Lost (Lily x Severus)

Lily Evans is engaged to James Potter but looking into the peniseive she wonders wether she lost a friend.
DISCLAIMER: I do not own Harry Potter


3. "Snivellus" Snape

A tall, thin and sickly pale boy with greasy black hair leaned against a tree, the warm summers breeze blushing his cheeks. "Snivellus!" A boy with dark hair and glasses yelled from across the lawn. "Wheres Evans? She abandoned you like your family did?". The scrawny boy looked away, his face red with tears. A pretty young girl walked onto the lawn from the courtyard. She rolled her eyes, sighing. "James, just leave him alone!" She said desperately. The boy to the left of James nudged him and snorted. "Sirius..." James replied coolly. "Lets just go if that's what she wants. They walked off leaving Snape, Sirius Mouthing off at James obviously disappointed by his calmness.


She walked across to him, her Gryiffindor robes flapping behind her, her red hair shining in the sun and her freckly face looking anxious and worried. She put her hand on his back in comfort. "Oh Severus," She whispered. He tried to say something but all that came out was a mumble. She studied his face carefully, sitting down beside him. "He pulled out a book from under his black and green robes, the Slytherin colours. She grabbed it looking furious. "No!" she said. "no, No, NO!" Tossing the book across the field. He winced as it hit a rock. Pages from "Mastering the Dark Arts" flew everywhere. "Look-" He began. But she had already began to storm off.


The Lily from the present walked out from the tree she had been hiding behind, watching the boy gather his papers sadly. A tear rolled down his cheek. As one did on hers.

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