Anna, the loud cute girl.
Brook, the wild girl with a mysterious past.
Charlotte, the loud devilish one.
Emma, the weird hyper one.
Jasmine, your typical normal girl.
Lyla, the sister of the famous Liam Payne.
And then you have One Direction, the weirdest boy band on earth.

Who ends up with who?


3. Chapter 3

Harry's POV


**A Few Weeks Later**


Brook and Lyla ran around singing some song at the top of their lungs.

"I’m waking up on Sunset Boulevard
Maxing out all my credit cards
Living my own LA story
Living it up ’til the morning
We’ll be taking shots under the stars
Living off of hotel minibars
Living our own LA story
Living it up, living it up
We living it up"

I smiled at Lyla's voice. She had such a beautiful voice .Everything about her was beautiful. Her eyes, her smile, her. Her angelic voice stopped suddenly. I pouted and looked over at Brook. She answered her phone and walked out the back door. Lyla turned to me and I smiled at her. She smiled back and there was an awkward silence between us. I opened my mouth to say something, but Brook came in with a huge smile on my face.Brook always has to come into the room at the wrong time doesn't she? I sighed to myself and zoned out of their conversation.

"So we're going to a costume party?"I heard Lyla's angelic voice ask. I zoned back into their conversation.

"Mhm and the boys are coming with us." Brook said and looked over at me. I raised my eyebrow. She smiled innocently and ran down to the basement. I think everyone was watching a movie or something.She walked back up a few seconds later with everyone following behind her. She turned to them all with an innocent smile.The girls looked at each other before giving her a stare.

"What?"She asked innocently.

"Party."They stated more than asked. Brook smiled big at them all.

"Costume party. C'mon its Halloween! We need to do something!" She pouted. The girls sighed and nodded their heads. She squealed and clapped her hands together.

"Lets see,now what should we wear?" Lyla said and made this adorable confused face. Oh god I'm hooked. I looked over at Zayn as he stared at Brook. Well at least I'm not the only one thats hooked. Brook glanced up at Zayn for a second. Zayn went wide eyed and Brook blushed looking away. Zayn rubbed the back of his neck. I chuckled and looked over at Lyla. Why is she just so beautiful? I was admiring her for so long, that I didn't notice Liam glaring at me. As Lyla was being dragged upstairs, I was being dragged away by Liam.

"What did I tell you?"He growled at me.

"I know and I'm sorry, but she's just so beautiful. Everything about her. I'm hooked Liam. "I explained and meant every word.

"You'll break her heart. You'll do something stupid and break her. Stay away from my sister. I mean it." He glared at me and walked away to the rest of the boys. I sighed and leaned on the wall. I know he's just being an overprotective brother, but why can't he see that I really like her? I'm not staying away from her thats for sure. Screw it. I'll do anything for her. I have to ask her out. I'm sorry Liam but I like her too much to stay away. I sighed and walked into the room I'm staying in. If I'm being dragged to this party, might as well dress up.


Emma's POV

"Looks like you're prepared" I said to Brook as I walked into her room. "Ehe" was all I got from her. 

"Well, did you pick anything for us?" said Jasmine. I noticed since the concert there was a little tension between Brook and Jasmine.

"Well, I went a little wild while ordering online and I" Brook said pointing at her bed. My eyes went wide there were costumes with our names stuck onto them. 

"Oh my god its beautiful!" Jasmine screamed. Her costume was shiny. Jasmine was all for shiny. 

"I love it! Its so cute and aw the headband" Lyla sighed. 

"MINIONSSSSSSS" Anna shouted.

"OH MY GOSH MY COSTUME IS SO CUTE IM DYING" Charlotte says and literally pops my ears. 

"But wheres my costume- SUPERMANNNNNNNNNNNN" I screamed. "OMG TUTUUUUUUUUU"  Brook knew me so well, yes I am obsessed with tutu's.

"But Brooki" I rolled my eyes, Lyla's nicknames to Brook were a little annoying sometimes. "Where's your costume?" she said with a confused look on her face. "Well Lylsies," We all rolled our eyes this time, "Get over yourselves, come on Brook show us your costume" Jasmine said......Jealous much?

Brook gave her a death glare and continued "Here it is" "But thats just the same as Lyla's" Anna said. "I know" Brook replied, "I figured that Zayn and Harry would like some cats" She said as she winked at Lyla. All the other girls screamed except for me

Wait Harry, Lyla but, What?


Anna's POV 

"OH MY GOD!" I yelled. How could Brook say that?!! 

But Harry and Lyla, didn't Emma like Harry to? I wondered.  I mean the other day she told me she really liked liked liked Harry. I didn't want to break her heart but Harry seemed to fancy Lyla a lot. 

I always caught him staring at he- " ANNAAAAAA COME ON LETS GO GET READY ITS ALREADY 6!" Jasmine said as she shook me out of my thoughts. 


Niall's POV

We all sat down on the living room couch waiting for the girls, them birds took too long. I mean its only a t-shirt and some jeans with shoes. 

"Now listen," Liam said. "My sister is off-limits, her friends are fragile too you know so their off-limits too" It sort of felt like he was directing his speech to Harry. He has been caught a few times staring at Liam's sister from time to time. I'm sort of a rule breaker so Liam's shit won't work on me, that girl Anna, she's so cute. I think I fancy her....hope she fancies me back.


Zayn's POV

At 7, I finally hear the girls coming down stairs. Liam stood up and we all took that as sign to stand up too. I noticed that he kept looking at Lyla's childish friend, what was her name? oh Emma. "Her friends are fragile too you know so their off-limits"? oh so she isn't? Aye Liam? I looked around for Brook but I didn't find her. Although, Jasmine was standing alone so I went over to her "Hey Jasmine right?" "Oh Hi, yea" she said. "Nice costume you got there" I told her. "Thanks!" she smiled "Brook got it for me" "Oh cool" I grinned.


Jasmine's POV

I felt a little hurt, I was standing alone and then Zayn comes over and smiles just when I say Brook. I don't know how I'm going to survive through the night. I'm pretty sure alone.

Harry's POV

Lyla looks so cute. No god damn it she looks so hot. I walked over to her, the closer I got, the hotter she looked. Her voice suddenly fills my ears "Hey Harry, what are you dressed up as?" "Um, I-I-I" I stuttered. Get your shit together Harry just talk normally. "Um its Hawkeye" "Wow, thats awesome!" she's so damn cute. Liam, oh Liam......I could literally felt his eyes burn through my back. 


Louis' POV

I looked around for someone since it was awkward just standing there. I spotted Jasmine and went over to talk to her but Zayn got to her first...oh look theres Charlotte. "Hey Charlotte" "Aye Louis" she whispered. "Why are you whispering" I whispered back. "Because I want to prank my friend over there" she pointed to Lyla. "Oh cool do you need help with it?" "oh my gosh yes please!" she whispered getting a little louder. I laughed, I liked the way she thinks. 


Brook's POV

I finally came down and everyone was scattered around the living room talking. Good. At least this was going well.  "OK EVERYBODY LETS HIT THE ROAD" I yelled scaring them. Lyla walked to me and whispered loudly in my ear "HARRY IS SO FUCKING HOT AND WHY WERE YOU LATE" A smack was my reply. 


*At the party*

Lyla's POV

I'm not much of a party person but Brook always manages to drag me to her parties...where she ends up drunk and I have to drive her and the girls home, then THEY complain that they want to stay and sigh. I swear I'm their mommy, not their best friend. Although, I think everyones happy especially Liam he's been all smiles with Emma. To be honest I miss the old days, where we just would goof around together but I'm proud of my brother. Oh god Lyla don't cry here. Its halloween! My thoughts are interrupted by the one and only Charlotte. "LYLAAAAAAA" she screams from the other side of the room. "Yes?" I yell back.  "COME HERE NOW" she still screams. "OK YOUR MAJESTY"  I yell while walking to her. Out of the blue, Charlotte slaps me with her hand filled with Whipped cream and yells SMACK CAM and I get hit with a ball. I scream at her. With the top of my lungs as I stand up, we have an audience now. Great. I give her a glare and walk out of the room, I collapsed on the floor. I sometimes feel the other girls forget that I can have breakdowns and need someone.  "Hey, you ok?" Someone says hovering over me. "Yea I'm fine" I say wiping a tear that helplessly falls. I look up to find Harry. Hah, who  else would it be. I smile, he smiles back "Wanna get out of here?" he asks. I quickly nod. "But what about the others?" "They'll manage without us don't you think?" I laugh. He's always made things better ever since the first time I met him in 2010. 

Harry's POV

I drive to the closest Drive Through. To my luck, its McDonalds why can't it be anywhere else I sigh. "What are we doing here?" the angel says. I mean Lyla, Lyla says. "Uh, its sort of a thing I do, after a party that I don't like" I say. "Oh" she replies.

We order food and sit on the roof of my car and talk. I find out she's taking Art and English Literature. Perfection is what I see. I can't get over how she uses her hands to talk and how when she smiles she sort of bites the inside of her lip. I talk about how the past 3 years were amazing, the fans, the concerts, the countries.  I think she liked how I opened up about the hate I get and how I just ignore it.  We finish eating and we lay down and stare at the stars. I look at her and find her looking at me. She looks away blushing. Scoreeeeee. She likes me! I smirk. I scoot closer to her and she scoots closer. I turn on my right side and hover over her. I'm sorry Liam I have to have her. She needs to be mine. She looks at me surprised but she pulls me down and I kiss her.  The spark I feel at this moment means everything. I break away when I hear "HARRRRRY" "HARRY STYLES" "HARRRY STYLES THATS HIM THATS HARRY STYLES" "OMG HARRY KISS ME INSTEAD". Oh shit. The fans. There were flashes too. Double shit. Paparazzi have made an appearance. I look at Lyla and she looks scared. Thank god I had the roof open. I make her slide through it and follow her with no question about it. I quickly drive as my feet hit the pedal. 

*At the Party*

Liam's POV

"Where's my sister?" I ask Charlotte. "She- she left" she replied looking sad. "WITH WHO" I scream. "Harry" she replies. "I KNEW IT" I scream. I grab her and tell Louis to get everyone else and tell them its time to go. Everyone looked sad to leave but I didn't care, my sister for sure was going to be exposed to the world as Harry's girlfriend and I am not ready for it to be like that. 

Lyla's POV

I run to the house and Harry quickly following me, I go upstairs skipping some steps and nearly falling on my face and receive a comment from Harry "Woah there, careful"  I rush down the hallway and lock myself in my room. I stay there until I hear Brook stumbling to her room and everyone goes into theirs. I think I might've heard Liam knock on Harry's door but I drifted off to sleep. 

*The Next Day*

Harry's POV

I open my eyes and look at the clock 8:15 am. Great. I get up, wash and go downstairs. I walk into the kitchen to find Liam reading a newspaper, on the cover was me and Lyla. He looks at me and gives me a glare. Oops, I'm dead


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