Pull the Trigger

Heather suffers through depression, as her mom passes away and dad starts to act differently. When she returns back to school, she meets a new curly haired boy named Harry. For now, they're just friends, but she has no clue what life will come to her. Dreams get filled with ending her life, with a gun beside her...can that one person change her life, or will it be too late?


4. A Chance

*Heather's P.O.V.*

I'm not one of those girls who get the sweet rides home or go on the bus, because I walk home every single day. Thank god I'm the first one on the sidewalk, I never wanna cause any trouble. Shit, I just told myself that, and what do you know? Girls are coming straight at me. They remind me of the movie 'Mean Girls', with their dumb faces and blonde locks. I've never seen them before, they must be new this year. I remember seeing them in my Choir class, either way, they look like trouble.

I looked at one of them, confused. She looked somewhat familiar, with her pink lips and perfectly straight blonde locks. Then I realized, I've been looking at the biggest bitch ever created,

Trisha Sparks.

She's ruined everyone out of everything they do, including me a few times. I guess she's got herself a new little bitch clan so she's no longer a loner, even though she's still one to my eyes. We used to be friends in third grade, until she punched me so hard she made my nose bleed. I would never forget it, because it was in front of everybody, including my childhood crush, David. Too bad I never see him anymore. She began to walk towards me, while I start to get bad chills up my spine.

"Hey Heather!!! It's me, Trisha!!"

Of course I know it's you bitch.

"Oh hi Trisha!"

"Hey! So...I see we finally have a class together!!!"

Yeah, what a shame.

"Yah! So, are you trying for soprano or alto?"

"Is that even a question?! Of course I'm trying for soprano!!"

Even her voice annoys me.

"Oh cool! Me too!"

"Pff! Is that a joke?! Come on! You've always been an alto!!"

Does she not remember the last two years of high school?

"Yah, it is."

"Ahaha good one! Well I'll see you tomorrow at tryouts!!"

"Yah, good luck!"

She stopped herself from turning the second I said that, and speeded up back to my face.

"I don't try, I do."

She gave me the look that she always gives me, the 'you're dead' look. She turned away with her little bitches and I continued to walk home, almost a block away.

I ran inside, forgetting about what Trisha said. I went to my piano, practicing a few little skills before beginning my song choice for my voice. I looked though my list of songs I decided I might work on,

Since You've Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson?

Too pitchy.

Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars?

I did that last year in one of the concerts.

Viva La Vida by Coldplay?

That was my favorite song out of any song I've heard, I'd love to sing that song, if I was an alto.I kept on looking for other songs, there was nothing I could find. So I guess I had to stick with Coldplay, which was fine. So I grabbed Viva La Vida and began to learn the notes on my piano.

I ran trough the chorus, with a little tap in my step, I had to get that part. I need to show Trisha who really deserves to be a soprano, and who really wants it. Me. I do. This is my chance to show her who I really can be. I started to sing, making sure no one could hear me.

"...that was when I ruled the world,"

I stood in silence, making sure no one heard me. I stood in even more silence. Yes. No one heard me.

I closed my piano and packed my music into my bag for tomorrow. I fell asleep, next to my piano, dreaming about what the day would bring for that one audition.

***Hope you guys like it!!! Hope you guys had a good Christmas and a happy New Year!!***

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