Story of my life 🌸

�� 1D fanfiction ��
Annie's 16 years old, bullied and talented in singing and playing piano.
She auditioned for Xfactor in London and made it so she started the competition among with many other youths, where she meets Jason.
In 6 episodes they get the news that 5 special boys in a boyband are gonna host the next episode as guests and sing with one of them...


5. Harry's POV and Annie's POV

Chapter 5
Harry's POV 

"What is wrong with louis?" Niall asks concerned.
"I don't know." I snatch my shoulders. "I don't know what got in to him."
"Is there something going on with Eleanor that louis won't tell us?" Asks Liam and takes an apple from a pile of fruit. He takes a bite and leans back in the seat he places his bum on. 
"Probably." I'm unsure, but I'm almost 100 % positive he told me Eleanor has moved out. 
"What should we do?" Niall asks. 
"Nothing." Zayn replies. "I mean, if Louis had something on his heart holding him down he would tell us, right? Eventually?" 
"I think this is different. He looked upset when she asked about Eleanor.."  I look at the others and they nod. They noticed it too back in the interview. 
"So... We ask him?" Liam asks with his mouth full of apple. He looks around with puppy eyes, who marks that he didn't really focus on louis right now, just the apple. 
"Me and Harry can do it." Niall clenches his fist and puts it infront of my face so I could do the same. I grin when we leave the room to the others while they yell "good luck".

But somehow Louis was over it. He had pulled himself together and was now the happy childish Louis we've always known. 
So we didn't talk that day. 

Annie's POV 

Soon it's saturday. 
Taylor and I went for a walk in the city and bought some candy so we could have a little party in our hotel room on the night. 

Taylor once again asked about Jason and I replied that yes, he has called - and he has a girlfriend. He thought it was over but it wasn't and he found out he still loves her too. 
Taylor says oh, I'm so sorry. 

She's not really the emotional type.


When all the other teenagers from the competition arrives I feel like just going home and leave the party. But then I remember, I'm from Doncaster, and that's not something you can walk to in walking distance. 

"Taylor, I want to leave." 
Her mouth goes wide open and she just gives me this bitch look and I just feel like I gently wanna give her the bitch finger and wave her away to hell with it. 
But of course I don't. 
"I just feel like breathing. Where can I go?" 
"I don't know girl, it's Thursday - I've worked hard this week and I want to party. Stay. You can breathe here" 
"Taylor I don't want to." 

Right then she starts to laugh, and all the others silences and looks at Taylor. 
"We knew it", she laughs with a mean expression in her face. "We knew it all along. You are a shy little antisocial bitch who hides behind others", she fake coughs. "Jason", couch. "and then when he's gone, you suddenly goes back to the real you. We knew it. You're fat and disgusting. You can't even sing. What are you even doing here?" 

I can't believe it. Taylor is false, fake and mean. I look among the others and they look down in the ground, on me or on Taylor. 

Please, say something. Anything. Anyone. 

I start to shake and I recognized the similar feeling I always get when I'm getting bullied. 
Before anything more happens I run away. 

The rivers of tears never stops, so I cry and cry and cry and no one ever comes to save me. 

When eventually the tears starts to fade away I go to the reception to change room. 
As soon as I get the key I feel the need to hug the 30 ish old man. 
"Thank you so much." 

The bed feels comfortable and soft so I lay down and turn the TV on. 
Scrue Taylor. Scrue Xfactor. Scrue them all. I'm going home. I'm leaving. I'm out. 

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