You Found Me - Harry Styles Fanfiction

When he first layed eyes on her, he felt so vulnerable. As if the nearest tree could fall upon him, crush his bones, and make his breath heaving. Like her breath, so weak, so hoarse. She clearly had had way too much to drink. He was quite drunk himself. He noticed, his vision being slightly blurred. Therefore, he couldn't see her face properly. It was also partly covered by her long, brown hair, wet from the rain. He focused on her breathing. It had to be continuing. He didn't like the uncertainty of the situation. He always had things under control. His friends, family, school. He had it all running his way. But he somehow felt the need to take her with him. He felt protective of her, like it was his place in the world to keep her safe, and make sure something like this never happened again. He pulled his hoodie up around the curls, and gently placed her in the back seat of his Range Rover. His hands were tensed around the wheel, and his eyes dark as he drove through the dark forest.


2. A Stranger's Arms

It suprised me when I woke up. I was thinking about my guest the entire night, and had trouble sleeping when I eventually tried, so waking up at 8 a.m was definitely unusual.

It was impossible for me to wake up early. Or at least that's what I thought.

I was without doubt regretting my decision. It wasn't my first time bringing home an unknown girl; Ha, not at all, I had made a habit of bringing home reckless, inane girls. But I was starting to get so vain that it affected my taste.

The thing with this girl was, she had a grip on me that I didn't like. A force, strong enough for me to ignore how tired I was, strong enough for me to get up from the couch, walk to the kitchen, and search through my cupboards to make her a cup of warm tea. I was hesitant about opening the door to the bedroom. The sincere fact of knowing how she would react to finding out where she was wasn't exactly pleasant.

She was still sleeping when I opened the door, and I couldn't help but catch a peak at her when I put the tea down. My sight was as a clear as ever, and as close as I was I could see every little detail of her imperfectly perfect face. On her light pale skin she had rows of tiny brown freckles that spread from across the uppermost center of her left cheek, to just above the tip of her nose, and ended on the middle of her right cheek. Her eyelashes was naturally long, and kissed the thin skin beneath her eyes. Her lips were dry, and you could tell she was still cold from the purple tone to the otherwise baby pink colour. She had full, plump lips, and her upperlip had a natural lift upwards, so that you could spot her front teeth. Her hair was a thick, complete mess. It lay in all possible directions. It was a light chocolate brown colour, and I imagined her eyes to be the same tint. Perhaps her eyes was a a shade darker.

I soon found out. While gazing at her features, she started to slowly open her eyes.

And I was right. Her eyes was a few shades darker than her hair, a beautiful rich brown, usually seen with women from the Middle East. At first she was drowsy, barely noticing that she was in a strange bed. But as she came more to herself, her pupils widened. She stumbled out of bed, clear signs showing she was hangover.

Her mouth opened to speak, but no words came through. I reached forward the tea towards her, and she accepted it, folding her hands around the still warm mug. "Who are you," she spoke loud and clear, trying to remain calm, but failing. "And more importantly, why am I in your, I suppose, bedroom?"

"I'm Harry. And I promise you, nothing have happened." I gestured towards the bed. "I slept on the couch."

She looked confused for a brief moment, then her heart sped up. "Let me out." I walked near her. "With what happened last night, I don't think you're able to go anywhere. Do you even remember?" She stared into the air not being able to remember. She didn't answer. "Thought so." I turned to the door and walked out of the room, her following my steps quickly after. "I wanna go home," she said, her heart still raging. "I said no. Not in your condition."

She sat down the tea on a table, and furiously walked to stand right behind me. She didn't speak, just looked intently on my back until I decided to face her. Being so close to her, her heartbeat almost doubled up. I took my index finger and put it below her chin, lifting it up so that I could look her straight in the eyes. "Hm. Odd." My eyes looked deeply into hers, my voice being darker than normal. "Maybe you're scared but I can sense your heart is beating faster for another reason."

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