Harry Potter and Voldemorts Daughter

It is year 5 at Hogwarts. But it is very different from the other Harry Potter's. Dumbledoor is dead and so is Voldemort. So please no bad comments about the subject. So, a new girl comes to Hogwarts and is very excited. She is VOLDEMORTS DAUGHTER. No one else knows though. But she is only there to spy on Hogwarts so she can send her message to Mr. Malfoy. Harry falls in love with her. How can she keep her game up?


3. Train Ride


     ''Here we are,'' Draco said getting my suitcase and picking it up. ''Well, off you guys go.'' Mr. Malfoy disappeared from the station. ''Okay, you grab you cat, and I will run all of this through go it?'' ''Got it.'' Draco ran in really quick. I looked around to make sure that no one was watching and ran in behind him.

  I saw so many students. 'Move Weasley.'' Draco said pushing a boy and his family out of the way. ''Hi,'' I said waving at a boy with glasses who had brown hair. And a scar on his forehead. I gasped. ''Your Harry Potter.'' ''He smiled at me. Then he walked in not taking his eyes off me. ''Come on,'' Draco yelled to me. I went in seeing all of the Slytherin people.

  ''Right here.'' Draco pulled me to the back seat of the train. ''Look, my father didn't remind you, but you have to have a fake name.'' ''Like what?'' ''How about........... Tiana Jenkins.'' ''I like it. Let's go with it.'' 

  ''Alright look I gotta go number 2. Don't move.'' ''I won't,'' I said making a giggle come out of my mouth.

   When he left I heard that we could by candy so I went to the lady with the candy and saw Harry.

   ''Hello, Harry Potter.'' I said paying for one Honey Duke. And one Fudge Flies. ''Want to sit with us?'' ''Um...sure.'' After the lady left I sat down with Harry and his friends. ''Hi, my name is Hermonie Granger. This is Ronald Weasley. I see you have a cat like mine,'' Harry gave her a stop getting of the topic look. ''Oh yeah and that is-'' ''Harry Potter.'' I interrupted. ''And you are?'' Hermonie asked. ''Tiana Jenkins'' I lied. ''Hello, Tiana. So I am guessing that you are new.'' ''Yes, I am.'' ''What were you doing with Malfoy?'' Ronald asked. ''Are you two-'' I couldn't let Harry finish that sentence. ''NO,NO.NO, we are just friends.'' ''Who could be friends with that jerk?'' Ronald said looking up and down at me. ''I don't know what your talking about he is really sweet.'' ''What are you talking about? He is mean, cruel, pathetic, and manipulating,'' Hermonie said. ''Really I thought-'' Then her cat and my cat jumped out of our hands. ''Mine is a boy so I am guessing yours is a girl?'' I asked. ''Yes, come here girl.'' But Hermonie's cat didn't obey. And when I called my cat it didn't come. ''What are you doing with these horrible Gryffindor's?'' Draco asked pulling me out of my seat.

 ''I told you to stay put, and to stay away from all houses except Slytherin.''He sat me down and sat in front of me. I was angry that Draco was mean to everyone outside of Slytherin.

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