Harry Potter and Voldemorts Daughter

It is year 5 at Hogwarts. But it is very different from the other Harry Potter's. Dumbledoor is dead and so is Voldemort. So please no bad comments about the subject. So, a new girl comes to Hogwarts and is very excited. She is VOLDEMORTS DAUGHTER. No one else knows though. But she is only there to spy on Hogwarts so she can send her message to Mr. Malfoy. Harry falls in love with her. How can she keep her game up?


2. Wizard Shopping


   After Mr. Malfoy told us the plan for the a millionth time we went to the wizard bank and started looking for things I need.

  ''First you will need a wand so let's go to the wand shop.'' Draco father said leading me there. ''Oh hello, looking for a wand because I have them all. A man with a very jolly mood asked. Just as I was about to ask him for one Mr. Malfoy said. ''Yes, and the best one you've got.'' ''The man gave me a Unicorn Hair that was 13 inches. ''What do I do?'' I asked. ''Just try a spell.'' Draco said. ''OK,'' Instead of saying a spell I just whipped the wand and made a box start flying in the air. ''Yep, its right for you.'' Draco said taking money out of his pocket and giving it to the man. Before the man took it. I had to stop Draco. ''Oh that's okay Draco I will pay for it.'' I said putting my hand between Draco and the man. ''Don't worry, I have plenty more.'' He said moving my hand out of the way and paying the man.

    ''See you later.'' The man yelled when we left. Then I got a cat. And a Nimbus 2001. It turns out the Malfoy's are always up to date on things.

  Draco almost tried to pay for everything I needed but I paid for before he could. I think Draco has a crush on me. I don't think he is my type though. He is just too........ Malfoy.

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