The Melody of a Corrupt World

Allen was a normal high school student with a crush on the hottest girl in school like everyone else. He had his two close friends Brett and Brent. During homeroom he had his dreams killed within five seconds. He then lugged along to his next three classes with crushed dreams. After that he wandered to the lunch room with his two friends and started to enjoy lunch. While enjoying his lunch it was interrupted by an explosion. Everyone ran to the sight of the seen. Within the rubble stood a man with black hair, glowing green eyes and a pair of black bat like wings. He noticed Allen standing amongst the crowd and shouted to him, seeming to know him, but without warning Allen answers back to the person. He soon felt sharp pains in his back as he collapsed. From here on out the lives of Allen and his friends changed forever as Allen's past was brought to the surface.


8. Satan’s Return

‘’It was a year later before Satan returned for Devon.  Me and Devon were sitting outside on the rundown porch, when suddenly a gust of wind through a flurry of gravel and sand into our faces. I remember this day as if it were yesterday, that was the day Devon died in front of me by Satan’s hands.’’ The shock spread through the room as if a ripple in the water. Allen swallowed the lump in his thought at the thought that Mochroisa had witnessed the one she loved killed in front of her very eyes.

‘’Satan had swooped down with a mighty sword in his hand. It was imbedded with many precious jewels and a gold hilt, the silver sheen of the sword blinded my eyes. Satan landed with pristine on the ground with his red flowing cape of velvet and black under clothes. He landed right before our porch, with a powerful over bearing voice said ’Well, Devon todays the day for our rematch. Now, get your ass up and fight me,’ He extended his sword towards Devon but Devon, unflinching, replied ’Fine, but not here.’ Satan nodded and they were about to walk off when I shouted at them ‘’Wait! Devon you have no weapon! You’re going against a sword with!?” Satan turned and came towards me with flying steps grabbing my face and squeezing it then, saying in a gruff voice ’Excuse me, this is a fight between men and for the record he is not unarmed.’ I starred him in the eyes with a confused look while Devon became wide eyed and said ’What? How did you know?’ I turned my eyes to look at Devon, then Satan finally let go of my face and answered Devon’s question. ‘Why wouldn’t I know, Cameo. Aren’t you the infamous Death god Cameo? Everybody knows you, also I am Satan, emperor of all demons, of course I would know who comes into my domain. At first I couldn’t tell who you were but when the demons were in uproar about a new demon that had the strength of a high level demon I had to find out. I heard word that the infamous Death god was going to visit the Demon world but I never thought he was actually part demon allowing him to blend in perfectly. Even this girl never knew and you were with her for how long? Oh well that doesn’t matter all that does is now I am going to take down the infamous shinigami (Death god) who supposedly, never fails once given a mission. If I defeat you I will rise in my glory as the strongest! Ahahaha!’ I started to remember to the description of the shinigami Cameo. He was said to be tall, broad shoulder with poker straight blonde hair and piercing blood red eyes. Now, that I look over him he fits that description perfectly. I can’t believe I never realized it he even said he was more than a demon, this is certainly more!

‘’I stood in awe, to think that the infamous shinigami would be standing right in front of me but, who was he here to collect? But, I stood there speechless as Devon went silent or Cameo but I finally spoke ‘Well, if you’re Cameo, how come you never told me? Now what am I supposed to call you?’ Devon/Cameo stood speechless for second but then laughed and said ‘Well, you’ve been calling me Devon, so just go with that, okay?’ I nodded my head as Satan stepped in to say ‘Well, that was a touching moment with your girlfriend there but we have a rematch to get to now, Cameo.’ Devon turned around as his long black coat with tattered ends flowed as the wind blew. He turned and walked off towards a mountain as Satan followed ready for an all-out battle.

‘’The mountain was a pale orange, kind of like a dessert, with the mountains to block the battle from the rest of the world. Devon extended his hand out his shadow dissipated and reformed in his hand to form a black scythe as tall as him with a razor sharp edge. You could feel the ominous presence of death loom over the mountain and the entire city. You could feel the tension between Satan and Devon, as they raised their weapons towards each other and lunged at full strength. As soon as they lunged towards each other no more did the feel of death loom but the clashing of a divine force meeting an unbearable dark nature. The two went all out from what I could tell; debris was flying in each and every direction as I watched a battle of the century unfold in front of me. The tension was unbearable; I almost couldn’t breathe as I felt these two forces clash with such vigor. Devon’s scythe could extend to no end, gaining an advantage over Satan with his reach and what seemed to be superior ability. But, this change as soon as Satan pulled a fast one on Devon, causing Devon to gain a severe cut down his back that seemed to bleed to no end with his divine blood. He bled down his back with such red blood, like his eyes which shined in the sun light that rained down on him. He still looked more than just a shinigami and a demon. Devon stood up from the blow with a smirk, standing taller; you could now see he was a prideful, arrogant person who will not be put to shame. He glimmered in the sunlight with a deep shade of red, as Satan also stood with a smirk seeming to steel Devon’s light. The two starred each other down, smiled ear to ear then lunged with weapons back as they prepared to start round two. Devon and Satan seemed to be equal but Devon never once pulled out any other abilities of the shinigami, besides the scythe, and he only used his immense demon powers. I didn’t know what else shinigami’s could use but I knew there had to be more, you can’t take down everybody with just a scythe.

‘‘Devon and Satan stood yet again at the beginning of nightfall, with their prideful; smirks they stood. Before they started round three Satan spoke ‘’What are you going to do now, shinigami? Don’t you need your shadow to use that precious scythe of yours?’ Devon laughed and answered while rising and turning his head to the direction of the sunset as his smirk widened. ‘’Oh, Satan you will see what my ‘precious’ scythe can do at nightfall.’ Satan also pulled his head up and answered ‘Oh, I will now! Now let me see this sucker!’ Devon moved his head forward and lunged with his scythe at the last second of sunlight. ‘Oh, you’ll see Satan, trust me!’ Satan returned the lunge with his sword behind him, Devon and Satan clashed weapons at the last second of day. Devon’s weapon suddenly lashed out of place covering the full moon in the blackness of his scythe. It was like a black wave of death, which seemed to consume the moon and its light. This darkness swallowed Satan, I couldn’t see what happened with in to Satan but Devon started to laugh. He then jumped high in the air in front of the moon, as his jacket opened at the bottom showing his all black jean like baggy pants, he jumped feet first into the blackness. I stood there waiting for what felt like a grueling 5 hours but ended up only being 5 minutes. The blackness dispersed showing Devon and Satan out of breath and covered in cuts. They both lunged at each other with weapons in hand as they jumped into the moonlight they each got each other on the right shoulder. It bled into their clothes soaking parts of it a deep red and black. Some blood dripped into dessert like ground, it absorbed all the blood within a matter of seconds, leaving the ground with deep red spots.

‘’Devon and Satan stood again with their smirks but Devon spoke up and said ‘I’m getting sick of this constant battle I want to go to sleep, in my bed. But, with this battle I can’t so let’s make this our last round, got it?’ Satan nodded as they began the finale round. They each got each other good in the arms as they bled into the dry ground.  Devon knelt on the ground for a moment to catch his breath. Within this time Satan swooped in with his sword, he stabbed Devon through the back. I couldn’t warn Devon for I was so caught off guard, but I heard Satan cheer ‘Yes the best has been killed! I am the strongest of everything!’ I could see Devon’s blood drip into the moon light. I ran over to him and cradled his dying body as his blood seeped into my skirt turning it a deep red.  I could feel some of the blood drip down my legs as he bled out onto me. I cradled him stunned while also getting my white shirt turn a bright red from his dying blood.

‘’ I cradled him mumbling to myself ‘Damn you Satan! Damn you Satan!’ I could slowly feel the life drain from his body as the bleeding slowed. I could feel water streaming down my face as it landed in droplets on Devon’s pale white cheeks. My cheeks turned a flush red from the tears that rolled down, but Devon’s only got paler with each passing second. I put my face close to his I was hunched over his dying body; he only lay with his breathing getting shallower. I started to plead in my head for him to stay alive but it then turned into rapid mumbling. I suddenly felt a warm presence touch my damp cheeks, it was Devon’s hand, it was losing heat and slowly became limper but Devon started to speak ‘It’ okay, don’t worry I’m not that easy to kill.’ He said this in a hushed whisper as his hand fell to the ground with a thud; he went completely limp with the blood flow stopping. I realized he was dead, within my still warm arms. My heart was still beating while his was stopped cold. He wasn’t going to argue with me or laugh or have our usual chats or sit out on the run down porch or be there anymore. These realizations flooded into my head, he was dead and never coming back, ever. I was again going to be alone in that run down, old shack like house. It was going to lose its vigor and warmth it gained having Devon there, more than that I was alone in the bed room without him across the hall way to keep me company. With this my tears flowed and gushed onto his lifeless, pale, cold face and his blood soaked clothes. I had no one anymore, I was truly alone, he wouldn’t return, because of Satan I was alone, I now hated Satan but that would do nothing and I could do nothing against him. I cried more realizing my own powerlessness, over the body that was filled with power, pride and joy. Devon could protect, while I could not, he was happy, I was only happy with him, he could choose what he did, I could not. I was stuck in that shack for lack of money power and status but if Devon wanted he could have all that but, he chose to stay with me. It was then I realized how important he was to me, I never mourned someone’s death this much, not even my parents! I came to accept my feelings and found that I began love him over time and now I could not live without him. I clenched my fists, placed Devon’s bloody body gently on the ground and began to scratch out a whole big enough for his body.

‘’Satan simply stood over me as I dug. I removed Satan’s blood red sword, with many Knicks on it from the clash of Devon’s scythe. The sword had lost many jewels as they fell out from the sheer force of the blows. The blade was stained red with Devon’s divine blood. I lifted Devon’s limp, bloodless body into the hole very carefully, along with the sword that stole his life from him and me. I then pushed the dirt over his body as my last tears fell to his cold face. I found rocks, sticks and such and create a very crappy head stone as I reminisced over the times we had together, that I took for granted. Satan still stood there starring but finally spoke. ‘’I see you cared for that little bastard a lot. Seeing how you were crying nonstop over him and mumbling to yourself and you even made him a grave. Now isn’t that sweet!’ I stood up in my blood soaked clothes, as blood streamed down to my bare feet as my footsteps turned blood red. I walked up to Satan and told him ‘This is going to sound very cheesy but, if you make fun of Devon I will kill you on the spot. He was a million times better than you ever will be!’ Satan chuckled then spoke ‘Well, you’re right that was cheesy and if he was a million times better than me, then why he isn’t standing here and not I. If he was better he would be standing here but what do you know he’s not, so you are servilely confused little girl. Well I am tired I am going home, now why don’t you run along as well back to that awful little shack of yours and mourn his death there. I don’t need you in the headlines for dyeing frostbite or something. Then I would have to explain everything about the shinigami too, seeing how you probably die by that pathetic grave there, so go home it’s too much of a hassle. Well, goodbye.’ Satan left on black wings of a bat’s. As soon as he left into the moon light I broke down in tears again over Devon, with my blood stained skirt and shirt I plopped onto the ground. The dust flew out from under me sullying my skirt even more. I got up soon afterwards and headed to my now cold shack. That is what happened to Devon slash Cameo.’’ Brett, Brent and Allen starred at her with dumbfounded faces over the story.

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