Harry Potter and Voldemorts Daughter

It is year 5 at Hogwarts. But it is very different from the other Harry Potter's. Dumbledoor is dead and so is Voldemort. So please no bad comments about the subject. So, a new girl comes to Hogwarts and is very excited. She is VOLDEMORTS DAUGHTER. No one else knows though. But she is only there to spy on Hogwarts so she can send her message to Mr. Malfoy. Harry falls in love with her. How can she keep her game up?


11. Evil to Good Good to Great


     I took my suitcases downstairs. Everyone was staring at me including Draco. "Wait," Harry called running up to me. "Harry aren't you mad I lied to you and I could have put you in danger.''  "But you didn't, please you don't have to be a death eater. You can be a normal student here at Hogwarts. Vivian please." ''I love you Harry,'' He leaned in closer to me and we kissed. His soft lips made a magnetic attract.

 I heard footsteps coming near us. ''Wait a minute, I knew that making a soft girl a death eater was stupid. Draco pushed us apart. "Draco Malfoy, she is the most generous girl I know. Now, leave her alone or you will hear from me." Harry moved up to Draco now they were face to face.   

  Draco took out his wand and yelled. "Lenbom," ''DRACO IS RIGHT I MUST BE A HARDER DEATH EATER," I pushed Harry out of the way. Wait what the heck was I saying. "HARRY POTTER MUST BE DEAD, WITH THE REST OF HOGWARTS." "She is charmed Harry, what do we do?'' Hermonie asked. I threw her on the ground with my hands up. "Wait, I think I remember the spell to charms like this. Harry ran to me and kissed me. I tried to push him away but it didn't work. My mind like it. But my body was its own master. My body finally took in the love between me and Harry. "What no, I will change her back." Draco held his wand up but someone did a spell to make it slip out. The person who did it  was..... Ginny. She walked over to Draco and gave him a long kiss.

  When they were done Ginny turned to me. "I am sorry, Vivian; I know that what I did was wrong. Please forgive me." "I will." Harry wrapped one of his arms around me waist. "Wow, Ginny will you date me if I stop being such a jerk?'' Draco asked desperately. ''I will except your desperate love."

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