Endangered Libraries- Books are Disappearing Mysteriously

This story is based on fact regardding NYC Mayor's underfunding of our educated public libraries, which Brooklyn Public Library which owns Brooklyn Heights Library and Pacific Library is planning to sell to deveolopers, while New York Public Library's Mid-Manhattan Library and Science Business Library is planning to relocate these busiest libraries with main 42nd St Library and replace with luxury building with small library space.
Please see this site to help NYC Library win fight to keep our libraries open.


2. Shocking First Visit to Brooklyn Heights and Pacific Libraries

On Monday, October 28th at 8:00 in morning, Toshokan family had relaxing breakfast at Haines Cafe. They were reading printed pages of Citizen Defending Libraries.

"Mom, Dad. It is very terrible that Brooklyn Public Library and New York Public Libraries are selling library building to real estate developer and replacing with small libraries in luxury building." Sayaka and Ayaka said together.

Her parent replied, "I complete agreed."

Honda, "I'll try to get in touch of Japanese librarians in Japan if they can translate Citizen Defending Library's petition into Japanese."

Yoda replied, "I'll contact all Japanese medias in Japan to help."

At 8:30, they finish lunch and they walk slowly to Brooklyn Heights Library."

At 8:45, people are already lined up to enter Brooklyn Heights Library.

At 9:00, Toshokan family followed people into a library.

It was beautiful library, but inside was very hot.

They all applied for Brooklyn Public Library card and they look around.

Toshokan family looked around library and found the elevator out of service, and empty bookshelves.

Around 10:00am, they went across to bus stop at Cadmen Plaza, and Sayaka asked a female bus driver, "Excuse me, do you know which bus goes to Atlantic Av-Barclay Center?"

Female bus driver replied, "B41 Limited Bus will take you there." as she pointed to Hybrid Bus sitting near B41 Limited bus bus stop.. I'm next one to leave, so come on board."

Toshokan family paid their fare and said, "Thank you very much, ma'am."

Female bus driver was very touch.

"No problem," female bus driver replied. "My name is Alice Francis. I work at Flatbush Bus Depot."

Soon Toshokan Family got on bus, pay their fare with MetroCard."

10:35, soon Alice's bus pulled over to bus stop across from Atlantic Av-Barclay Center."

As Toshokan family got off, "Thank you, Alice."

Alice replied, "You're welcome. Just be careful crossing Flatbush Av."

As Alice's bus, B41 bus left, they cross street to 110-year-old carnegie Pacific Library.

Ayaka said, "I could understand why Girl Scout's need this library. This library is more beautiful."

They went inside the library and it was beautiful on inside as well. They were shocked to see empty bookshelf.

At 12:00pm, they headed to Atlantic Av-Barclay Center and headed to Midtown's Le Parker Median Hotel to have lunch at famous Burger Joint.

They learned NYC Subway and bus system quickly because they even read entire Japanese guidebooks, entire Not for Tourist guidebook.

At 12:10, Manhattan-bound (Q) train has arrived at station, and open its door and enter subway quickly.

Toshokan family was reading book called "What Our Libraries Mean to Us" by author Lynn Rosen."

Soon, (Q) train cross over the beautiful Manhattan Bridge.

Toshokan family took pictures and videos of view from train. After train headed back to tunnel, they went back reading fascinating book.

At 12:40, (Q) train pulled over at 57th St-7th Av station.

They walk along 57th St pass Carnegie Hall, Tea Room and entered Le Meridan Parker Hotel, and lined up for Burger Joints.

Sayaka and went to hidden alley and asked one of tourists and folks, "Excuse me, can you pass us 4 copies of Japanese menu, please."

Soon at 1:00pm, they were up and her mother printed her name on 4 menus." while her sisters found the 4-seating area by cooking area quickly.

Soon, female employee called out "Yonda Toshokan." and Yonda went to pick up their food and sit on table."

As Tokoshan family ate their delicious Cheeseburger, french fries and milk shakes, they spoke in Japanese.

"Let's do stakeout at some of New York City Libraries after closing time." Sayaka suggested.

"That's good idea." Ayaka said. "We could disguise as Ninja and maybe we could do it on Halloween night."

"It's splendid idea." Honya and Yonde said in unision.


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