Pull the Trigger

Heather suffers through depression, as her mom passes away and dad starts to act differently. When she returns back to school, she meets a new curly haired boy named Harry. For now, they're just friends, but she has no clue what life will come to her. Dreams get filled with ending her life, with a gun beside her...can that one person change her life, or will it be too late?


2. Back to School

*Heather's P.O.V.*

The school was completely updated, but it wasn't as different as it used to be. The only thing different was that there was a huge building half the size of the school building for the choir room next to the school, which I thought was amazing because I loved choir.

I opened the doors to what is now a new year, with a bunch of people looking at me odd, they're probably thinking, "Omg she must be a freshman"...which doesn't make sense because I've been here for the last two years, I'm a junior now.

Nobody came up to me to say 'hi' or anything before I went to my first hour, English.

I was a little bit late, since I couldn't find my way around the school. When I walked in, a bunch of faces just turned to me with different looks. Some looked like they were laughing, some just stared. Then the teacher spoke,

"Hello there miss, welcome. What's your name sweetie?"

"Heather Sparkson"

"Oh yes, Miss Sparkson, please take a seat, I will assign seats tomorrow."

I sat in the way back where no one could really stare at me. Then the teacher spoke again,

"Ok class, open your books to page 112-113."

I looked around the room, looking at the different faces in the room. The boy in front of me had what looked like dyed blonde hair on top of his brown hair. I couldn't really see his face, but I just continued to look around the classroom. Then I tuned to my right, and all the way at the end was a brown, curly-haired boy with what looked like green eyes, who was paying attention to the teacher. I looked at the teacher, thinking about something. She looked really familiar, like my mom, with the short brown hair, little bit wavy. I wanted to burst into tears, but I couldn't embarrass myself on the first day, then I remembered something in my backpack that I packed that would probably help me through the pain, a small kitchen knife. I had a long sweater on so no one would notice. I raised my hand until everyone looked at me as the teacher looked at me,

"Yes, Heather?"

"May I go to the bathroom?"

"Ok, just this once though until I give out passes."

"Thank you."

As I started to leave the room, I could feel people just whispering behind my back. It's high school, that's what they do, sadly.

*Harry's P.O.V.*

As that girl left the room, I was thinking about what she was going to do. She looked awfully sad as she was leaving. I gotta admit though, she was pretty cute, with her little sweater and skinny jeans with her hair all wavy down to her mid hip. I asked the teacher if I could go get a drink, of course she said yes, but really, I knew that girl was up to something.

I walked out of the classroom looking through the empty hallway, until the single second I saw her waking down to the other side. I slowly followed her, where she stopped at what looked like her locker so I hid behind a corner. She was pulling something out of her backpack. The moment I saw something shiny and sharp, I knew she was going to cut herself, and that shouldn't ever happen. I had to do something, who would do something so hurtful to someone so beautiful?

*Heather's P.O.V.*

I had the knife shaking in my hand as I pulled up my right sleeve. Will this work? Will all my worries go away? I heard it works, so it should work for me too. I counted softly to myself,


All of a sudden I heard someone's books drop. I quickly put the knife back in my bag and shut my locker hard. I looked around the hallway to see who it was, no one was in sight. Was someone watching me? Who's books dropped? Did they run away? Who really was it?

I quickly ran quietly back to class acting like nothing ever happened.

*Harry's P.O.V.*

Yes! Thank god she didn't do that. I felt a sign of relief after sprinting through the hallway so she couldn't see me. I'm still really confused on why she would do that, I hope I have another class with her. I wanted to look at her schedule so bad but she came back in time before I could touch her stuff. I really wanted to know her, I just saved her from getting cut through her sweet skin, that holds so many untold stories.

"Mister Styles, please take your headphones out of your ears!"

"-huh? Oh I'm sorry about that Ms. Johnson."

I took them out of my ears until I saw Heather looking straight at me, I gave her a little smirk and looked back at what the teacher was saying. Now she knows who I am, at least just my last name.

***** I'm so sorry this is really late guys!!! School has been on my tail for the last month or two!:( I hope you like this chapter! And one more thing, this story takes place BEFORE One Direction were famous, I'll get into that stuff later, enjoy this chapter!!(:*****

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