The Melody of a Corrupt World

Allen was a normal high school student with a crush on the hottest girl in school like everyone else. He had his two close friends Brett and Brent. During homeroom he had his dreams killed within five seconds. He then lugged along to his next three classes with crushed dreams. After that he wandered to the lunch room with his two friends and started to enjoy lunch. While enjoying his lunch it was interrupted by an explosion. Everyone ran to the sight of the seen. Within the rubble stood a man with black hair, glowing green eyes and a pair of black bat like wings. He noticed Allen standing amongst the crowd and shouted to him, seeming to know him, but without warning Allen answers back to the person. He soon felt sharp pains in his back as he collapsed. From here on out the lives of Allen and his friends changed forever as Allen's past was brought to the surface.


16. Shinigami

While the two slept in the waiting room chairs madness spurred around them. The two slept peacefully during the chaos but someone watched them enjoy their sleep. Looming around the corner was the lackey. He watched them trying to see how they could sleep at a time like this. It was obvious to him they weren’t normal Mochroisa even said they weren’t human or at least normal humans. He stares at them but was soon called in by the therapist who had just counseled Mochroisa and Allen.

When walking into the room he noticed every detail of the room and the therapist. He noticed the blood red walls that made him reminisce of the shrieks of his soupier as the blood flowed out of his hand.  The therapist cleared his throat then began to say ‘’How does this event make you feel? Do you feel nervous or anything?’’ He stared off at the two sleeping with confusion as the lackey realized he was affected by them as well. The lackey stared at the therapist and said ‘’So, you had to counsel those two? What did one of them say to make you stare at them?’’ The therapist snapped out of it, averting his eyes from the two, looking at the lackey. He cleared his throat again and began to speak ‘’Yes, I did counsel them but they are the only ones who seemed to be unaffected or they are very good at hiding it. Well, this is about you not them why don’t you tell me your name?’’ The lackey nodded and spoke ‘’My name is Glenn. So about those two what did they say to you?’’

The therapist sighed and said ‘’Well, Glenn, apparently I won’t get anywhere until I tell you will I?’’ Glenn stared him down, and then nodded. The therapist sighed again then said ‘’Well, the girl, Mochroisa, said to me ‘We are more than you think.’ This seriously surprised me seeing as it came from a high school kid. Most high school kids would have been severely traumatized but, those two were perfectly fine. The girl even stormed out here saying that really didn’t care and when she did she would be back. Does she typically act like that?’’ Glenn let what he said sink in; we are more than you think.

Glenn nodded to the therapist’s then said ‘’She’s brand new. She just came like, yesterday. That’s when I saw her on the bus with Allen and my friend went up to her and he was thrown across the bus. I had run away from his body that was thrown at my feet. She had done it so easily. She through him with one hand, one hand! No normal girl can do that! To get revenge for making a fool of him my friend wen back up to them. But, Mochroisa was sleeping while Allen was looking out the window.  We forced Allen to wake her up because my friend thought she would be able to beat her when she was sleepy. He also thought that she wouldn’t hurt Allen if he woke her up but when we told him to he refused. He said stuff like I still want be living after this and if you want to live too leave her alone, stuff like that. We had then waked up Mochroisa who, was pissed. My friend picked her up by her collar and she started to spout stuff that pissed him off so she raised his fist to her. When he did she caught it with one hand and crushed it. You could see the blood stream down her hand as the bones poked out of his hand, popping blood vessels. It was a bloody mess, he had gotten blood on her face but she was unaffected by it and same with Allen. He had much less but he just didn’t notice the blood on his face or clothes as if this happened so much that he was now used to it. Mochroisa simply went back to sleep afterwards and Allen just looked out the window!  As the kids on our bus were having mental break downs, they were completely unaffected! That is not normal! Even now, those two are asleep while the chaos spurs on around them!’’ The therapist looked at him with surprise but then remember those two were covered in blood especially Mochroisa. She had streams down her face and stains around the collar of her t-shirt along with giant blotches of deep red blood on her pants. Her jet black hair was also stained with blood splatters. Allen had streaks of red that flowed through his blonde hair. He was then able to fully believe seeing how the evidence stared him in the face.

‘’That definitely explains the blood on them but not why they are still unaffected by this.’’ The therapist said with confusion but just as Glenn was about to speak he was cut off by the therapist. ‘’Look! Allen is awake! And so is Mochroisa!’’ The therapist had pointed to the two as Allen blinked then rose his head, rubbing his eyes. Mochroisa did the same. They both looked at the wall and seemed to watch something.

‘’Do you feel that?” Allen said as he turned to Mochroisa. She nodded her head then said ‘’I think it’s a shinigami.’’ Allen looked at her strangely while she continued ‘’Since they are death gods, that one probably came to collect the dying soul of someone here. It maybe came to take that senior. Well there’s nothing we can do about it, if that person is scheduled to die, they’re gonna die, no matter what.’’ Allen looked at Mochroisa then said ‘’Really? There’s now way to avoid it at all? Is it really-‘’ Allen stood and began to walk out of the waiting room. To the naked eye he disappeared but to Mochroisa, who followed after him, he was still there.

He walked towards the surgery room of the senior. Allen seemed to be in a trance of some sort. His blood red pools faded as he stared into the distance. In Allen’s clutched hands darkness flowed and created a scythe made of shadows. He was enveloped in a shadow cloak that went down to the floor and had tattered edges. He also had his black angelic wings again, that made him look like a fallen angel.  Allen walked right into the surgery room of the senior as Mochroisa ran in after him. The surgeons were yelling about the senior’s condition saying it was going down and he might not make it. Since he lost so much blood his life was at risk but Mochroisa had not only caused external damage but also internal. She had let loose some of her power causing it to slowly caused ruptures in the organs.  His life was then in danger even more but Mochroisa’s power was too great to overcome with medical supplies. The senior’s heart monitor started to beep faster and as it did Allen raised his hand with the scythe. Allen swooped down with force pulling out the senior’s soul. It was a black ball of light that sunk to the ground. The heart monitor now went on a long winded beep as it signified he was gone. Allen walked out of the surgery room, with Mochroisa, who was never noticed, but when they walked out Allen had snapped out of it. Allen stood there and looked at Mochroisa as he looked around at where he was and what he looked like. Right before Allen could speak he heard a woman’s voice say ‘’Cameo?’’

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