Pull the Trigger

Heather suffers through depression, as her mom passes away and dad starts to act differently. When she returns back to school, she meets a new curly haired boy named Harry. For now, they're just friends, but she has no clue what life will come to her. Dreams get filled with ending her life, with a gun beside her...can that one person change her life, or will it be too late?


1. Goodbye Summer

   *Heather's P.O.V.*

I kneeled at her bedside, gripping her hand and placing it in my puddle of tears. I just couldn't imagine life without her. She was only person who I could talk to when times were rough, and never gives up on me. This meant my life has to be a little more independent, without her.

My dad didn't even bother going to the funeral. I guess he was too upset about his loved one being gone, forever. Honestly, he never really told me how my mom died. He says it's too painful to talk about.

After the funeral, I usually did everything with my dad, for as long as I can. Summer is almost over, and that meant hello to high school, once again. I mean, school was great, but there was always something missing, which I could never figure out.

Ever since the day she left, I started to feel depressed. I could never tell what was left of me that really mattered anymore. I guess I just never felt the same.

*Next Day* Harry's P.O.V.

I woke up to some weird sounds coming from the kitchen, probably my mom because she makes noises every morning. I gave myself a warm shower and headed to the kitchen. I gave my mom a big kiss on the cheek and turned on the tv. After scrolling through a couple of channels, my mom started to speak,

"Harry, can you sit down at the table? I need to talk to you."

I was a little confused but I still followed her orders.

"What is it Mom?"

"Harold, ever since your father and I split, I needed to get a new job in a different place. Luckily, I got promoted!!!"

"Mom, that's awesome! I'm very happy for you!"

Before I could give her a hug, she pulled me away,

"Ahh but there's a catch, honey."

I felt very confused, "What catch?"

"Well, we're moving, not too far though."

"Oh, where will we be moving?"

"We're moving to America."


"Yes, we will be leaving in a few days, so after breakfast I want you to get yourself packed because you have school soon, which means you're going to be a new student."

"But why, why?!?"

"I'll explain later."

This wasn't what I planned to hear from my mother, how am I going to make friends? I'm just gonna be the weird one in every class from out of the country. Great. Way to end my summer.

I started to pack my things starting with my room. I went through my closet and all the other stuff. The last thing I had to go through is under my bed. I found an unusual box that I've never seen before. It was never opened, but I decided to just pack it and open it later.

The plane ride wasn't too bad, just really boring. Sitting on a plane with the same people for days isn't the best time of my life. My mom slept for most of the ride, and I only slept when it became dark. Most of the time, I stared at the window, thinking about life. I kept thinking to myself,

"Who has ever gone what I've gone through? Why do I have to go through something so difficult? Why me?"

When we got there, everybody wasn't like home. They would give me dirty looks and talk differently. Well, if this is how I'm gonna have to live, then I gotta get used to it. Goodbye home, hello America.

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