The Melody of a Corrupt World

Allen was a normal high school student with a crush on the hottest girl in school like everyone else. He had his two close friends Brett and Brent. During homeroom he had his dreams killed within five seconds. He then lugged along to his next three classes with crushed dreams. After that he wandered to the lunch room with his two friends and started to enjoy lunch. While enjoying his lunch it was interrupted by an explosion. Everyone ran to the sight of the seen. Within the rubble stood a man with black hair, glowing green eyes and a pair of black bat like wings. He noticed Allen standing amongst the crowd and shouted to him, seeming to know him, but without warning Allen answers back to the person. He soon felt sharp pains in his back as he collapsed. From here on out the lives of Allen and his friends changed forever as Allen's past was brought to the surface.


11. Class

A few minutes before the bell rang the gym class headed back to the doors to go to the locker rooms. As soon as the doors shut and no one was left to be seen in the room, Allen and everybody let out a heavy sigh. Allen spoke and said ‘’Alright, since I got you all up here, I guess I will take you down as well.’’ Everyone stood while Mochroisa, Brent and Brett walked over to Allen and slapped on the head then shouted ‘’No shit Sherlock!’’ Allen held his head where everybody took a whack at leaving a bump, then said ‘’Was that really necessary? I mean really?’’ Everybody hit turned and hit Allen again with a loud slap then yelled ‘’Yes, it was necessary!’’ Allen again held the throbbing, red spot of impact and answered ‘’Before you hit me again, can we get down from here, so no one falls to their bloody death?’’ Everyone nodded as they walked over to Allen, Mochroisa held onto his neck seeing there was no way he was letting Brett or Brent do it.  Brett and Brent held onto his torso instead. Allen extended his wings, while a few of his feathers littered the floor, and began to go down. It was a surprisingly smooth ride seeing how this is pretty much Allen first time flying.

            As soon as they landed on the ground everyone let go of Allen, as they did the bell rang. When the bell rang everyone turned their heads to the door as footsteps came by. Mochroisa froze time right before the door flew open. She took Allen’s hand having everyone following soon after. They headed out the door while she asked Allen ‘’Okay, what class are you going to now? We should head there. What about you two dumbasses, what do you got?’’ Allen spoke up ‘’Well I have Science next, but what about these wings? We can’t just walk in there being like its perfectly okay I just have a pair of black wings growing out of my back. No, that’s not how it works! Not in this world! Here this ain’t normal as you can see!’’ Mochroisa lowered her head slowly walking towards Allen with a fist, then yelled while raising her head ‘’I have eyes to see that stupid! Do you take me that much for an idiot? I mean seriously, demons actually typically have higher IQ’s than humans, sheesh’’ Allen stood wide eyed and yelled ‘’So, that explains why I was so smart when I was a kid!’’ Mochroisa turned around very quickly then said ‘’You were smart when you were a kid? That surprises me I thought you were a dumbass like you are now. Well, Devon was the smartest person I had ever met. This means you are defiantly him, you better except it if you haven’t already.’’ She pointed her finger in Allen’s face about a centimeter from his nose, he looked down at her fingered and answered ‘’Well, I have pretty much accepted the fact that I am most likely him, but we haven’t proved it yet!’’ While he talked he slowly walked away but turned around right at the end. He then pointed his finger at Mochroisa as he walked back with his finger a centimeter from her nose. Mochroisa put her hands up and shrugged; she then walked away and began to speak ‘’Well whatever, before we get in a big discussion what do you two stooges have for a class now?’’ The two looked down at their schedule then said ‘’Science as well.’’ Mochroisa nodded then said ‘’Good, well let’s get to the classroom so I can start time again.’’ Mochroisa turned around and headed down the hallway while the three musketeers followed shortly behind. Mochroisa Somehow found her way to the classroom through the paused wave of people. She has only been here for about two hours, she pretty good at finding her way. Unlike the three stooges who couldn’t find the classroom right next to theirs without getting lost.

            The band walked into the classroom, glanced around, while Allen starred back at his wings that left a feather trail. Mochroisa put her fingers together as she was about to start time again Allen spoke out ‘’Wait, wait, what are we gonna say about these wings?!’’ Mochroisa put her fingers down then said ‘’Can you really not like force them back?’’ Allen stood there then started to think very hard as he tried to force them away but no avail. Allen sighed along with Mochroisa, then Mochroisa spoke ‘’Well, I guess were gonna lie to them, unless you feel like explaining because I sure don’t.’’ She looked at the three standing as they shook their heads, she continued ‘’Good, now why don’t you just say it’s for a costume and you have to wear them, okay?’’ Allen nodded then said ‘’Wait, what about you? What are you gonna do, you don’t go here?’’ Mochroisa out her finger to her head then said ‘’You’ll see.’’ She winked then snapped her fingers, with this the bustling wave of students flowed. As people flowed by they all peered in to see what the black mass was in the science room.

This teacher is known for being a bit eccentric so it really didn’t seem to surprise anybody that somebody looked like that in his classroom. If it was anyone else’s classroom there would be a problem but people only glanced and took a few pictures but moved along. For once a teacher being known as a psychopath saved their asses. Allen cleared his throat as the teacher, Mr. Wishker, turned around ‘’Excuse me, Mr. Wishker-‘’ Mr. Wishker starred at Allen then cut him off saying ‘’Oh my god! My lass, what is wrong with you?! Why do you have black wings? And how did you get here so suddenly? Also who is that pretty lady over there, who I know is not from here?’’ Allen crooked his head then continued ‘’Well I was getting there, first I have wings because-‘’ Yet again Allen was cut off by Mr. Wishker ‘’Are you demon? Are you a super natural person?” Allen crooked head then continued’’ I am not a demon or a super natural occurrence, this is part of a costume. I am practicing to be able to function with these wings for a convention. Second I got here so fast by-‘’ Again Allen was cut off by the curious Mr. Wishker with his questions ‘’Did you transport here? Did you use those wings to fly here?” Allen yet again continued with annoyance in his voice ‘’I did not transport or fly here, I just happen to know where was this classroom. Third this girl Mochroisa-‘’ Yet again he was cut off by Mr. Wishker ‘’Mochroisa what a lovely, odd name. I know you’re not from here what is she doing here?’’ Allen lowered his head slightly then said with much anger and annoyance ‘’Mr. Wishker, please let me finish before you cut me off. Please hold off all your questions till the end. As I was saying this is Mochroisa she is going to explain now.’’ Mr. Wishker stood there as Mochroisa stepped forward and began to speak with a devastatingly creepy smile. ‘’I am Mochroisa as you know, I am a new student here, that just came today.’’ Mochroisa took her hand and moved it across Mr. Wishker’s face, she then began to speak again ‘’I am going to sit next Allen. You are going to add me to the school system and tell all the other teachers of me, alright? You’re also going to have me assigned to all of the same classes as Allen.’’ Mr. Wishker looked as if to be in a trance that only nodded and stared blankly at Mochroisa. Mr. Wishker went to his out dated computer and began to type strange things, but with tat Mochroisa seemed to be in the system. Mr. Wishker began to speak ‘’Okay, Mochroisa you sit there at table three, seat four, the seat closest to the window. While you Allen will be next to her at the same table, seat three. Brett you’re also at the same table next to Allen at seat two. And you Brent are also at the same table with seat one, okay?’’ All of them smiled and nodded, as soon as they turned to their seats they stopped smiling. Allen then whispered to Mochroisa ‘’What the fuck did you do to him? Also, why do you want to be registered at this school? Finally, why did you request to be in all of my classes?’’ Mochroisa sighed.

‘’What I did was hypnotize him to follow whatever I say. Two I registered to this school because one you’re here, two I think I am going to be here a while.-‘’ She was cut off by Allen who was in shock ‘’You’re going to be here because I’m here? That’s really very creepy. Why does it matter if I’m here?’’ Mochroisa smacked Allen on the back of the head sending his face flying forward into the steel, black tables making a loud thud that rang through the classroom. Mochroisa began to continue what she was saying as Allen lay on the table in pain but found it best to not move, to avoid the wrath of Mochroisa. ‘’Well with you being here you could be Devon meaning other things will also happen. I also don’t know any other schools to go to, so I’m going here. Lastly I chose to go to all of your classes because I ain’t gonna survive with either of the other two stooges. I seem to have a tolerance for you probably because you’re Devon but whatever. Oh and also I am going to live at your house now.’’ From hearing this Allen sprung up from the cold desk to see Mochroisa’s smirking face. Allen scrunched his face then face planted into the desk again with a heavy sigh.

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