Story of my life 🌸

�� 1D fanfiction ��
Annie's 16 years old, bullied and talented in singing and playing piano.
She auditioned for Xfactor in London and made it so she started the competition among with many other youths, where she meets Jason.
In 6 episodes they get the news that 5 special boys in a boyband are gonna host the next episode as guests and sing with one of them...


1. Annie's POV

chapter 1
Annie's pow

"I'm so proud of you Annie", mom grabs my hand while she grins and her eyes sparkles and tears-up. "For what you've done and how far you have come. You are inspirational, and talented. And so beautiful. I wish for no other daughter." 
"Thanks mom, I love you." I gently push her hand like a gesture of care and slowly releases moms grip. 
"It's you after the commercial, okay?" Tom, the manager of the technic apartment lays a hand on my arm and nods at me. I nod back, suddenly very nervous and excited. 
"You're gonna blown the crowd away with your smile, honey." Mom walks back and puts her thumbs up in the air and shouts: "I'll be cheering for you! Good luck!" 

I walk to Jason, the guy I have got to known these past few weeks. He's really cute, a good listener and an awesome singer. 
"Jason.." I whisper and when he turns around to meet my eyes he's face just lifts and his smile gets bigger and I just looses my power of speaking. 
"Annie! Hi! How's it going?" 
Notice that I have grown a sort of crush for him. Not in the too stalkish way though, but enough stalkish that it just creeps me out sometimes. 
"Jason." I look at him and right then he understands and grabs me in his arms and hugs me tightly and long.
"You nervous?" 
I nod, completely incapable of speaking. 
"Ann, it's gonna be alright. You will do an awesome performance with your perfect voice. Don't worry." He whispers in my ear.
"My voice is not perfect." 
"Yes, to me it is." He looses a bit and leans back to face my shaking lips and my warm eyes. 
"Thanks Jason, but I really am not.."

I've never been popular. Or even liked. I've never been confident, cute or fabulous. I've always been me. And that's just not enough. 

My mom wanted me to audition for xfactor. So after years of begging I tried and succeeded. I don't quite remember how it was in the building, only that it was so... Much people. 
But i did it, and here I am, the fifth episode of the season of Xfactor UK, 2013. 

I cannot even believe that Ive made it this far. For my entire life I've been nothing, a zero, a loser, a nobody. Now I have friends, an almost-boyfriend-boy-friend and a supporting fanbase who actually cares about me and follows me. It's insane. 

"Where did you go, Annie?" He smiles and shakes me lightly on the shoulders. 
"I just.. Want to thank you. For everything. If I'm the one who leaves tonight, I just want you to know that.." 
"No, stop. You will not leave. You will get votes." 
"That's for you to say, you are like a celebrity now." 
"It doesn't change anything, I can still get outvoted." 
"No you can't."
"And why not?" He removes his hands on my shoulder, but takes a further step towards me. 
"Because.." I look down. "Because you're Jason." 

When he laughs, Tom comes from nowhere and announces that it's time for me to performe. 
"Good luck hun." Jason waves and grins. 

He called me hun. 

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