The Stalker

Brittney was a popular girl and one day a nerd named Tyler fell in love with her and started stalking her. Does he go to far. Read and find out to see what brittney does to solve the situation
(based on real people)


2. the dream

I hadn't realized that I was asleep untill I suddenly woke up in a forest I got up and started walking. I heard footsteps behind me ,i turned around and nothing was there. i started walking faster still hearing footsteps. I ran and tripped over a branch and there he stood that guy Tyler.What do you want i yelled. he said nothing he started walking closer and closer i told him to go away but he didn't listen. he tried to grab me but i kicked him. I managed to get up and start running he was chasing after me. i then saw a cabin and  went inside . i went up stairs and hid under the bed. i then saw his feet it looked like he was leaving but he then he grabbed my legs and pulled me out and shoved me on the bed. he tried to kiss me, but i was able to break free by kicking him the balls as hard as i could.i then ran out of the cabin but outside there was no where else to run. i turned around and he was standing there with a knife.



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