The Melody of a Corrupt World

Allen was a normal high school student with a crush on the hottest girl in school like everyone else. He had his two close friends Brett and Brent. During homeroom he had his dreams killed within five seconds. He then lugged along to his next three classes with crushed dreams. After that he wandered to the lunch room with his two friends and started to enjoy lunch. While enjoying his lunch it was interrupted by an explosion. Everyone ran to the sight of the seen. Within the rubble stood a man with black hair, glowing green eyes and a pair of black bat like wings. He noticed Allen standing amongst the crowd and shouted to him, seeming to know him, but without warning Allen answers back to the person. He soon felt sharp pains in his back as he collapsed. From here on out the lives of Allen and his friends changed forever as Allen's past was brought to the surface.


7. Satan’s Test

‘’Devon became more violent; he got into more fights than he did before. Thankfully he didn’t have any more lives at his mercy but, still, he nearly killed most of them. People seemed to attack him more than before as well.

‘’When he came back, he had scratches and scars that littered his body.  I had asked him why he had scars all over; he only told me that it was best for me not to know. Upon hearing this I really wanted to slap him but only said ‘Well then, you suddenly go to Satan’s castle, don’t come back for a year and that’s all I get, seriously?’ He only looked at me with a shocked face and began to explain what went on. ‘Well, when I went there, after you left Satan appeared in his throne all jazzed up.  He stood up and said ‘We are going to duel, right here and now, okay?’ He then lunged at me with full force as all of his dazzling jewels and cape fell off. He came at me with a flaming blue fist. He was serious. I also lunged at him with a fist of my own, with my special ability of black flames. When we collided a massive explosion went off of, blue and black flames mixing, the room was almost incinerated. Satan then said we will be taking this outside worrying for the well fair of his castle, seeing how he still wanted to have it after this. We walked out into the court yard; again he lunged at me with blue flames, as I attacked with my black flames. We fought relentlessly for days; I believe it was after one month Satan declared a one month rest before we settled this. Until then I couldn’t leave, with fear that I might run away and never have the rematch.  He had a servant escort me to a room in the east wing of the castle, while Satan headed west with a hardy laugh. His long silk, like black hair trialed with him to the west section, his face had many cuts but his fierce greens eye pierced through the blood streams on him. He walked off with his tattered clothes that seemed like they could disintegrate any moment now. ‘’ I just stared at him for a while. ‘So you’re telling me you fought his Satan for a whole month and didn’t die?! What the fuck are you? Nobody can last against Satan for a second, but YOU lasted for a whole month!’ Devon only looked at me and sighed. ‘I would have rather kept this a secret but I’m than just a demon.’

‘’I looked at him then said, ’You think I didn’t realize this by now?! No demon alive can even rival Satan let alone have a full on, month lasting battle with him! You obviously have to be more than just a lowly demon or even a high ranked demon!’ He looked at me with an astonished look then only laughed. ‘Of course, no demon rivals Satan. I am only part demon.’ He looked at me then began to continue explaining. ‘For the month rest, I had laid in the bed on moving preparing to return to another battle possibly longer than the last. My wounds healed within a matter of days, leaving me lots of spare time. I spent this time sleeping my days away. Satan never came by room till one month later to wrench me out the room to have us resume out battle. We went back to the court yard to resume our battle starting off with punches of blazing fire. This time the battle went on for two months with a two month rest. Within these resting times along with sleep I thought about a lot of things and my perspective changed. Along with my ability to control my powers, increased with every battle. Again after the rest Satan came to retrieve me and we started like we always did, with punches, then we began the battle. This time the battle came to be three months, along with a three month rest. After the three month rest instead of continuing our battle he said ’Okay, today you can go but we going to have one last fight. It last all of today and we will go all out-‘ I had cut him off  ‘But we have been going all out-‘ Satan then cut me off ‘Excuse me, you don’t cut me off while I am speaking. As I was saying, I know that you haven’t been going all out this entire time.-‘ Yet again I cut off Satan ‘Well, what about you?’ Satan had given me a scowl and answered my question ‘Not really. I noticed you weren’t going all out so I had no reason to as well.’ He did kind of have a point so I accepted. We started off our battle like usual, but this time there more blaze in the fiery explosion. I let our more of my power but still not all but, I could tell Satan was all out. After, Satan was covered in bloody scratched and tattered clothes. I was also covered in bloody scratches and tattered clothes. He had his servants treat mine and his wounds, after that he set me free. He told me, he would call again for another all out, bloody battle. So that’s my story.’

I had stared at Devon for minute to wrap my head around the story he told. Also, the immense power he had if he was able to be on par with Satan when not even letting out his full power. I had no questions for Devon and simply said ‘Well, its late time to go to bed.’ I headed to my room and he headed for his. We had a long time of peace before Satan returned for Devon.


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