Anna, the loud cute girl.
Brook, the wild girl with a mysterious past.
Charlotte, the loud devilish one.
Emma, the weird hyper one.
Jasmine, your typical normal girl.
Lyla, the sister of the famous Liam Payne.
And then you have One Direction, the weirdest boy band on earth.

Who ends up with who?


18. Chapter 17

Lyla's POV

"Oh look who decided to join us." Louis said as Brook trudged into the kitchen with her giant hipster glasses on. 

"Are you the one designing a dress and painting an art piece for your final grade? No? Then shut the fuck up." She snapped at him as she sat on the counter top. Louis threw his arms up in defence.

"God, someone's on their period." He mumbled loud enough for all of us to hear. I flipped him upside the head and Brook flipped him off. 

"StarBucks, Skittles and Air Heads." Zayn said walking into the kitchen. Brook smiled and took the things out of his hands.

"You're the best." She smiled and pecked him on the lips. Zayn creeped his hand on the counter and grabbed the Skittles bag before running away.

"FEELING THE LOVE ZAYN!" She yelled. I looked over at her and flashed her my signature creepy face. She shook her head no at me as the girls laughed.

"And you wondered why that cute guy at the beach walked away from you after you told him you threw us in the sea and flashed him that creepy face." She stated. Everyone laughed at me and Brook just shook her head with a smile.

"Alright well it was nice talking to you, uhm not, but I have to go back to work. Fuck my life." She sighed walking downstairs to the basement with her StarBucks and Air Heads.   

"Babe." Zayn whined following her downstairs. I felt a hand on my thigh and my eyes darted to Harry. He smiled innocently and I raised an eyebrow at him. Brook ran into the kitchen suddenly with wide eyes.

"What is it?" I asked her.

"My brothers are coming over." She said quickly.

"All of them?" I asked. She nodded her head and started to pace. 

"I need to go change! They can't see me like this! I'm doomed!" She over exaggerated. I rolled my eyes at her and pushed her out of the kitchen.

"Bitch calm your tits." I told her.  

"How am I going to explain to Michael and Freddie that I'm not really their sister and that my real dad has a son named Alex who is also going to be here?" She asked me. 

"Uh..." I trailed off. Zayn walked up behind Brook and kissed her cheek before resting his chin on her shoulder.

"C'mon babe, it shouldn't be that hard to tell them." Zayn told her.

"You told him?" I asked her with a confused look. She sighed and nodded her head.

"He kind of made me tell him really." Brook mumbled and Zayn flashed both of us an innocent smile. He kissed Brook's temple before walking into the kitchen. There was a knock at the door and Brook went wide eyed. She opened the door and let out a sigh of relief when she saw Dylan. 

"Oh right, you may not want to be here. Michael and Freddie are coming over soon." She stated. Dylan went wide eyed and basically ran for the hills. I gave Brook a look and she waved her hand around.

"Long story." She stated with a sigh. 

"When are they going to get here anyways?" I asked her. She checked her phone before looking up at me.

"In about an hour. God help me." She mumbled. I chuckled and she glared at me.

"EMMA!!" Brook yelled. Emma walked out of the kitchen with everyone trailing behind.

"I need you to make me look girly." Brook mumbled with a sigh. Emma's eyes lit up and she started to jump up and down, squealing. The girls and I tried to hold back out laughs but Charlotte failed. Brook sighed and let Emma drag her upstairs. 


Brook's POV 

"I hate my life." I said with a pout. 

"AWWW! YOU LOOK CUTE!" Anna smiled at me. I sighed and walked down the rest of the steps. 

"Hey Brook w-When did you become a girl?" Dylan cut himself off mid sentence. I glared at him.

"Last I checked I didn't have that thing in between my legs." I said pointing at his manhood. He rolled his eyes at me and chuckled. 

"Now get out. I don't need them beating your ass." I sighed. He rolled his eyes.

"Oh please, they can't beat me up. I'm too strong for them." He stated. I raised an eyebrow at him.

"You couldn't even hurt a fly. Trust me I would know. And by the look on Zayn's face right now, I suggest you run for the hills." I said, bitting my lip to hold back my giggles. Did Emma drug me with something to make me act girly too or? Dylan looked over at Zayn and was out of the house in a second. Harry grabbed Lyla's hands and spun her around the whole living room, Jasmine sat down on one of the couches on her phone -probably texting Stan-, Liam was taking a nap on Emma's lap while she ran her fingers through his hair, and Anna and Niall seemed to be talking about something very seriously when suddenly Anna just looked to her right and blurted out "SQUIRREL!" Niall doubled over in laughter. I was staring at the door nervously, when I felt arms wrap around my waist.

"Calm down babe, everything's gonna be okay. Promise." Zayn smiled down at me and kissed me. I smiled through the kiss and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Well okay then." I heard someone say. Zayn and I pulled away. I looked over at the door and went wide eyed when I saw Michael. He looked between Zayn and I and raised his eyebrow at me. 

"You've got some explaining to do. But for now," he said opening his arms for a hug, "give your brother a hug." He smiled. I giggled and ran into his open arms. 

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