Pull the Trigger

Heather suffers through depression, as her mom passes away and dad starts to act differently. When she returns back to school, she meets a new curly haired boy named Harry. For now, they're just friends, but she has no clue what life will come to her. Dreams get filled with ending her life, with a gun beside her...can that one person change her life, or will it be too late?


3. Choir

*Heather's P.O.V.*

I tried to keep my mind off of what happened this morning. My favorite hour was coming up, and I don't wanna miss it. Choir. The only place that I can keep my worries away from me as long as I can. It's a place where I can just relax from all the stress I go through, I just don't want anything to-

"Welcome class!! I am your teacher, Mr. Gabster, and I'll be teaching you all about what it is like, to become a true singer!"

Wow, he seems nice, but just the way he says things, and his looks, he just looks... A little...gay.

"Now tomorrow I will be picking out on where you shall be, sopranos to the left, and altos to the right. You must have at least one chorus of a song you think you'd be put into whatever you'd want, and sing your heart out! I wish you all the best of luck!"

Auditions? For a spot into where you'd be siting? I've never heard of a more strict rule in my life. I really wanted to be a soprano. Even though I've been an alto all of middle school, and started to be a soprano 2 in my first two years of high school. But this teacher is new. I wanna sing higher notes than ever before, instead of singing lower, that's why I wanna be a soprano. I feel more comfortable being into it. All night tonight is all going to be nothing but practicing and practicing. I don't wanna let him down and I definitely do not wanna mess up. This is something I should be enjoying, not struggling with. He gave us the rest of the hour to socialize since there wasn't anything else to talk about, I mean, all we're having tomorrow is auditions, and probably after that all the good stuff about choir and maybe learn some songs. Thank god this was an all girl class, otherwise, I would be in the alto section. I could never perform for a guy. It would be nice if I wasn't such a chicken, but I just have no idea why I do it, it's like I have a weird noise in my head saying 'Don't do it!', it's just too complicated.

*Harry's P.O.V.*

So far all my classes have been boring, and still no sign of that girl. I need to see her again, I just have to, at least one more time. This class was just nothing but stupid.

All the girls just stared at me, like I'm some kind of toy to them. They were giving me flirty looks, which I gotta admit, was pretty cute, but I like someone different. All these girls do is make a fool of themselves, one of them came up to me, with a pretty flirty look on her face.

"Hello there, new kid?"

"Uh, yah, I just moved in."

"Oh cool, so how do you like it here?"

"Pretty boring."

"Oh it can't be that boring, I love it here, maybe that's because everyone treats me like as a princess. I love it that way."

The moment she said that, I knew she was looking for attention. She had silky bleach blonde hair, perfectly straight, almost touching her hips. She wore hot pink lipstick with fainted pale eyeshadow and curvy eyeliner. Her eyes just sparkled, blue as the ocean. I had to snap out of it, remember, she wants attention.

Then she continued to talk,

"So, I was wondering if we could sit together from now on in this class, is that alright?"

Oh shit, why did she say that. I couldn't make her feel bad, she'll just blab about me for the rest of her life saying how horrible I am, for no good reason, probably the dumbest reason. But I have to go with it, for now,

"Uh, yah, sure! I guess that could be alright."

"Yay!! Well, I'm Trisha, and you are?"

As she said that she was looking at me from head to toe, I knew she was just interested, it bothered me so much,

"Harry, Harry Styles."

"Well it was nice meeting ya Harry, I'll see ya tomorrow!!"

"Ok!!" I said, giving her a fake smile as she left the classroom. The bell rang and thinking about it, this is my last hour, so it's finally time to go home. Yessss.

***Hello hello!!!! I hope this chapter was pretty good!!(: trust me though, I will try to publish as much as I can!!(: thanks for your patience :D ***

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