Lost (Lily x Severus)

Lily Evans is engaged to James Potter but looking into the peniseive she wonders wether she lost a friend.
DISCLAIMER: I do not own Harry Potter


4. Potions with the Black Sisters

The scene swirled and dissolved before Lily. The green, airy lawn had now become a long gloomy, stretched out corridor with only a few braziers to provide light. A group of students in red robes leant against one side of the door on the cold, stone walls. The other side were the students in green.

James, Sirius and Lupin ran up laughing with a scrawny boy close behind. "The look on his face!" Remus cred doubling over. "Good thing Evans wasn't there to bust us!" Snorted Sirius. lily rolled her eyes but a flicker of a smile appeared on her face for a split second. The boys turned around into a huddle and were chatting and laughing about their latest tricks. James turned around. He gave Lily a weak smile and mouthed something tht Lily only just made out as "sorry" Before turning back around to the random eruptions of laughter.


Among the students in the green stood a tall dark haired girl with wild brown eyes. Next to her stood a blonde girl. She was shorter and had a regal air about her. The two were talking and exchanging glances once in a while at Lily. Lily stood uncomfortably and waited for the teacher to arrive. Sure enough in the next five minutes a tall, bearded man had swept Ito the corridor, smiling and led them inside. When they had all found a seat, Janes next to Sirius, Lupin next to Peter, Lily next to Severus and so on, the teacher laughed. "Do you think I'm Silly enough to let you sit in those places?" He chuckled. A wave of dismay passed through the students as they all stood up. The Professer took a roll of parchment from his desk. He read through all the names until there was only a few people left standing. "On this row, Narcissa Black, Bellatrix Black and Lily Evans. "The two girls she had seen earlier shot looks of disgust at lily before Bellatrix sat down beside her. "And behind, James Potter, Severus Snape and Andromeda Black. James looked at Sirius desperately as did Severus to Lily. Bellatrix shoved Lily. "Move over" she said irritably. "Uh, I will fall off.." Lily replied worriedly. "Exactly" said Bellatrix grinning as she shoved Lily on to the floor, potions spilling all over her Gryffindor robes. She screamed as she hit the floor. The class erupted into laughter. All except for Severus and James who glanced at her anxiously. Snape got up, walking towards her but James beat him. "Miss Evans!" The teacher yelled furiously. "That is what happens if you try to hurt other students!" He yelled gesturing at Bellatrix. Who was now trying to act sad but failing as she had her hands over her mouth trying to hide the snorts of laughter. "Fifty points from Gryffindor!" He shouted, now red in the face with anger. James had taken her hand to help her up. " You" said the teacher, frazzled, pointing at James "Take her to madam Pomfrey" he huffed. As James and Lily left the room Snape watched them sadly from behind, as he sat back on his bench and continued the lesson.

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