Lost (Lily x Severus)

Lily Evans is engaged to James Potter but looking into the peniseive she wonders wether she lost a friend.
DISCLAIMER: I do not own Harry Potter


1. Sherbet Lemon

She walked slowly up the grand staircase in awe, her face beaming with joy. Lily Evans had of course been here before, but now, all the memories were flooding back to her. She was stood there so long that the staircase suddenly jolted and she tripped red in the face, gripping the banister. A Ravenclaw grabbed her arm, pulled her up and smiled. "Thankyou" Lily said in a fluster her red hair out of place. She carried on trying to avoid the beady eyes of students as she walked past them.


Finally, she reached the big arch with a magnificent stone eagle standing there. Almost as if it were protecting whatever lay behind. She tried many times to budge the door open but it would not. She scowled, obviously angry that she had come all this way to be held back by a door? Moaning she slowly made her way down the stairs when a tall, regal looking witch with black hair pulled up into a bun and emerald robes pushed through the crowd. "Peterson! Stop harrasing David or its detention for you young lad!""Oh, and Miss Crawford please do something about that toad of yours" She Yelled to students passing by. She stopped at Lily and her frown disappeared and replacing it was a smile that grew until it was stretched all across her face. "Miss Evans!" She cried. Lily smiled and exchanged a hug with the professor. "Oh my," Said Professor McGonagall. "Lily gave her a confused look then realized. She held up her finger with the engagement ring on. McGonagall gasped with joy. "Severus?" She asked. "Uh no.." Lily said looking vacant. "Oh, I'm... Sorry" McGonagall said anxiously. "James Potter" Lily said, now beaming. McGonagall smiled. "A troublemaker, he was" She said. They both laughed. "Oh, if you need Dumbledore, the password is sherbet lemon." "Thank you." Lily smiled as the professor parted down the corridor and walked towards the arch. "Sherbet Lemon" She said. The eagle spun round revealing a doorway. All the students had made their way to lessons by now. She took a deep breath and walked inside.


It took a few moments to take in everything around her. So many tiny things crammed into one circular room. Her head turned towards the center of the room. There, behind his desk was him. Yes, Albus Dumbledore.


(Hey guys, my fist Harry Potter fan fiction, hope you like it! there will be more chapters soon.)




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