The Stalker

Brittney was a popular girl and one day a nerd named Tyler fell in love with her and started stalking her. Does he go to far. Read and find out to see what brittney does to solve the situation
(based on real people)


1. The stalker


           Brittney's p.o.v

I felt this weird feeling all day in school like someone was watching me. Finally it was lunch and i told my friends that i thought someone was watching me. They told me i was crazy and just imaging it. suddenly i caught a boy staring at me . Later that day I called my friends and asked them who he was Maria said " i think that's Tyler."   Who is that ,maria said that was the nerdy guy staring at you. as she said that i got the chills down my spine like he was watching over me every second.  I gotta go ,have to finish my homework. Ok bye said maria as i hung up. I decided if i to look out my window to see if my mom was home that's when i saw him, Tyler outside my house staring directly at my window. i freaked out and went down stairs to see if our doors are locked. I ran back up stairs to my room and peaked out my window and he was gone! i then heard  knock on the door. I went down stairs and peaked through the hole. Luckily it was my mom carrying groceries.I quickly opened the door and helped her with the bags. Before i closed the door i saw something or someone behind the tree. I closed the door and locked it , put the bags on the table. without saying a word i ran up the stairs to my room.


                      When I finished my homework i went to go take a shower i put on my pj and noticed there was a message on my phone. when i unlocked my phone i saw the message was from an unknown person.i read the message and it said "im watching your every move". i shrugged it off thinking it was a prank and turned my light off. Thats when i saw the creepy shadow of a person outside my window. i quickly turned lights on and there was no one.  I turned the lights back off and the shadow appeared again i quickly covered my self under the blankets and fell asleep after a few hours.


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