Harry Potter and Voldemorts Daughter

It is year 5 at Hogwarts. But it is very different from the other Harry Potter's. Dumbledoor is dead and so is Voldemort. So please no bad comments about the subject. So, a new girl comes to Hogwarts and is very excited. She is VOLDEMORTS DAUGHTER. No one else knows though. But she is only there to spy on Hogwarts so she can send her message to Mr. Malfoy. Harry falls in love with her. How can she keep her game up?


10. Giving Blood

     They ran Harry to the nurse. Then they laid him down. The nurse checked and checked him and said that he was loosing blood. "I need someone who is willing to lend Mr. Potter some blood."

    I hesitated a bit. I ran to everyone crowding Harry. "I will do it." Draco wasn't there so I had a little time to do stupid un death eater. "Well, it is better with another half blood, but I guess it will be fine." I walked over to the nurse and she put a needle through my skin. I jumped and had a vision of my dad trying to kill Harry Potter.

   "Okay, I need all of you to leave now-'' Ginny Weasley walked in very quickly. ''Wait, can I get everyone's attention?'' We all looked at her even Harry who was closed to passing out. "Look here,'' ''What is it" a random boy called out. ''It is the files of Tiana Jenkins, who is really dead. You see I was wondering about our FAKE POSER of Tiana Jenkins so I went in Professor Dumbledoor's old office and saw that THE REAL TIANA JENKINS is DEAD." I looked very shocked. ''So, this girl is really....." The boy was pointing to me. "The girl's name is Vivian Riddle." I ran out crying. "What is wrong with you?'' Draco asked as I passed him.

  When I got to the room I was sleeping in I started packing up my things. I was happy that boys can't come in because I know Draco probably just figured out why I am crying. Everyone does. That jealous Ginny. She just hated that I was talking to Harry. Maybe my mother was right. I am to soft to do something like this. Harry probably hates me now. I can't blame him though. I lied. I helped the other death eaters get closer to him. That means I put him in danger. It's my name. Vivian Riddle.

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