Anna, the loud cute girl.
Brook, the wild girl with a mysterious past.
Charlotte, the loud devilish one.
Emma, the weird hyper one.
Jasmine, your typical normal girl.
Lyla, the sister of the famous Liam Payne.
And then you have One Direction, the weirdest boy band on earth.

Who ends up with who?


12. Chapter 11


A/N: sinceeeee it's christmas we let it go, but we got 353 reads already! thankssss x How was your christmas? Hope you enjoyed it, Lots of Love - Dana & Hend xx


Anna's POV

"WAKE UP EVERYONE WE NEED TO DO SECRET SANTA AND THEN GO SHOPPING COME ON!" I screamed from the bottom of the stairs. These people were such lazy bananas. "GET UP AND GET MOVING PEOPLE!" I screamed one more time then ran off to get the jar. 


Lyla's POV

Anna's screeching voice woke me up, I walked out and bumped into someone "Sorry!" he said. I looked and saw Louis, "Hey Louis, its fine" "Oh hi Lyla, I wanted to talk to you" he said looking around. "Uh yea sure, go ahead" "So, I wanted to ask Charlotte out on a date but uh I noticed that Jasmine was alone ever since we came here so I invited someone to come with us could you tell her that she could come with us?" "Yea sure Louis" I smiled, he's such a sweetheart. 


Jasmine's POV

The sound of someone knocking on my door woke me up. I crawled out of bed and literally crawled on the floor to the door and opened it. I stood up to find myself looking at none other than Lyla. "Bitch, please tell me you woke me up for a good reason" I snapped at her. "Good morning to you too" she said walking in. "What do you want?!!!!" I whined. "Well, Louis just asked me to tell you that he wants you to go with him, Charlotte and a friend to some place" I nearly screamed. "WHAT WHAT WHO WHEN NOW?" "Calm the fuck down you lil shit, Anna's voice has got me 20% deaf right now. I'd like to keep my hearing thank you." "Sorry, oh my god! you need to help me get ready!!!" "yea, yea. whatever. Now, we have to go down to pick secret santaaaaaaaa!" she said walking out. I jumped up and down OMG IM GOING OUT WITH LOUISSSSSS! Oh and Charlotte. 


Liam's POV

"BROOOOK!" I heard Charlotte say as I was entering the living room. "BITCH YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO DITCH ME EVER AGAIN OK THESE LIL SHITS HAVE GOT ME GOING CRAZY" Lyla shouted at Brook. "I missed you too Lyls, I missed you too." Brook smiled. "Brook!" Zayn hugged her tight, then he kissed her. Woah what was that all about? "Hey Brook, where were you?" "Uh, somewhere" she said then looked at Lyla. What the hell is wrong with these girls.


Brook's POV

I pointed at Lyla then grabbed her and pulled her out of the living room. "OW OW OW OW OW" she whined. "Yea, yea shut up. I need to tell you something." I whispered to her. "Why the fuck are you whispering" she said rubbing her arm and scrunched her face. Hah, she's such a kid. "Because I was in New York!" "WHAT" she went wide eyed. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU WERE IN N-" I put my hand over her mouth and dragged her upstairs. "Would you shut up" I snapped at her. "You went to see your family? But they caused all of what happened to Max."



(Conversation of Brook & her dad)

Brook's Dad: "Brook, I warned you to stay away from that boy. He's bad for you."

Brook: "You may be my dad, but you can't tell me who I can and cannot date!"

Brook's Dad: "I'll be the judge of that!"


Brook's Dad: "You'll regret what you said, just wait."

------- Brook went to see Max, her boyfriend but found him dead------

Brook walked into her family's living room, screamed at her dad since it was all his fault and walked out crying and to Lyla's house.


*End of flashback*


"Brookie? Brook are you ok?" "What? yea im fine but -" "COME ON LYLA AND BROOK WE'RE ALL IN THE LIVING ROOM! COME ON, SECRET SANTA AWAITS!" Emma shouted from downstairs. "I'll tell you later ok?" I said walking downstairs. 


Lyla's POV

I hope Brook is ok. She looked like she was going to throw up. I sat down next to Harry and he pulled me closer, the butterflies in my stomach wouldn't stop. I smiled at him. "Lyls, its your turn! come on! I put my hand in the jar, pulled the paper out. "Brook" it said.Yes! I know exactly what to get her! "How about we go shopping?" Harry whispered. "Yea, alright" I whispered back. 


----After shopping----


"Can we go to Starbucks please?"I pouted. Harry chuckled and wrapped his arm loosely around my shoulder. He lead me to Starbucks and we waited in line.

"So, who'd you get for Secret Santa?" Harry asked after we ordered.

"Brook.You?" I asked with a smile.

"Liam. His christmas present would be me not kissing you under the mistletoe. But I think I'm gonna cancel that gift." Harry smirked slightly and kissed me on the cheek. I blushed slightly and grabbed my drink.

"So, where do you want to go now?"I asked still fucking blushing.Ugh. Harry shrugged and sighed.

"I would say we should go back home,but then I wouldn't be able to do this."He said right before kissing me on the lips.I kissed him back and smiled through the kiss before we pulled away.

"It would be a shame to go home.But I am getting pretty tired." I said before Harry kissed me again.We pulled away and he lead me out to the car.



Charlotte's POV


"BOTH OF YOU LET GO OF ME!"Brook yelled and tried to get out of Jasmine and I's grip.


"NO I NEED HER TO HELP ME!"Jasmine yelled.

"LYLA THANK GOD! HELP ME!!"Brook yelled as Lyla and Harry walked into the house.Lyla sighed.

"Jasmine,let go of her.Brook, go help Charlotte get ready." Lyla instructed us. I smiled big and pulled Brook away from Jasmine.

"I'm human y'know? I HAVE BONES AND I CAN FEEL PAIN!" Brook glared at me. I smiled innocently.

"Um,is Liam here?" Harry whispered to us. We all shook our heads.He smiled and pecked Lyla on the lips. Lyla blushed when they pulled away.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOO SOMEONES IN LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Brook and Emma yelled in-sync. Weird. Lyla slapped Brook upside the head and hit Emma on the arm.

"Ow." The both of them pouted.

"Stop that! Its weird and creepy." Anna said.

"Now,help meeeeeeeeeeeeee." I whined as I dragged Brook upstairs. She sighed and sat me down. She walked out of my room and came back with her huge make up bag.

"Whats wrong with my makeup?" I asked her as she unzipped her makeup bag.

"Nothing. I just like using my makeup. Now close your eyes." She explained and started to apply eyeshadow on my eyes. I opened my eyes a few seconds later but I had to close them again since she started to apply some eyeliner on.

"Okay now just mascara, blush and some lipstick." She smiled at me. She heated up my curling iron and looked in my closet for an outfit I could wear.

"Where did you go anyways?"I asked her.

"Uh,I went to Fiji. Wanted to visit my brother and his wife. I've been really missing them lately.T his would look really cute on you." She changed the subject quickly and held up a simple dress.I smiled at her and nodded my head.She smiled and laid it out on my bed. When she finished with my hair,she pushed me into the bathroom with the dress in my hands.


Jasmine's POV

"This dress?" I asked holding it up. Lyla shook her head and stood up.The both of us started looking for an outfit I could wear. Lyla grabbed a dress out of my closet and laid it out on my bed.

"But its kinda cold outside." I told her.She looked inside my closet and pulled out a off the shoulder black sweater.I  smiled before I was pushed into a chair. I closed my eyes as she grabbed the eyeshadow from my makeup bag.

"Where did Brook go anyways?" I asked when I could open my eyes.

"Uh,she went to Bora-Bora. Bitch didn't take me with her.Pfft." I laughed slightly.She finished with my makeup and straightened my hair.

"Now, go change." Lyla pushed me into the bathroom with my outfit in my hands. When I walked out, I saw Charlotte, Brook and Lyla standing there waiting.

"You look amazing!" Brook smiled.I smiled back at her and thanked her.

"Now,converse or heels?" Lyla asked holding both up.

"Converse.Comfort people!" I exaggerated and grabbed the converse out of her hands. I almost fell on my butt trying to put them on, but I thankfully didn't.

"Isn't it a bit too cold for that dress Charlotte?"I asked Charlotte.She looked over at Brook.

"Oh right."Brook said softly and handed Charlotte a sequenced,cropped jacket.

"Brook, are you sure you're okay?"I asked her.

"Huh? Oh yea I'm fine .Perfectly fine." She said softly and looked down at her shoes.

"You guys look amazing!" Lyla took the attention off of Brook.

"Yeah, you guys look drop dead gorgeous." Brook smiled at us. She's been acting really weird since she came back. I hope she's okay. The four of us walked downstairs and Louis smiled at Charlotte and I.

"You two look amazing. My friend is gonna meet us at the restaurant. Lets go."Louis smiled and lead us out of the house.



Lyla's POV

I grabbed Brook and dragged her up to her room. I closed the door and turned to her.

"Explain." I demanded. She sighed and sat down on the bed.   









A/N: Hey Everyone! These are Charlotte and Jasmine's outfits if you were wondering - Dana & Hend xx


Charlotte's Dress:


Charlotte's Jacket:



Jasmine's Outfit:


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