Endangered Libraries- Books are Disappearing Mysteriously

This story is based on fact regardding NYC Mayor's underfunding of our educated public libraries, which Brooklyn Public Library which owns Brooklyn Heights Library and Pacific Library is planning to sell to deveolopers, while New York Public Library's Mid-Manhattan Library and Science Business Library is planning to relocate these busiest libraries with main 42nd St Library and replace with luxury building with small library space.
Please see this site to help NYC Library win fight to keep our libraries open.


4. Stake Out at Mid-Manhattan Library

At 11:00pm, Mid-Manhattan Library closed and Toshokan family was at bench overlooking Mid-Manhattan Library.

Ayaka and Yonda went into to check in at their hotel room by Courtyard 5th Avenue Marriot Hotel overlooking Mid-Manhattan Library. Toshokan family paid for stay at hotel until October 30th, 2013.

Meanwhile, Sayaka and Honya was sitting on bench in front of library on 5th Avenue.

At 11:30pm, mysterious limousine pulled over in front of 40th St exit and famous celebrity came out and entered library.

Ayaka said, "Mom, library advocacy group is right. They have no right to have party when libraries are endagered."

Yonda replied, "I agreed. Maybe we should disguise as celebrity and entered rich people's party."

Ayaka said, "Great idea."

Yonda and Ayaka used her flashlight signal to Sayaka and Honya, who saw the signal.

Meanwhile by bench, Honya and Sayaka also saw celebrities entering from main entrance as well.

They all had camera on film and caught this on video.

At 11:00pm, Honya and Sayaka went into their hotel room and discuss their stakeout.

Honya said, "I think that's an excellent idea to disguise as celebrity."

Sayaka said, "We could also disguise as secret agent like James Bond."

Ayaka said, "That's another good idea."

At 11:30pm, they went to sleep.


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