Harry Potter and Voldemorts Daughter

It is year 5 at Hogwarts. But it is very different from the other Harry Potter's. Dumbledoor is dead and so is Voldemort. So please no bad comments about the subject. So, a new girl comes to Hogwarts and is very excited. She is VOLDEMORTS DAUGHTER. No one else knows though. But she is only there to spy on Hogwarts so she can send her message to Mr. Malfoy. Harry falls in love with her. How can she keep her game up?


6. Filthy Gryffindor's

Waking up wasn't very hard. Because Goldy was scratching me a little. I brushed my teeth and got dressed. When I went downstairs I saw Draco, Crab and Crumb sitting at the table eating cereal. ''Hey, Viv, or should I call you Tiana from now on?'' Crab asked me. ''You can call me Tiana'' I replied. ''Your first class is Care for Magical Creatures, it is a stupid class but you have to go'' Draco said. ''Will Harry Potter be there?'' I asked after turning around seeing him eating breakfast with Hermonie and Ronald. ''Yeah, why I am the one who really needs to spy on him. Your new to this you need to spy on his friends.'' ''Just asking. But I think I should have some time to spy on him too.'' I didn't want to spy on him. He was so tempting I had to make a slick way to get to him. ''Fine, but I don't want you trying to be friends with those filthy Gryffindor's.'' ''I wont, trust me; Gryffindor's are the last places I will go for a friend.'' I new it was a lie. But after lying about not liking Harry Potter I will need to get used to it. I ate all of my breakfast and went to Care for Magical Creatures. Not one person talked to me on the way there. Maybe because I am starting out on year 5. But wait, what does that have to do with anything? I didn't care anyway. As long as they don't talk to me because I am the daughter of Voldemort.

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