over the world.. It's a dream. A fairy tale. 

I hear a voice saying "Thanks Tom." And suddenly they stand there, too perfect to be true. 
The girls sigh but they guys don't seem to notice. Guess they get a lot of attention from their fans. 
"Hi!" The curly one says. "I'm Harry." 
"I'm Niall." The blonde one says. 
"I'm Zayn." The boy with the really really dark brown eyes says.
"I'm Liam." The guy with the sparkling eyes.
"And I'm louis." 

I've never really understood how two humans in movies can just fall for each other in first sight. I don't think I fell in love now. I just got this weird feeling in my stomach I've never felt before. But it feels good. 

 he's so beautiful and I can't stop staring even if I try not to. 
"Present yourselfs.." Tom says, with warning eyes. 
One by one they all say their names. And last up is me.
"Annie." I say. The boy named louis looks at me and when I look back, he looks at the ground.
"And one of you will be performing with them. We already talked about it and we have a winner. They will sing only girl in the world together with the winner. Which everyone knows, since we rehearsed it, right?" 
Everyone nods and Tom says: "good. In two hours we're live. One direction", he looks at them. "Come with me."

Before they go I look at louis.. And he looks back. 

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