Anna, the loud cute girl.
Brook, the wild girl with a mysterious past.
Charlotte, the loud devilish one.
Emma, the weird hyper one.
Jasmine, your typical normal girl.
Lyla, the sister of the famous Liam Payne.
And then you have One Direction, the weirdest boy band on earth.

Who ends up with who?


17. Chapter 16

Zayn's POV

"Where's Brook?" I asked everyone as I walked into the living room.

"She's in her room. She's pretty sick." Emma told me as she snuggled into Liam. Go Liam. Finally got the girl.

"We're all going out. Can you take care of her for me?" Lyla asked me. I smiled at her and nodded my head. She smiled before Harry held her hand and walked her out of the house.I walked into the kitchen and decided to make Brook soup.

"Now how does this thing w-Oh okay there's the fire." I went wide eyed as the fire lit up from the stove. I got my phone out and found a simple recipe for soup.About an hour later of failed attempts, I finally made her chicken noodle soup .I walked upstairs and saw her sleeping soundly.  I smiled and put the bowl on her nightstand. I was caressing her cheek when her eyes fluttered open.I smiled at her and she smiled weakly back.

"Hey." She said weakly.I smiled and kissed her on the forehead.

"Hey." I smiled.She coughed a bit before sitting up.She was about to grab the bowl of soup but I stopped her.

"You just relax babe." I smiled and grabbed it off of the nightstand. While I was feeding her the soup, I realised how cute she looked. For once she wasn't wearing makeup and she looked even better than when she had it on. Her hair was messy and not perfectly curled. I admired her for a bit until she finished eating. I continued to stare at her and she seemed to notice.

"I look horrible don't I?" She asked. I shook my head with a smile and held her hands.

"You look beautiful.No matter what state you're in." I said leaning in to give her a kiss on the lips.

 "But,I'll get you sick." She said.I smiled at her.

"I don't care." I smiled before kissing her. She smiled through the kiss and kissed me back softly.


Harry's POV

Lyla and I had decided to ditch everyone and go on a date.It was last minute so Lyla decided to buy an outfit and change in the store .I was on my phone when she walked out. I looked up at her and a smile broke out on my face. She was wearing a simple black dress and heels. I stood up and saw that I was still towering over her. I held her close and pecked her on the lips. She blushed as we pulled away and smiled up at me. We decided that we would just walk around the city instead of going to a fancy restaurant. I was holding her close, showing her off to everyone.I wanted everyone to know that I was with this beautiful girl. No one could compare to this girl. We were soon being mobbed by paparazzi and some fans who kept screaming everywhere. Lyla held onto my arm and I pulled her closer to me.They kept asking if we were together as we tried to walk by them. I stopped in my tracks and faced Lyla. She looked up at me as I cupped her cheeks and crashed my lips onto her's. I wanted the fans to know about us. I wanted everyone to know that I was with the most amazing girl in the world. We pulled away and she smiled up at me. I smiled and kissed her again. We then found a way to get around the paparazzi and ran into a hotel. I got us a room since I don't think we could get home tonight. As I closed the hotel room door, Lyla grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to her. I crashed my lips on her's and unzipped the back of her dress.

"You sure?"I asked her pulling away a bit. She nodded her head and went back to kissing me.


Liam's POV

We were running away from the paparazzi and found ourselves in a theme park. I looked over at Emma and smiled. I pulled her closer to me by the waist and kissed her. She smiled and blushed as we pulled away. We played all the games in the theme park.We found our way out of the Mirror Maze and decided to go on the Ferris wheel. I pulled her closer by the waist and she snuggled into me.

"E-Emma,"I stuttered out nervously.She looked at me.

"Yeah?"She asked with a smile.

"W-Will you be m-my girlfriend?" I asked her. She smiled and kissed me on the lips.

"I'll take that as a yes?" I asked her as we pulled away.She giggled and nodded her head before kissing me again.


Niall's POV

"I'm going over to Stan's. So that the both of you can have some alone time." Jasmine winked and walked off. Anna blushed slightly and I laughed.

"How about we go take a walk on the beach?" I suggested. Anna smiled and nodded her head. I kissed her on the cheek and we got a cab. Anna slipped her shoes off and held them in her hands as we walked down the shoreline together. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and brought her closer to me. She giggled and leaned up to kiss me on the cheek. I looked over at her and I was about to lean in, but I stumbled and brought Anna down with me. I fell on my back and Anna was lying on me. She lifted her head up and giggled at me. I smiled and kissed her on the lips.

"How'd I get so lucky to have you as my girlfriend?" I asked as we pulled away. She giggled and blushed. I smiled and kissed her forehead before kissing her on the lips again.


Louis' POV 

Charlotte and I decided to get some McDonalds and have a walk in the park so we basically ditched everyone just like they ditched us. pfft, lovely friends.We finished our burgers and I pulled her close to me. She smiled and kissed me on the cheek. We then stopped by a lake and she pulled away from me.She then suddenly jumped in and I laughed at her.

"You're crazy." I stated laughing. She smiled and shrugged. I shrugged and jumped in,splashing her in the process. I snaked my arms around her waist and brought her closer to me.  She blushed and looked down.I  brought her head back up and looked her in the eyes before kissing her. I am so lucky to have this girl in my life. I would never be able to find anyone as amazing as she is. Never in my lifetime will I find someone more beautiful

A/N: Getting pretty steamy aye :P anyway, do you have any questions for us about the story? Leave them in the comments and we'll make sure to answer them - Lots of Love Dana & Hend xx

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