Lost (Lily x Severus)

Lily Evans is engaged to James Potter but looking into the peniseive she wonders wether she lost a friend.
DISCLAIMER: I do not own Harry Potter


5. The Hospital Wing

"This is all your fault" huffed lily holding the ice pack to her head. James snorted. "Oh yes, I completely forgot about my 5 metre long arm that can Strech across classrooms!" He exclaimed. Lily looked down at the bruises on her arm. "They don't stop at anything do they?" She mumbled. "I told you to stay away from that creep!" Started James flinging his hands in the air. "Sev isn't creepy.. He just doesn't know how to communicate with other people as well as we- you do" she stated. She reached across the bed towards the bedside table. "Ah" she winced and fell back into the bed. "Here" James lifted the drink off of the side and handed it to her. "Uh, thanks James" she smiled. "No problem" he grinned. "How bad?" Lily looked confused. "Um.. Excuse me?" She inquired. "How bad does it hurt silly?" James asked. "Oh. Not much it was just a Small bump" lily sighed. "Hmm not as bad as mine." He said in a singsong voice. She raised her eyebrow. She could feel a lump just above them throbbing. "When I was against the Slytherins in quidditch" he started. "I nearly died." He waited for a response. He was expecting a wow or Ooh! Or even a Woah! But nothing came. "Lily?, Lily!" He peered over her. Her eyes were shut and she was smiling. A goods night rest was all she wanted. He picked up the covers and tucked her up. "You will have to leave soon Mr Potter!" Shouted a nurse who was busily arranging sheets on a bed in the far corner. "Just leaving!" He shout whispered. He looked down at Iily. "Sweet dreams. Evan - Lily." He smiled. 5 minutes later Lily was the only one left in the ward. "Night James" she whispered to herself.

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