The Melody of a Corrupt World

Allen was a normal high school student with a crush on the hottest girl in school like everyone else. He had his two close friends Brett and Brent. During homeroom he had his dreams killed within five seconds. He then lugged along to his next three classes with crushed dreams. After that he wandered to the lunch room with his two friends and started to enjoy lunch. While enjoying his lunch it was interrupted by an explosion. Everyone ran to the sight of the seen. Within the rubble stood a man with black hair, glowing green eyes and a pair of black bat like wings. He noticed Allen standing amongst the crowd and shouted to him, seeming to know him, but without warning Allen answers back to the person. He soon felt sharp pains in his back as he collapsed. From here on out the lives of Allen and his friends changed forever as Allen's past was brought to the surface.


19. Going Home

After sitting in the hospital for the entire school day Allen and Mochroisa hoped on to the bus heading back home. But before they were about to leave Allen turned around to Ella ‘’Wait Ella are you going back to the Death Society or something? Or, are you just gonna stand there forever?’’ Allen said this while looking directly at Ella. Ella sheepishly said ‘’Well, since you took my client I now have to stay here till I get another order. I don’t understand why I got such an easy order when the lower classes could have deled with it but, whatever.’’ Ella shrugged her shoulders closing her eyes. She opened them again but stared at Allen intently and continued ‘’Well, Allen, because of you I now have to stay here, so you will give me a place to stay.’’ She smirked at Allen who could not respond seeing how he did do it to her. He only sighed opened the hospital door allowing her to go through as he hung his head in shame. He realized that not only was he going to have Mochroisa but now he had another unwelcomed guest at his house. He just begged that she wouldn’t also insist on staying in his room as well. Mochroisa stood off clearly pissed by this decision to let Ella stay at his house with her. You could just tell that Mochroisa didn’t like her in the least but, bow having them under the same roof was going to be hell.

The three got onto the bus with Glenn following behind after his long session with the therapist. It was really just the two watching and observing Allen and Mochroisa as he plotted his revenge. He walked close behind the tree watching closely especially, Allen who still had his black wings. Allen stood in between Mochroisa and Ella to keep the fighting minimal, didn’t really work. Within five minutes Mochroisa had to spit out a sarcastic comment, she could resist herself, but Ella also could resist answering with sarcasm as well. When getting on the bus it continued as Mochroisa sat by the window, Allen sat in the center and Ella squished herself in on the end.

The three headed home on the freshly cleaned bus. It was cleaned of all blood but some kids still couldn’t go on because it would bring up memories of the event. Those kids were either taken home with their parents or the bus company brought another bus for the other kids to take. But the bus Mochroisa, Allen and Ella took still reeked of blood and stained memories. But, Mochroisa and Allen were not affected in the least. Mochroisa and Ella simply continued bickering while Allen contemplating how fucked his life was. Unlike the three in the front Glenn was having flash backs and having a mental break down that he kept well hidden. But, he was determined to watch Allen and Mochroisa to see what they were but, now he needed to find out about Ella. Since she appeared out of nowhere in front of him and she was also with Allen and Mochroisa she must be like them as well. He was also especially in Allen who seemed to magically appear like Ella but had wings with him as well. The entire time the only thing he saw was Mochroisa and Ella bicker while Allen sat hunched in the seat. He found out nothing except for Mochroisa can argue for a really long time and she was very sarcastic.

Mochroisa, Allen and Ella all got off at Allen’s stop leaving Glenn but no one ever noticed because everyone was too focused on the fighting. As soon as the bus sped away Allen put out his hands then said ‘’Okay, we get it you two despise each other but Ella since you’re going to be staying at my house, don’t be like Mochroisa.’’ Mochroisa chimed in the background ‘’Well, excuse me!’’ She crossed her arms Allen sighed then continued ‘’Please don’t creep out my family and please call me Allen. I will explain your situation and everything just, be quiet until spoken. I also, well you’ll see.’’ Ella looked quizzically at Allen as they walked down the street Mochroisa chuckled to herself imaging what will happen to Ella.

They walked up to the front door, Allen sighed as he opened it. ‘’I’m home-‘’ Allen cut off by Nathan ‘’Whoa! Hot damn, Allen! Why aren’t you lady’s man! This is your second hot chick you’ve brought home! Is she-‘’ Nathan was then cut off by the shriek of his mother running down the hall. ‘’Ah! Allen! Mochroisa! Are you two okay?! I heard what happened! Um, whose this?’’ Allen sighed ‘’This is Ella, she has no home at the moment, she has the same situation as Mochroisa, so I asked her to stay here. I met her in the bus. Also the wings are again for the play at school we’re having.’’ Ella glanced looking at everything. She then nodded her head as she saw Allen and Mochroisa going up the stairs. The family was silent as Allen ran to his room with unwelcomed guests.

Allen shoved everyone into his room. He sighed as he slammed the door shut. ‘’Okay, Ella, where do you want to sleep? You can sleep with me in this room, but before you get the wrong idea like my family I mean, in this room, only. Mochroisa has claimed my bed as you can see.’’ He and Ella looked over at Mochroisa who had jumped onto Allen’s bed and was not moving anytime soon. ‘’Well we can get you another bed if you sleep in here. There is also the choice of sleeping with someone of my family, which I doubt you will do, but you never know.’’ Allen shrugged at the end while Ella thought to herself for a second then said ‘’You, but I would rather sleep with seeing as you my, hmmhmm.’’ Allen had covered her mouth at the last second. ’’No. no, you don’t mention that here, my parents or entire might be listening to us, so shhh.’’ Ella nodded then said ‘’Fine, I want my own bed.’’ Ella crossed her arms as Allen sighed as he walked to the door to fetch bed supplies. As he opened he accepted to see his family fall before his feet and they did not disappoint. Nathan piped up ‘’Wow, Allen has been stepping it up lately. Damn she is one hot chick~! Blonde, nice body, nice ass and boobs a man’s dream!’’ Ella got beat red from this comment, which Allen then used Nathan’s face as a stepping tool as he walked out the door. He left a big foot print on Nathan’s face as he stomped off to get another bad. Everyone looked up from the floor to inspect Ella. She had a thin body, with, as Nathan put so nicely, a nice ass and boobs. Her shirt was a white tank top and a pink, gray, white, black and pink pleaded skirt, which just passed her butt. She also had a pair of white flats on.  Her blonde hair was big curls that fell in front of her shoulders; she was the spitting image of a drama queen. Allen walked in with the bed supplies.

He kicked his family out, slamming the door in there face. He set up the bed for Ella. She simply sat a chair in his room with her legs crossed. Mochroisa lay on Allen’s bed, which she soon passed out for the night. When Allen was finished he climbed into his bed at the same time as Ella as Mochroisa was long out. Allen had kept his bed next to Mochroisa so she and Ella wouldn’t kill each other overnight.

Allen woke up in the morning to the beeping of his alarm clock. Allen rubbed his eyes looking at the ceiling. His bed was oddly warm like yesterday so he had suspected that Mochroisa had fallen into his bed again. But he turned not only was Mochroisa there but because of his pajama’s he couldn’t feel anything besides his pajamas and heat. When he turned to the other side he saw Ella clinging to his arm. He was going to shout but realized that if he did he would wake up the Godzilla that was Mochroisa in the morning. He slinked out of the end of the bed, avoiding waking either girl knowing they saw each other’s face in the morning it wouldn’t be pretty.

He got himself dressed while grabbing clothes for Mochroisa. He then slowly slinked over to the bed where the two lay passed out. He grabbed Mochroisa’s ankles, putting her in his arms, so she wouldn’t thud onto the ground where she would from there a ruckus. He sprinted to the bathroom as Mochroisa slowly opened her bright green eyes.  She groaned, and then turned in towards Allen’s chest. He had to bring her to the hall bathroom. It seemed so far away as Allen just got red from embarrassment of holding Mochroisa in his arms. He put her on the toilet then sprinted away huffing as he ran from Mochroisa of one embarrassment and two he still wants to see tomorrow. He then slowly crept in shaking Ella as she groaned then sitting up rubbing her eyes. She was more pleasant as Allen directed her to his bathroom for her to do her stuff to get ready. After getting Ella to get ready he heard growling from down the hall. He ran down the hall to see Mochroisa growling and started to try and free her wings. He ran into the bathroom as he could see Mochroisa was clearly pissed to be awake. He went in and covered her mouth whispering ‘’Shhhh’’ She stopped growling with her eyes drooping as she was clearly tired.  She sat on the toilet but then she grabbed Allen who stood in front of her. She pulled him in close. Allen got very red as he didn’t know what to do because he didn’t want to piss of Mochroisa. He stood there for a moment as he only got redder as every second passed and his heart rate sped up. Mochroisa finally moaned as she slowly opened her eyes. She looked at Allen who was beat she red suspiciously then said ‘’Um, what are you doing?’’ Allen looked down to her groggy eyes while he was still beat red while she still held him. He cleared his throat looking back up then said ‘’Um, you did this, so if you wouldn’t mind letting me go.’’ He said this in a very shaky voice as Mochroisa let go, when she did Allen let out a heap of air he held in his stomach. Mochroisa rubbed her eyes then said ‘’Oops, sorry.’’ She stood up stretching as Allen sprinted out of the bathroom as Mochroisa got ready. When he walked into his room Ella stood thee ready to go. He walked back out to find Mochroisa was ready as well. The three walked out of the door to the fleeting bus. The three then sprinted just making it onto the bus ready to start a new day.

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