Anna, the loud cute girl.
Brook, the wild girl with a mysterious past.
Charlotte, the loud devilish one.
Emma, the weird hyper one.
Jasmine, your typical normal girl.
Lyla, the sister of the famous Liam Payne.
And then you have One Direction, the weirdest boy band on earth.

Who ends up with who?


14. Chapter 13

Liam's POV

I walked into Brooks room to ask her if she knew where Lyla was.When I walked in,I saw Lyla passed out on Brooks bed.I looked around the room and found Brook sound asleep on her purple couch with her legs over the armrest.There were more than a dozen files scattered around the both of them.As I was about to pick up one,I saw Lyla open her eyes.

"Morning Liam."She said softly and sat up.

"Morning."I smiled at her.The both of us snapped our heads to Brook's direction as she screamed and sat up.


Brook's POV

I screamed and sat up as my nightmare finally ended.I guess my scream was really loud, because the rest of the boys burst into the room.I guess the girls were out somewhere.

"Are you okay?"Zayn asked walking closer to me.

"I-I-I'm fine.Wh-what time is it?"I stuttered out.

"11 am.Are you sure you're okay? That was one hell of a scream."Zayn chuckled slightly.

"Yeah I'm fine it was just-Wait 11 am? Shit." My small smile faded and I jumped off of the couch. I ran into my closet and shut the doors.I came out with a crop top,black and white striped jean-tights and a leather jacket.

"WHERE ARE MY ANKLE BOOTS DAMIEN IS GONNA FUCKING KILL ME IF I'M LATE AGAIN!" I yelled looking for my high heeled booties.

"THERE THEY ARE!"I yelled and started to put them on.I almost fell on my butt.Twice.

"Brook,we still need to talk about that thing."Lyla told me.

"Okay fine.Later.BYE!"I yelled and ran out of the house.I climbed into my car and took a deep breathe.I pulled out the letter and opened it up.


-A Few Hours Later-

Liam's POV

Lyla walked into the house and plopped on the couch next to Harry.Harry wrapped his arm around her shoulder and I glared at him.

"Lyls,come here."I smiled and patted the seat next to me.She got up slowly and sat down next to me.Harry gave me a death glare but I chose to ignore it.Charlotte was talking about unicorns to Louis,Anna was making weird faces at Niall and Niall was doing the same at her.Zayn was trying to take a nap.Typical.Emma was texting someone and would keep smiling down at her phone. Man I wish she wasn't dating Nathan.And Jasmine had her earphones in with her eyes closed. Brook stumbled into the house with a million art supplies in her hands.Dylan walked in behind her with more art supplies.The both of them walked down to the basement.We heard some talking before Brook yelled 'NO!' Dylan ran up to the living room with Brook right behind him. Dylan started walking to Jasmine,who's eyes were still closed,but Brook grabbed his arm and pulled him back.

"She's older than you.And she's not interested."Brook said as she started walking him to the door.

"Age doesn't matter!"Dylan pouted.Brook rolled her eyes and opened the front door.

"Let me make this clear to you.You.Are.Never.Going.To.Date.One.Of.My.Friends."She smiled and pushed him out of the house.

"Fine then.Don't expect me to invite you to anymore parties."Dylan smirked.

"Oh honey,I'm always invited."Brook winked before closing the door.She then went wide eyed and opened the door again.


"A party tomorrow? Yeah its at Josh,Jake and Jack's place."Dylan cut her off.Brook thanked him and then closed the door again.Lyla stood up and walked over to Brook.

"I have an art project to do!"Brook smiled innocently at Lyla.

"Nice try."Lyla said and started to drag her upstairs.Brook groaned and pouted.


Lyla's POV

"Brook we have to talk about-"I cut myself off when she pulled out a letter from her pocket.

"My dad,not Alex,my actual dad,sent me a letter."

"What when?"I asked as she handed it to me.

"Last week.But I didn't open it till today.Didn't have the guts too."She sighed as I unfolded it.My eyes skimmed the letter and they stopped at the 'I want to see you.Maybe you could come to L.A. part?'

"It says he wants you to visit him in L.A."I said looking up at her.Brook smiled innocently at me.

"I'll help you pack."I mumbled.

"Haha,no you're not.Because you're coming with me.Now,GO PACK!"Brook smiled.

"Wait what."I asked.

"Please come with me?"Brook begged with her baby face.I sighed.

"Fine.But what are we supposed to tell everyone?"I asked her.I got a 'hmm' out of her as she walked to her closet.

"We'll tell them that,I need to go to L.A. to get some inspiration for an art project.And that you need to come along because you think I'd just go party every night."She explained looking at me. I shrugged.

"Okay.When do we leave? Tomorrow?"I suggested.

"But,I have to go to Jack,Jake and Josh's party."She whined.I sighed and rubbed my temples.

"You and your parties.Fine,we'll leave on Saturday."She smiled big and gave me a tight hug.I hugged her back before the both of us walked downstairs.

"You tell them."Brook said and pushed me slightly.

"Hahahaha,nice try."I rolled my eyes and pushed her in front of me.

"Both of us?"She suggested.I rolled my eyes and stood next to her.Everyone looked at the both of us.

"So,I'm going to L.A.,and Lyla is coming along."Brook explained.They all seemed confused.

"Brook has to get some inspiration for her next art project.And Damien told her to go to L.A. this weekend."I explained.

"But why do you have to go along with her?"Harry asked me.

"She doesn't trust me.She thinks I'm gonna party."Brook rolled her eyes at me.

"Well can you blame her for thinking that?"Louis laughed.Brook flipped him off.

"Actually,can we just leave tomorrow? Not in the mood to party."Everyone,including myself, gasped as the words left her mouth.

"Are you pregnant or something?!"Charlotte yelled.

"That would mean I would have actually gotten laid.And last time I checked,I haven't gotten laid for a while-What am I saying?"Brook cut herself off and the boys held back their laughs.

"ANYWAYS! I'll be down in the basement,doing my other art project."She said slowly and walked down there with an innocent smile.

"Wait uh Brook."Zayn said as he followed her down to the basement.

"Guess Brook's finally gonna get laid."Louis blurted out.The boys laughed and I smacked them upside the head.

"Idiots."I rolled my eyes and sat next to Harry.


Zayn's POV

"Wait uh Brook."I said as I followed her down to the basement.

"Hmm."Brook hummed in response as she started to grab her art supplies.

"I was uh,I was wondering,if you'd like to go dinner with me tonight?"I asked nervously and rubbed the back of my neck.She turned to me with a smile and I could tell she was blushing.

"Uh yeah.That'd be great."She smiled shyly.I smiled back and walked up to her.I kissed her on the cheek which only made her blush more.

"Be ready at around 7?"I suggested slowly walking backwards away from her.She smiled and nodded her head.

"Can't wait."She said softly.I smiled before walking upstairs.I fist pumped the air and cheered silently as I walked into the living room.

"So I'm guessing she said yes?"Louis asked me and held back his chuckle.I nodded my head and plopped myself on the couch.

"You two are cute.But ever hurt her,and I swear,I will have your head on a stick."Lyla warned me. She seriously scared me sometimes.I gulped slightly and nodded my head.




Brook's POV

"GIRLS! YOU ARE HELPING ME GET READY FOR THIS DATE!"I yelled as I walked upstairs from the basement.Lyla grabbed me and pulled me upstairs into my room.The rest of the girls pilled into the room and they sat me down on a chair.

"Hair or makeup first?"Lyla asked the girls.

"Hair."We all said in unison.Emma decided to curl my hair messily.She thought it'd be a good idea to change up my look a bit.And I honestly liked it more than how I usually did it.Then Anna did my makeup.She made it look pretty natural but she let me put on some winged eyeliner.After I begged her of course.Then they all picked out my outfit which I adored really.They pushed me into my closet and shut the doors.I changed quickly and walked out.They all smiled and Jasmine handed me my heels.

"Uh guys,could I talk to Brook alone for a second?"Jasmine asked as I finished putting my heels on.The girls nodded their heads and walked out of my room and closed the door.I knew they would be leaned up on the door with their ears against the wood trying to listen in on us.So I walked over and knocked on it hard.I heard them all wince and whine.

"Now,whats up Jasmine?"I asked turning back to her.

"Uh,I know we haven't really been getting along lately.And I know that you're only leaving for the weekend,but can we just start getting along again?" She said with a hopeful smile.I smiled back and opened up my arms.

"C'mon y'know you wanna hug me."I said weirdly. She laughed and gave me a tight hug.

"Now,how do I look?"I asked her with a nervous smile.

"Gorgeous. Now,don't keep Zayn waiting."Jasmine winked and the both of us walked downstairs into the living room. 

I went over to Zayn and grabbed his hand. "Ready?" he said softly. "Ready". As we walked out, Louis shouted "WELL IF SOMEONE'S GETTING LAID TONIGHT WE BETTER HEAD OUT SINCE WE DON'T WANNA BE DISTURBED BY THE NOISES FOR GOD'S SAKE!" "LOUIS TOMLINSON!" I heard Lyla scream. I looked over at Zayn who was red as a tomato and laughed. 



Harry's POV

"Where are we going?" Lyla giggled as I lead her out of the house. Everyone was watching a movie so they wouldn't have noticed us gone.

"To the park." I smiled as her and pulled her into me by the waist. She blushed slightly as we continued to walk to the park. We walked around the park a bit before I pushed her up against a tree.I couldn't hold myself together. I just need to kiss her. I leaned in and crashed my lips on hers. She kissed me back and I was pretty much freaking out on the inside. We made out for a bit before I pulled away slightly.

"Would you be my girlfriend?" I asked softly looking into her eyes. She smiled and pulled me by my collar and crashed her lips onto mine.

"Does that answer your question?" She asked pulling away slightly. I nodded my head and kissed her again. She smiled through the kiss and wrapped her arms around my neck.


-2 Hours Later-


Brook's POV

I couldn't stop smiling. Zayn and I walked into the house and he pulled me into him by the waist. Lyla looked at Zayn,then at me,then at Zayn again,then at me again. She went wide eyed.

"Oh my god." She said standing up. I bit my lip and Zayn smiled. He kissed me on the cheek and Lyla squealed.

"DETAILS DETAILS!" She screamed and grabbed my arm. The girls jumped up and started to pull me away from Zayn. I pouted and sighed as I was being dragged upstairs.

"FUCK OFF LOUIS! IT ISN'T LIKE YOU'RE GETTING LAID TONIGHT EITHER!" I yelled back. I heard all the boys laughing before I was pushed into my room. I sat down on my couch and the girls stared at me.

"Well?!" Emma asked too excitedly. I broke out into a smile and I squealed slightly.

"It was amazing! He planned a great picnic.Fairy lights were hung up everywhere and it was just amazing. Then we went on a walk and we may or may not have kissed.And then he asked me to be his girlfriend." I hugged one of the pillows on the couch and bit my lip to stop from squealing.

"Did you say no?" Charlotte asked. I gave her a blank face.

"Yes Charlotte. I became a dumb ass and said no. OF COURSE I SAID YES YOU IDIOT!" I face palmed. Charlotte smiled innocently and the girls laughed at her.

"Oh my god we're both in a relationship at the same time!" Lyla blurted out. I raised my eyebrow up at her. She smiled innocently and blushed.

"Finally! That idiot asked you to be his girlfriend!" I smiled big. She nodded her head and the girls squealed. Emma's phone buzzed and she smiled down at it.

"Nathan again?"Anna asked. She blushed slightly and nodded.

"He better ask you to be his girlfriend soon." I said.

"Shut up Brook." Emma said softly and became red like a tomato.

"Uh babe? Could I talk to you for a minute?" Zayn asked standing near the door. The girls made kissy faces and giggled. I rolled my eyes at them and smiled. They walked out and Zayn walked in.

"So,whats up?" I asked with a smile. He shrugged and sat down next to me.

"Nothing,just wanted to see you." He said softly and pulled me closer to him. I smiled and blushed. He leaned in and kissed me. God his lips are so soft. I kissed him back and he pulled me even closer.

"BROOK!" Lyla yelled from downstairs. Zayn groaned as I pulled away slightly.

"WHAT?!" I yelled back.

"SOMEONES HERE TO SEE YOU! ITS IMPORTANT!"Lyla yelled. I groaned and stood up. Zayn stood up and held my hand as we walked downstairs.

"Who's so important that I-Mom?"I asked in disbelief as my eyes landed on my mom.






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