Anna, the loud cute girl.
Brook, the wild girl with a mysterious past.
Charlotte, the loud devilish one.
Emma, the weird hyper one.
Jasmine, your typical normal girl.
Lyla, the sister of the famous Liam Payne.
And then you have One Direction, the weirdest boy band on earth.

Who ends up with who?


10. Chapter 9

Harry's POV


I was looking everywhere for Lyla. Where is she? I passed by an open door and stopped in my tracks.I went back to the door and saw Lyla dancing. I leaned on the door frame and just stared at her.She was amazing.How her body moved in-sync with the music. She was beautiful. Utterly beautiful.


Emma's POV


"You have a um." Nathan chuckled and pointed to the corner of his lip. I furrowed my eyebrows slightly in confusion. He chuckled and leaned over the table and wiped the corner of my lip. He looked deeply into my eyes and leaned in slightly. I don't know what happened, but I got a little scared I guess. I cleared my throat slightly and turned my head. Nathan cleared his throat and sat back down.He paid and led me to his car. I waved goodbye to him when I got to my front porch.He waved before driving away.I groaned and walked into the house.



Anna's POV


"Where's Brook and Zayn?" I asked looking around for them.I looked over at Aeropostale and saw Zayn dragging Brook out of there. We all laughed at her. She pouted and crossed her arms over her chest. I looked at the bags hanging from her arms and counted them.

"10 bags. More than the last time."I told her. She smiled innocently.The girls and I face palmed.

"This is what happens when you let me go shopping without Lyla. But I did get you guys Christmas presents."She smiled.

"Now, time for shoes."She said and started walking away from us. Liam walked in front of her and dragged her back to us.

"Oh c'mon! I only got like four pairs of shoes .Huh,now I know why my dad didn't give me a credit card sooner." We all laughed at her. I got a little dizzy and held onto Niall's shoulder.

"Anna,you okay?" Niall asked holding me up. I nodded my head.

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine just a little dizzy. Can we please go home?"I asked.They all nodded and we walked out of the mall.


Brook's POV


"Soooooooo,how was your dateeeeeeeee."I winked at Emma.She blushed and looked down at the floor.The girls and I oohh'ed and dragged her upstairs.

"Where are the girls?"We heard Lyla say coming into the house.

"Upstairs talking about Emma's date."Louis said.

"AYE BITCHES DON'T YOU DARE START TALKING ABOUT HER DATE UNTIL I'M UP THERE!" We all laughed as she burst into the room.

"Now,how was your date?"

"It was great. I really like Nathan. He was about to kiss me but I turned my head. I got scared I guess? I don't know.He brought me back home and I don't think he's going to take me out again. Ugh I'm such an idiot. "Emma groaned and buried her head into a pillow.

"Its okay! I'm pretty sure he still likes you. He'd be an idiot if he didn't.You just got scared. Its totally okay Em's." I told her with a smile.

"And if he does stop liking you,then he's going to have to deal with the wrath of Anna."Anna said seriously.We all started laughing uncontrollably.

"You guys are the best."Emma told us.We aww'ed and had a group hug.

"You guys went shopping right?"Lyla asked.We all mhmm'ed.

"How many bags did Brook have?" Lyla asked pulling away from the hug.

"10." Jasmine said.I glared at her. I jumped up and ran downstairs. I grabbed my bags and ran all the way back upstairs.I threw the bags on the bed and ran out to the hallway. I locked my bedroom door. I smiled innocently at everyone.

"You are so weird." Liam stated. I was about to reply to him, but I heard my phone ringing from inside my room.I groaned.

"You've got to be kidding me."I face palmed.


Charlotte's POV


"Hey Brook! Yeah I kinda need the money.You've got to pay for those-"

"SHIT!" Brook unlocked her bedroom door and ran for her phone.

"Heyyyyyyy Dylan.Yeah I'll call you back. Bye!" She hung up and smiled innocently at us.

"You have to pay for what?"Harry asked.

"Yeah,pay for what? Hm Brook? "Lyla asked and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Oh you know! Just those Justin Timberlake tickets. And my car." She kind of mumbled the last part but we all heard.


"Yeah well you see,its a funny story really! Ehe,a really funny story."We all face palmed.

"Sowy?"She pouted.

"You are grounded." Lyla said calmly.

"But,you can't,but I have a party to go to tomorrow!" She whined.

"Should have thought about that BEFORE YOU GOT THAT CAR!" Lyla yelled.

"I don't even know why I listen to you! You aren't my mom! You're supposed to be my best friend!" She yelled.

"I AM YOUR BEST FRIEND! BUT YOU NEED TO LEARN THAT YOU CANT JUST GO GETTING CARS FOR FREE!" Well this escalated quickly.Brook started laughing.

"Why the hell are you laughing?"Jasmine asked.

"This is really funny really.I'm sorry.I promise I won't do anything like this again.Now leave so I can put my stuff away."She continued to laugh and pushed us out of the room.


Zayn's POV


"Remember,you like that weirdo."Louis pointed at me.Everyone nodded their heads.I laughed and shrugged.

"What can I say? I like girls who are mental."I smiled and walked into the room I was staying at.


Brook's POV


I bit my lip and squealed.He likes me! He likes me! I jumped up and down on my bed before falling and looking up at the ceiling.

"He likes me."I whispered to myself and smiled big.  





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