You Found Me - Harry Styles Fanfiction

When he first layed eyes on her, he felt so vulnerable. As if the nearest tree could fall upon him, crush his bones, and make his breath heaving. Like her breath, so weak, so hoarse. She clearly had had way too much to drink. He was quite drunk himself. He noticed, his vision being slightly blurred. Therefore, he couldn't see her face properly. It was also partly covered by her long, brown hair, wet from the rain. He focused on her breathing. It had to be continuing. He didn't like the uncertainty of the situation. He always had things under control. His friends, family, school. He had it all running his way. But he somehow felt the need to take her with him. He felt protective of her, like it was his place in the world to keep her safe, and make sure something like this never happened again. He pulled his hoodie up around the curls, and gently placed her in the back seat of his Range Rover. His hands were tensed around the wheel, and his eyes dark as he drove through the dark forest.


1. Prologue


The music they were playing was terrible. Meaningless, repeated lyrics with a loud bass, and background music pertaining to a blender.

I did not give a fuck. I was there for the drinks. I would lie if I denied the fact that I was interested in getting laid when I drove to the woods at first, but the girls I could see were complete sluts. And that just didn't do it for me anymore. Sure, I could close my eyes, but their sloppy and overexaggerated moves would probably ruin everything. I took another sip of my beer, and observed the way everyone was desperately trying to find someone to mate with. I smirked, and sat down on a large branch, placed around the bonfire as a bench, and watched the sparks mix with the fresh air. It was actually a beautiful night; the sky was cleared so you had a peak to the formation of the stars above the crowd of the trees. My admiration was disturbed by the eruption of a drunken redhead dumping next to me. Her physique was out of hand, I had to interfere several times for her not to drop into the fire. Luckily for me, a friend turned up and helped her away from the party. It was smart to take her home. I considered going home myself. I was getting quite drunk and if I was to drive I should probably soon stop drinking.

I had parked my car far away from the other's. I couldn't take any risks, having a black Range Rover, so I started to walk towards it, and away from the people and all the noise.

A few minutes later I wasn't able to hear the music anymore. The only thing I could hear was owls and some other bird species. Unnoticed above me was dark clouds starting to gather, and I soon felt raindrops on my skin. The rain only confirmed that it was probably a good time to be heading back.

I had a way of not getting lost so even though I was in the middle of the woods, black night, I knew exactly where my car were. Normally I would have ignored anything but my desire to go home but when I noticed movement in the corner of my eye, I looked.

I couldn't figure out why somebody would be in this part of the forrest, so far away from the party, so I walked towards the people I saw. I could neither see them clearly or hear what they were saying but as I got closer, I noticed they were frightened. Shrieking voices attacked me when they were aware of my presence. Two girls, who were blocking the sight of what seemed like a third. "Calm down," I finally managed to say. "What's the matter?"

The two girls looked at each other. They both swallowed hard before speaking. "Our friend. She had way too many drinks for her to handle. She usually don't drink but this guy.." "Behind you?" I interrupted.

I didn't even wait for their answer. I had quickly moved to the body lying behind them. The small degree of rain had quickly developed to a large thunderstorm and she was soaking. Well, we were too but she was cold, passed out and soaking. I was starting to feel the effects of the alcohol, so I couldn't see her face clearly. Her brown wet hair was also partly covering her face but the odd part was, I felt something. I was incredibly angry at that fat jerk for putting her in this situation but at the same time I felt vulnerable. Her breath was so weak and all of a sudden my breath was too. I felt fragile, just as fragile as she was. She had made a connection through me. This was intense. I had to keep her safe, I had to make sure she kept breathing. It felt insane to feel that if she stopped, so would I. But that was how I felt. I pulled up my hoodie, picked her up in my arms and turned to the other girls. "I'll take her home to my place. Will you be able to get back to the party?" They looked hesitant but they nodded. As we started walking in opposite directions, I could feel them looking back several times.

My eyebrows furrowed. I didn't like that I didn't have control over her. That I couldn't control what happened next. I was the kind of guy that liked to take matters into my own hands. I opened the backdoor at my car, and gently placed her in a lying position at the back seat. I then got in behind the wheel, and turned on the engine. I took a tight grip onto the wheel as I drove through the dark forrest.

I parked the car and carried her bridal style to the bedroom. I wouldn't mind sleeping on the couch tonight. I turned on some dim light and placed her on the pillow and spread the blanket around her. I was exhausted. I sat for a moment on the bed and just looked at her. She was so innocent. I pulled some hair away from her face, trying to see her better. The blur in my eyes denied me, so I would have to wait until tomorrow. I was absolutely certain that she was breathtaking though.

Then I quietly tiptoed out of the room after leaving her a note. If she woke up, she shouldn't be scared. I was there to keep her safe.

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