The Melody of a Corrupt World

Allen was a normal high school student with a crush on the hottest girl in school like everyone else. He had his two close friends Brett and Brent. During homeroom he had his dreams killed within five seconds. He then lugged along to his next three classes with crushed dreams. After that he wandered to the lunch room with his two friends and started to enjoy lunch. While enjoying his lunch it was interrupted by an explosion. Everyone ran to the sight of the seen. Within the rubble stood a man with black hair, glowing green eyes and a pair of black bat like wings. He noticed Allen standing amongst the crowd and shouted to him, seeming to know him, but without warning Allen answers back to the person. He soon felt sharp pains in his back as he collapsed. From here on out the lives of Allen and his friends changed forever as Allen's past was brought to the surface.


13. Home

Allen walked up to the front door started to put in the passcode as he sighed when he opened the front and said ‘’I’m home! I had to-‘’ He was soon cut off by Nathan swinging over the stair rails saying ‘’Whoa! Allen brought a girl home! She’s pretty hot too! Allen also has wings!’’ This proceeded to call the rest of the house into a frenzy over the two. ‘’What?! Allen actually brought a girl home?!’’ Allen then started to mutter something under his breath. The entire house crowded over Mochroisa and Allen. Everyone ignored Allen’s wings while Mochroisa towards Allen’s ear and whispered ‘’What the fuck is going on?! Is this what you were talking about?! Damn, this is bad they’re even blocking out the fact that you have wings, are you this antisocial?!’’ Allen crooked his head to the right, closed his eyes and with a forced smile said ‘’No, I am not that antisocial. I just never bring home girls.’’ Mochroisa simply chuckled and shrugged. Allen spoke up to the rest of the family ‘’Family, this is Mochroisa. She will be staying with me a while because of family issues, she doesn’t have a house.’’ Allen elbowed Mochroisa in the stomach and whispered to her ‘’Well, introduce yourself!’’ Mochroisa growled at him but said ‘’Hello Allen’s family, I am Mochroisa, Allen’s girlfriend.’’ She said the last part with a smirk as she looked at Allen who was wide eyed staring at her.

He mouthed to her, I hate you, but he looked up to see the faces of shock that spread across the family. They all stared at Mochroisa with gaping mouths as they kept looking at Allen then Mochroisa. Allen cleared his throat as he lowered his head and with a forced smile said ‘’Mochroisa likes to play some, seriously, sick jokes.’’ He looked back at Mochroisa who stuck out her tongue at him as he sighed then continued ‘’She is not, I repeat my not girlfriend.’’ The family snapped out of their daze and shock and let out a heavy heave of air. Nathan spoke up in his smartass voice and said ‘’Oh wow, I mean if I didn’t have a girlfriend yet and this lump did but not only she’s hot!’’ Allen walked up the stairs and punched Nathan then yelled ‘’I would be surprised if you could even get a girlfriend with that smartass mouth!’’ He then stomped up the stairs and stood at the top then said ‘’If you’re wondering about the wings there for a play I might have them on for a while. Come on Mochroisa!’’ He kept walking on after making the statement as Mochroisa chased after him saying ‘’Wait, Allen! What the fuck you left me! You’re going to get it for that!’’ You could then hear the ringing thud as Mochroisa punched Allen. You could hear Allen whining about it down the hall as he turned towards Mochroisa then yelled ‘’What the fuck was that for?! It wasn’t like I left you with piranhas!’’ Mochroisa crossed her arms lifted her head up then said ‘’Hmph! That’s what you get for leaving me with your family! They pretty much are like piranha’s I still want to be sane after this!’’ She hit Allen again who, was still raving in pain from the last punch. Allen let out a loud whine to her hitting him.

They finally made it to his room with Allen having bruises on his head, as he thought to himself ‘’Yup I’m totally and utterly fucked! My life is over, I can see it crumbling and withering before me.’’ He let out a heavy sigh as he entered his room with Mochroisa.

Mochroisa wandered around his room, inspecting everything, then sat on his bed. She looked around some more the she said Human rooms are much more spacious than demons.’’ She picked up a pillow and said ‘’They also have a lot more things. We, demons, only keep what’s necessary if you’re lower or middle class, higher class doesn’t matter.’’ Allen looked at her with a puzzled look then sat down in his navy blue beanbag chair then said ‘’Really? Oh well, but we have a situation here.’’ She looked at Allen with a puzzled look and said ‘’What’s the problem?’’ He sighed then said ‘’We don’t have any spare bedrooms, meaning you’re going to have to sleep with either me or someone of my family.’’ Mochroisa starred at him in dismay she then said ‘’What?  Fine I guess I’m gonna have to sleep in here.’’ Allen looked at her then began to talk as if she said something else ‘’Well, that’s understandable- wait, what?! You’re going to sleep in here! I was sure you were gonna say you were going to sleep with someone of my family, why me?!’’ Mochroisa stared at him than said ‘’Really? I don’t know anybody else in this house besides you, stupid. Also if I chose your family who am I gonna sleep with, your sister or maybe your brother? No way in hell. I would probably die on the spot especially with that brother of yours seems like a little pervert. I don’t want him to like grope me in my sleep, no thank you. I would rather be with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb instead.’’ Allen looked at the floor, then stood up and went for the door but then said ‘’Fine. You can sleep with me let me tell my family.’’ Mochroisa nodded and just sat on the bed looking around the room. When Allen opened the door with family all fell at his feet.

Allen looked down at his family in a pile in his and before he could say anything Nathan spoke up and said ‘’What the hell? You said she wasn’t your girl yet you’re going to sleep with her? What the hell?’’ Allen Looked over at Mochroisa who starred at Nathan with a fire in her eyes as is she wanted to kill him. She started to stand up and walk over to Nathan, bent over with her hands on her hip and her but stuck out as she said ‘’Oh, yeah I’m totally going to sleep with your brother, it’s gonna be tons of fun. Have fun listening.’’ She smiled a devilish smile then stood back up and walked back to the bed, sat down and crossed her arms and legs. Allen stood dumbfounded at what she just said, then cleared his throat and began to speak. ‘’Since all of you find it fun to listen in on other people’s conversations, you should know what I was going to tell you. Well now if you wouldn’t mind leaving, I have to set up a bed for Mochroisa to sleep in, by herself and not with me.’’ He had a smile just as Mochroisa’s and shut the door as everyone stared at him. As soon as the doors had closed Allen sighed then yelled at Mochroisa ‘’What the hell?! You just scarred the shit out of Nathan, wait that’s a good thing, but now my parents are going to be up my ass and around the corner now!’’ Mochroisa only starred then said ‘’Well doesn’t that suck for you!’’ Allen looked at her smirking face then said ‘’They’ll be up yours too, you realize that right?’’ Her smirk fell right off as she said ‘’They’ll be up mine too? Shit. Well that’s amazing.’’ Allen simply responded with ‘’Yeah, see not very smart, but oh well we won’t have to worry about Nathan most definitely for a while.’’ Allen walked over to the door and opened it to go get the bed supplies but yet again had his family fall at his feet.

With anger Allen yelled ‘’Okay, what the fuck? I mean really? We’re not going to do anything if you just heard the conversation! Mochroisa was saying that to have Nathan get the point! I would have thought you would have stayed away! Most families would but no I had to get the one that would listen in on that kind of stuff! Dammit, well whatever just move your faces before I step on them. I mean really even my sister, god!’’ Allen slowly trialed off into the distance while everyone starred up at Mochroisa to confirm what Allen said. Mochroisa stood from the bed, walked over to the family dog pile, crouched on the ground and said ‘’Trust me I won’t doing shit to that fuzz ball. It was a joke.’’ She stood back up walked back over to Allen’s bed and flopped onto it. She became very comfortable as her eyes wondered Allen’s room some more. The family picked themselves up from the floor and scattered to their rooms before Allen came back. They feared pissing him off which made them run for their lives back to their designated rooms. Nathan especially, who was now mortal enemies with, not only Allen but now Mochroisa, who seemed like a bad choice to be enemies with.

When Allen returned to his room with all the bed stuff he noticed his family disappeared and that Mochroisa got very comfy on his bed. He realized that was no more his bed but, now Mochroisa’s. He sighed and set the bed that was supposed to be his unwanted house guest’s that now become his.

Allen finished putting the bed together after about a half hour causing it to be about nine o’clock. Since he had to deal with Mochroisa and his family it sucked away a lot of time and energy. He moved his creation of a bed over to his actual one so he won’t fall on his face if he rolls off that way. He looked up noticing that Mochroisa had been very quiet, seeing how she always has a smartass comment to make, she had been asleep. He moved a blanket over her body and then he walked over to the bathroom in his room, on his way grabbing a pair of pajamas. He got changed then opened up the covers to his creation and crawled in, preparing to sleep. He sat awake for a while thinking of what to do about his wings if they don’t go away. He thought of Mochroisa’s story and also her, he pretty much thought of his entire day, then fell asleep.

The next morning when Allen woke up he could feel it being warmer then when he went to sleep that night. He turned to see Mochroisa had rolled off his bed and onto what was supposed to be hers. Subconsciously Allen started to scream, waking Mochroisa, bad choice. He also fell from his makeshift bad onto the floor having a loud thump ring through the house with screaming. Mochroisa moaned then rose up from her spot, she extended her hand and, using one of her demon powers, stole Allen’s voice to stop him from screaming. Allen sat on the floor dumbfounded, but he closed his mouth realizing it was pointless, no sound was going to come out. Mochroisa slammed back onto the bad and went back to sleep but, not for very long. Allen’s family came charging in to see what all the noise was about.

When they came in they saw Allen on the floor with a blanket from the makeshift bed while, Mochroisa lay in the makeshift bed passed out. Everyone stood with gaping mouths but Nathan broke the silence with ‘’So, what happened why are you screaming and why do you have the blanket- wait did you-‘’Mochroisa rose yet again but this time she took Nathan’s voice. Allen jumped up took one of the white fluffs in her hand and ate it. This had given his voice back where he had now used his voice to say ‘’What the fuck, Mochroisa?! I understand it sucks to get up but, get your ass up!’’ He then rolled Mochroisa off the bed until she made a loud crash onto the floor. She sprung up with intent to kill but said in a groggy angered voice ‘’Whoever the fuck did that is gonna pay for it with their lives.’’ Allen swallowed the lump in his throat as Mochroisa wobbled over to Allen where she then punched Allen. Allen fell to the floor because of the sheer strength of her punch. Allen scrambled to his feet as he said ‘’Here Mochroisa, take a shower and wear these clothes.’’ She turned around snatched the clothes from Allen and wobbled to the bathroom. Allen had thought to himself ‘’And I thought I was bad in the morning, geez. Ah shit am I gonna have to deal with this very morning for a while, ah fuck me. This gonna be real fun, I’m gonna have some serious brain damage by the end of this.’’ Allen sighed and got himself dressed. He then realized that his clothes fit. He ran to the closest mirror to see his black wings disappeared.

Within fifteen minutes Mochroisa came out of the bathroom dressed and ready. Allen was also ready and wing free as the two grabbed the stuff and walked out the door. You could hear Nathan just about to wake up officially by the whining coming from the house. Allen only laughed while, Mochroisa was half asleep still. The two arrived at the bus stop, within five minutes the bus came and actually stopped at Allen’s stop. Allen was shocked as he and Mochroisa walked onto the bus and headed off to school.

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