Anna, the loud cute girl.
Brook, the wild girl with a mysterious past.
Charlotte, the loud devilish one.
Emma, the weird hyper one.
Jasmine, your typical normal girl.
Lyla, the sister of the famous Liam Payne.
And then you have One Direction, the weirdest boy band on earth.

Who ends up with who?


2. Chapter 2

Liam's POV


Lyla opened the door and I pulled her into a tight hug. She laughed and hugged me back. We pulled away and I saw Harry stare at her. I glared at him but he didn't seem to notice. I need to talk to him about this later. A short girl walked out of the kitchen yelling about Charlotte I think eating all the Lucky Charms again. She laid eyes on Zayn and her voice got lower. I looked over at Zayn and he smiled at her. She started to stutter before she hurried into the kitchen. We all jumped when she screamed. I could tell Zayn wanted to run in and see what was wrong,but he stayed put. She walked out and claimed that she would never try to cook ever again. We all laughed at her and Lyla invited us in.The girls introduced themselves. The last girl that introduced her self caught my eye.Her name was Emma and she was stunning. She was probably the most shy one but she also seemed like she had a kind heart. Brook looked at the clock and went wide eyed.She ran upstairs and we all looked at each other confused. She ran down the stairs struggling to put her heels on and keeping her purse in her hand.She was about to fall to the ground, but Zayn managed to catch her.


Brook's POV


I screamed slightly as I was about to hit the floor with my face when I felt arms around me.I looked up and blushed slightly at Zayn. He smiled adorably and helped me steady myself. I smiled at him and thanked him with a peck on the cheek before checking the clock again.

"Shit!"I screamed and grabbed my car keys. I looked at myself in the mirror one more time and groaned.I fixed my hair and grabbed the house keys.

"Someones in a rush to get out."Louis said sarcastically and smiled. I laughed slightly.

"I have somehow managed to forget that I have a job."I said and smiled innocently.The girls gave me confused stares.

"You don't work on Wednesday's..." They all said slowly. I sighed in relief.

"Thank god!" I threw my shoes off and put my keys into my purse before tossing that onto the couch.All the boys were towering over me now and they had to look down at me. I looked up at them and smiled.

"Wait, don't you have classes today?"Jasmine asked. I looked over at the clock and went wide eyed.

"Fuck life." I groaned and put my shoes back on. I picked my purse and hugged the girls goodbye. I glanced at the clock and ran out to my car.

"I'll be back later!" I yelled and drove off.


Lyla's POV


"She actually goes to college?" Liam asked turning to me.I chuckled.

"No, she goes to a fine arts school." I explained. He raised his eyebrow at me.

"She loves the parties she's invited to. She always takes us with-" Charlotte was cut off by Brook walking back into the house. We all looked at her weirdly.

"I thought you had school?"Niall asked and tilted his head slightly. Brook smiled.

"Change of plans. I'm skipping."She said and plopped onto the couch.Me and the girls looked at her sternly.

"You're going to school." Emma said.She laughed and shook her head.She was about to say something but her phone started to ring.She answered it in one quick movement and gathered her things.

"You here? I'll be out in a minute." She said and closed her phone. Me and the girls blocked her way from the door.She smirked and pulled out 5 tickets. We looked closely and saw that it was Justin Timberlake tickets. We raised our eyebrows at her. She rolled her eyes and gave us the tickets. We started to walk out,when we remember the five boys standing in our house.We all laughed and walked back inside.I grabbed Harry. While Brook grabbed Zayn, Emma grabbed Liam, Charlotte grabbed Louis and Anna grabbed Niall. Jasmine shrugged and started walking to the car. We all pilled in and Brook's friend raised his eyebrow at her.
"I said I'd give you 5 tickets for the girls. I'm not giving you 5 more tickets.I'll be out of business!" He exaggerated. Brook pouted.

"Please? I'll give you a kiss if you give me 5 more tickets. "She said with her puppy eyes.He looked hesitant.

"Oh c'mon Dylan.I've known you since the 3rd grade."She said. He sighed and grabbed 5 tickets out of his coat and handed it to the boys. Brook smiled and unbuckled her seat belt. She leaned over the divider and grabbed Dylan by his collar.She pulled him back so that both of their heads weren't showing to us in the back. Dylan pulled away wide eyed and sat back down in the drivers seat.Brook started to laugh at him. She turned on the radio and Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake started. Brook started to laugh and sing along.

"I'm bringing sexy back!"She sang out. All the boys raised their eyebrows at her.She blew them all kisses. She fiddled around with the radio until a familiar tune started. What Makes You Beautiful started to play.

"OH MY GOD WHO SINGS THIS SONG?! THEY SOUND AMAZING!" Emma yelled out and started swaying in here seat.We all laughed at her.She pouted and gave us a confused look.

"The boys sing it."Anna says and giggles. Emma blushed slightly and smiled at the boys.

"Dylan,"Brook said and moved over and whispered into his ear. I saw Zayn stare at her ass. I smacked him upside the head. He pouted and rubbed his head. Me and the girls snickered silently. Dylan nodded and pulled over. He climbed out of the car and stopped a cab. He jumped in and the cab drove away.I went wide eyed.Brook jumped over to the drivers seat and smirked.

"Seat belts on ladies and gentleman.This is going to be a bumpy ride." She smirked. Me and the girls went wide eyed and put our seat belts on. Brook started the car and drove on full speed. I held onto Harry for dear life. He draped his arm around my shoulder and pulled me closer.Liam glared at him but Harry kept me close.Anna held onto Niall, Emma held onto Liam and Charlotte held onto Louis.Jasmine moved closer to Zayn and held onto him. Oh shit. Brook pulled over.

"Hey Jasmine,why don't you drive?"She asked with a fake smile.Jasmine shrugged and climbed out of the car. Brook climbed in next to me and Zayn. She laid her head onto my shoulder and sighed.

"Crushes suck."She whispered to me. I nodded in agreement.

"You have no idea."She said. We both chuckled. Brook moved slightly closer to Zayn and he moved closer to her. I winked at her slightly. Harry pulled me closer and put his hand on my thigh. Brook smirked and winked at me.



A/N: Ello Guyssss, Dana (boybandscanunot) here. If you're wondering who Dylan is,,

this is him (picked by Hend (__AngelMalik__) 


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