You Found Me - Harry Styles Fanfiction

When he first layed eyes on her, he felt so vulnerable. As if the nearest tree could fall upon him, crush his bones, and make his breath heaving. Like her breath, so weak, so hoarse. She clearly had had way too much to drink. He was quite drunk himself. He noticed, his vision being slightly blurred. Therefore, he couldn't see her face properly. It was also partly covered by her long, brown hair, wet from the rain. He focused on her breathing. It had to be continuing. He didn't like the uncertainty of the situation. He always had things under control. His friends, family, school. He had it all running his way. But he somehow felt the need to take her with him. He felt protective of her, like it was his place in the world to keep her safe, and make sure something like this never happened again. He pulled his hoodie up around the curls, and gently placed her in the back seat of his Range Rover. His hands were tensed around the wheel, and his eyes dark as he drove through the dark forest.


3. Finding What Belongs To You

One look. That's all she gave me before she rushed out of the door. With my strength and reflexes, I could easily have stopped her. Kept her here, until I allowed her to go. That's what I had planned. But really, what was the point? I had lost my foothold. I was unable to remain persistant, that one look; so sincere, so powerful, had left me frozen. It wasn't the obvious fright in her eyes that amazed me. I could handle ordinary fright. It was another, deeper, more remote kind of fear. A secret she was trying to hide. I noticed it but I couldn't tell the reason behind it. It scared me.


And then, as fast as she had entered my life, she was gone. I didn't know a thing about her but I had to find her again. She was my goal now. I had mentally claimed her, made her my target. Point of no return.


Emily's POV:

It had been a month since I woke up hungover at Harry's place. I had not been the same since. I felt like he was always there, like I was always being watched by him. And it was crazy because I could never actually see him. I would just feel his presence and visualize his dark green eyes being directly focused on me from somewhere distant. Sometimes when I was alone I would replay his last words in my head; "Maybe you're scared but I can sense your heart is beating faster for another reason." It was a line my mind wouldn't forget. My friends had asked a million times what happened but I had never told them. It was something that should stay between me and him. 


Yet another day at school, I was a junior and I couldn't wait with escaping school. I lived in a small mountaintown in the heart of the Rockies called Leadville, and though the town was stunning, I wanted to explore the world. I had only been to Denver once, my two bestfriends and I was secretly invited by my cousin to stay over at her apartment. She had told my parents that she wanted to show us campus and college life, but in reality it was a cover-up for a wild frat party in the forest. It didn't turn out that well, I was trying to impress a guy who seemed to have interest in me, and he had even taken me out for us to be alone together but soon the alcohol kicked in, and he left me there. I don't reminisce a thing after, before I woke up at Harry's apartment. 


As I drove my family's old Ford into the parking lot, I once again felt as though he was there, but this time it was stronger. I was literally going insane. The day went by like a play that have become way too rehearsed, pretending that I cared when my friends talked about the school's "hot" athletes, eating food that actually didn't taste of anything that I rather would've thrown out, and listening to the teachers talking about stuff I either already knew or couldn't use for shit. 

As my last class approached I had slowly forgotten the feeling of Harry being around. I walked into our English class, English was the most interesting class there was, our teacher Mr. Thomson actually gave us assignments and discussions that were worth something and made us learn, but I was of course the only person that thought so. All of the other students slacked class, and didn't respect Mr. Thomson at all. Mr. Thomson wasn't the only teacher who weren't respected though, we had a lot of students that either simply didn't care about education, or thought that their authority somehow was bigger than our teachers'.


I got down behind my desk and ignored all the noisy chit-chatting made around me, and awaited Mr.Thomson.

I froze when another person entered the class with Mr. Thomson. A way too familiar handsome guy in extremely tight black jeans, and plain black t-shirt. He had crooked smirk plastered on his face, and all the other girls in class immediately directed their attention towards him, hungrily. I swallowed a hard lump in my throat as Mr.Thomson introduced him. "Hey everyone, we have a new student that will be spending the next two years with us. His name is Harry, and I'm expecting you all to welcome him nicely, and treat him as part of our school. There is a spot right next to Emily, why don't you sit there?" Harry's smirk grew bigger and his eyes was focused in a intense gaze on me as he made his way besides me. My heartbeat sped up. He sat beside me, and leaned in to whispered huskily in my ear for only me to hear; "I'm glad that I still have the same affect on you. Would have been a shame otherwise."

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