Endangered Libraries- Books are Disappearing Mysteriously

This story is based on fact regardding NYC Mayor's underfunding of our educated public libraries, which Brooklyn Public Library which owns Brooklyn Heights Library and Pacific Library is planning to sell to deveolopers, while New York Public Library's Mid-Manhattan Library and Science Business Library is planning to relocate these busiest libraries with main 42nd St Library and replace with luxury building with small library space.
Please see this site to help NYC Library win fight to keep our libraries open.


3. Heading to 3 Midtown Libraries

Around 2:10pm.

Next Toshokan family walked along 59th St where Horse Carriage drivers were picking up passenger.

As they cross to Grand Army Plaza, one male horse carriage driver with top hot asked, "Would you like a ride?

Sayaka said, "No thank you."

Ayaka continued. "Not interest to ride on abused horse carriage."

Next, they boarded downtown M2 bus to 33rd St.

At 2:20pm, they headed to their first New York Public Library at Science Business Library.

Toshokan family looked around library and noticed empty bookshelves.

Then they applied for New York Public Library card.

At 2:30pm, they all made internet reservation for 10:00pm at Mid-Manhattan Library.

Next, they went to 42nd St Library and took photograph. Sayaka was very sneaky and when she drop her digital camera purposely on Rose Main Reading Room and flash accidentally went on and took picture of empty bookshelf.

Male security said, "No photographer on this side, please."

Sayaka then aplogized to male security guard, "I'm very sorry. I just drop my camera accidentally."

Male security replied, "No problem. Accidents happened."

At 6:00pm, Toshokan family went to Japanese family market, Sunrise Market and did shopping together.

After that, they went to ZAIYA Cafe, where they had dinner of Curry Chicken Cutlet.

At 8:00pm, they brought their dinner and walk over to corner of 40th St and 5th Avenue facing dumpsters in employee's entrance. 42nd St Library was closed.

Toshokan family pretending to be tourists, filming everything they could see.

At 8:30pm, they heard sound of dumpster being open and Ayaka zoomed her camera for sneak film and they noticed one of librarians and security guards throwing good condition library books into dumpsters.

Libraries and security guards has no idea this was caught in act.

At 9:00pm, they went into Mid-Manhattan Library and looked around and saw empty bookshelf.

At 10:00pm, they all went to their assigned computer and did research.


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