Endangered Libraries- Books are Disappearing Mysteriously

This story is based on fact regardding NYC Mayor's underfunding of our educated public libraries, which Brooklyn Public Library which owns Brooklyn Heights Library and Pacific Library is planning to sell to deveolopers, while New York Public Library's Mid-Manhattan Library and Science Business Library is planning to relocate these busiest libraries with main 42nd St Library and replace with luxury building with small library space.
Please see this site to help NYC Library win fight to keep our libraries open.


5. Spying on Library through Sightseeing Tour Bus

On Tuesday, October 29th, Toshokan family went on downtown tour on NYC Sightseeing Tour Bus, CitySightNewYork and they spied on public libraries as their bus passed by them.

They went on usual sightseeing.

On Wednesday, October 30th, 2013, Toshokan family  disguise as spy and celebrities, then check out of hotel and boarded Big Taxi Tour and Skyliner bus and they did same thing as yesterday.

Again they went on sightseeing.

At 5:00pm, they went to Japanese bookstore called BOOK OFF USA and they noticed there were NYPL books, so Sayaka took a picture.

At 7pm, they were in 42nd St Library.

At 7:50pm, when library was about to close, Toshokan family were about to leave.


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