The Melody of a Corrupt World

Allen was a normal high school student with a crush on the hottest girl in school like everyone else. He had his two close friends Brett and Brent. During homeroom he had his dreams killed within five seconds. He then lugged along to his next three classes with crushed dreams. After that he wandered to the lunch room with his two friends and started to enjoy lunch. While enjoying his lunch it was interrupted by an explosion. Everyone ran to the sight of the seen. Within the rubble stood a man with black hair, glowing green eyes and a pair of black bat like wings. He noticed Allen standing amongst the crowd and shouted to him, seeming to know him, but without warning Allen answers back to the person. He soon felt sharp pains in his back as he collapsed. From here on out the lives of Allen and his friends changed forever as Allen's past was brought to the surface.


9. School Day

Mochroisa stood there starting back at the dumbfounded boys; she then began to speak again. ‘’Oh just so you know Devon actually only showed me his wings once when I had begged him to see them. He had mentioned he had wings so I begged to see them and he finally showed them. I don’t know if he ever showed them to Satan but, I doubt it, but you never know.’’  The boys still stood staring at her with silent faces. Soon Allen finally broke the silence. ‘’Well, that story was heart wrenching but, I have a question.’’ Mochroisa looked back at him and Allen then began to speak again. ‘’Well, I get the stuff about Devon but now, what are we going to do about the rest of the school who one, saw you and two saw me grow wings?’’ It then dawned on Mochroisa that they were going to have to explain this to the witnesses. She made a fist and slapped in her hand and began to speak. ‘’Ah, well, we just erase there memories or tell them it was a movie shooting, like in those movies but I prefer to erase there memories.’’ Allen, Brent and Brett turned towards Mochroisa and starred with confused looks. Allen butted in and said ‘’Fine since you think that erasing their memories would be better erased we will do that.’’ Everyone then turned towards Allen with shock, that he would say that. Mochroisa smiled and walked out the gym doors and called the name of something named Chewy. Everyone turned their gaze towards her as a blue, frog like thing hopped into her hand. Mochroisa turned with Chewy in hand and said ‘’This is Chewy. He is a low level demon, who needs a master of higher rank to survive. Devon actually gave him to me when he found him on the outskirts of the city. One day. Oh, and he can transform into people and mimic their voices and behavior patterns.’’ Everyone simply stared at the blue blob in her hand.  Then they all began to walk towards the main office where the entire secretary left from the incident. Mochroisa put Chewy to the speaker where it mimicked the principle’s voice calling everyone to the gym.

             Everyone compiled into the bleachers, while Brett, rent, Allen and Mochroisa stood in front of everybody. Mochroisa then lifted up her hand; everyone looked up from their gazes on Allen and Mochroisa. The entire gym looked at her hand except for Allen, Brett and Brent. Mochroisa then swiped her hand past them, with that something pale cream colored, like a cloud was in her hand.  She then fed it to Chewy, as the murmur of the people flooded through the stands Mochroisa then realized that Allen’s wings were still showing. Out of instinct she turned then jumped onto Allen with a big thud she sat on him. She then called Brett and Brent over who were staring at her for what she just did.  ‘’Okay, I kind of forgot that somebody still had their wings out and I don’t know how to get rid of them. So, I am going to sit on him so no one notices his wings. You are going to need to escort them out. For a more seconds they will stay in a daze, not remembering his wings as long as they don’t see them when they come out of it.’’ Brent and Brett stood then nodded starting to yell for everyone to get out. Everyone slowly flowed out the doors but Allen then piped up in a yell ‘’What the hell do you think you’re doing?! You’re going to kill me with your weight! I want to be breathing after this, thank you very much! But, for this you need to get the hell off of me!’’ Mochroisa looked down with a sharp look and said in a sarcastic voice ‘’Well, excuse me for being heavy! Unless you feel like explaining to the entire school and then some why you have wings knock yourself out! But if you don’t want that shut up and be still, you don’t want to break those wings of yours or your back better yet! If you don’t want that shut up!’’ Allen turned his face down as Mochroisa had herself perched on his stomach as she clearly won this battle.

            Allen lay silent with defeat; as soon as everyone was gone Mochroisa had gotten off of Allen. Allen stood in silence as Brett and Brent started to slowly walk out the gym doors to join the mass of people. Allen ran over and grabbed them by the collars of their shirts pulling his face in between the gap of Brett and Brent’s faces and whispered ‘’What do you think you’re doing? If this is your plan on trying to make me like that psycho demon who just squished the life out of me you have got another thing cumin’.’’ The two chuckled and answered in a sarcastic and sheepish tone.  ‘’Of course not, I mean she only loved you or whatever Devon’s relation to you is. Now we are never going to go against you again seeing how you could steel our souls with your awesome scythe.’’ Allen moved his face then moved his hands to their heads, and then smashed them together with a THUNK. The two grabbed their heads as they couched on the ground. Mochroisa looked over with confusion at the scene that played out. Allen stomped back over to where he was standing previously, when Brett and Brent came for revenge. Since Allen was only about a foot away from Mochroisa, the two gave each other an evil look. They creped behind Allen while he was in his thoughts of anger towards the two, Mochroisa were just looking at the two while they came behind him. She had no idea what they were planning in those empty skulls of theirs. Suddenly Allen was ripped from his thoughts as his back felt a sudden push. He extended his wings to no avail he only made it worse as Mochroisa attempted to catch him, this back fired on Mochroisa very much. Her and Allen slammed heads, to only have Allen fall on top of Mochroisa’s stomach making her lose her breath. It didn’t go exactly as planned but they still got revenge on Allen. Allen then stood up abruptly and yet again smashed the snickering two together.  He then walked out of the gym but realized he couldn’t get through, but he wasn’t gonna dog so he sat crisscrossed in front of the gym doors. Brett and Brent stared to laugh hysterically at this. Allen lost all the coolness of that moment if there was any. They soon heard the back gym doors open remembering that school was still going on.

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