The Melody of a Corrupt World

Allen was a normal high school student with a crush on the hottest girl in school like everyone else. He had his two close friends Brett and Brent. During homeroom he had his dreams killed within five seconds. He then lugged along to his next three classes with crushed dreams. After that he wandered to the lunch room with his two friends and started to enjoy lunch. While enjoying his lunch it was interrupted by an explosion. Everyone ran to the sight of the seen. Within the rubble stood a man with black hair, glowing green eyes and a pair of black bat like wings. He noticed Allen standing amongst the crowd and shouted to him, seeming to know him, but without warning Allen answers back to the person. He soon felt sharp pains in his back as he collapsed. From here on out the lives of Allen and his friends changed forever as Allen's past was brought to the surface.


20. A New Day

The three crammed into one seat while everyone starred at the three. Since events like yesterday aren’t just going to blow over in one night, everyone avoided the trio. Everyone moved away from the three, well, mostly Mochroisa and Allen. Since Mochroisa caused the incident but Allen only instigated it with not listening to the senior but who would actually listen to him? But, Allen and Mochroisa noticed this immediately when walking on. They saw how everyone squished into their seats when they passed and began to whisper soon after. Mochroisa didn’t care, she was too tired to anyway. Allen also didn’t care because he was too stunned from the events of this morning to really pay attention.

But, one person paid real close attention to them. Glenn watched them unflinching as they passed unlike everyone else. He watched intently as Ella, the only one truly awake, goes in first as Allen heads in next with Mochroisa following in. Mochroisa was obviously too tired to care as Ella made a smartass comment towards Mochroisa. Glenn only watched and took mental notes of them, their every detail of clothes, where they sat, how they sat, how they walked, how they reacted, how they spoke, everything. He only starred at them until they got to the school and Glenn was no more allowed to watch them.

The trio waltzed in as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb came in rushing after them. ‘’What the hell happened!?’’ Brent and Brett exclaimed as they ran up then turned and starred at Ella. ‘’Whose is this hot babe?’’ Brett and Brent said as they starred at while she Ella became red and hid behind Allen.  Allen only looked at Ella hiding behind him as he snapped out of his daze and answered their question. ‘’Oh, this is Ella. She’s kina like Mochroisa. I meet her at the hospital, oh, and it’s been proven that I’m Devon/Cameo. We confirmed it with her story. I also forgot to mention she’s a shinigami just like me that’s actually how I meet her. Oh, and get this it turns out since I was a shinigami I was amazing I was only second to the king. Also Ella is actually my fiancé! Ha-ha, isn’t that kina funny? Huh?’’ Allen had closed his eyes but when he got no response from the duo he looked down at them to see them hunched as they starred at Ella. They started to mumble to themselves ‘’Why? Why does  he get all the chicks? First, Mochroisa, now, this babe? Why does the world smile upon him and frown upon us?’’ The two made feint weeping sounds as they put their faces in between their legs. The two soon rose up and speaking at a hundred miles an hour ‘’So, what happened yesterday?! One you guys weren’t here and now you have brought another girl with you! What the hell went on yesterday?”

 The two starred at Allen as he sighed and began to answer their questions ‘’Well, what happened was that, a senior came up to me and Mochroisa. Mochroisa was sleeping he wanted me to wake her up but I didn’t so they tried. Sadly, for them, they woke her up so, she was pissed and crushed the kids hand. We rushed to the hospital as many kids became scarred from the amount of blood. We went into therapy, even though we were fine. Mochroisa stormed out from boredom and practically left the therapist in a daze over what she said.  We just went into the waiting room as we waited to go home. I soon fell into like a shinigami mode as I went into the operating room and pretty much took the kids soul, then met Ella after. She explained stuff about the death society and about Cameo/Devon. This was how we confirmed that I was him. We then went home on the empty bus and had my family stalk us as I brought in Ella. And, that’s what happened in short.’’ Brent and Brett starred at Allen about to open their mouths as the bell rang. Allen waved as he fled with Mochroisa and Ella to his next class. He could feel that his next class was going to be real interesting.

He waltzed into math class to spot the love of his life who turned him down without him even saying. He sat down in his seat as everyone starred at the two followed after him. Mochroisa, who now had gained a reputation in school for being a badass bitch who will beat the shit out of you with no reaction afterwards, Ella, was the hot new girl everyone wants. He had both on his side making him untouchable. Allen took his seat as Mochroisa shoved the kid out of the seat next to Allen and the left. Ella came to Allen’s seat as she came up to Crystal’s seat. ‘’If you wouldn’t mind moving, Miss?’’ Ella bent over with a smile she said as everyone turned to stare at Ella who was like the prefect girl next door. Crystal only looked with disgust as she said ‘’What was that big boobs?’’ Ella opened her eyes that now shined with a fiery passion to pummel Crystal in the ground. ‘’What was that, Bitchy? I would typically only say that to Mochroisa but you’re much worse than her.’’ Ella said still with a smile that screamed move or die. ‘’What was that, big boobs?’’ Crystal said as a world war three was about to explode between the two. ‘’You heard me, Bitchy, now move before I move you.’’ The two had a stare down for a couple minutes. Crystal looked her dead in the eyes but realized she wasn’t going to win but she still responded back with ‘’Well then, make me.’’ She drew smirk on her face as Ella closed her fiery eyes and still with a smile said ‘’Gladly.’’ Ella opened her eyes then widened to a ear to ear that showed her teeth.  Ella then proceeded to pick up Crystal over her head with one hand then threw her across room. Ella then sat down in her seat as Crystal hit the wall with a loud thud as her hair whipped her in the face. Ella smirked as she looked over at Crystal as she lay in a heap on the floor. Crystal within a minute stood up as everyone sat in awe at another girl appeared who pretty much kill you if you didn’t listen to her every command.

When Crystal stood her legs were straight as she hung over on herself. She then began to laugh then suddenly stopped and paused then said ‘’Allen,’’ Allen turned in shock that she said his name but what really shocked him was how she said it. She said it in a sad voice as she raised her head with tears in her eyes. Allen sat not knowing what to do as she continued ‘’how could you let your girlfriend do that to me?’’ Allen sat with his mouth gaped open at the turn of events then said ‘’What? Since when did I have a girlfriend?’’ Crystal ignored what he said as she continued ‘’I thought you like me, so how could you let her do that to me, Allen?’’ She looked at Allen with her dazzling puppy dog eyes. Allen had wanted to submit to her eyes that reached for him to protect her. Mochroisa stood up as she slammed her hands on her desk making Allen snap out of it. ‘’What the hell is wrong with you bitch? He ain’t gonna be able to do shit for you! Unless you think he’s some kind of magical heeler, you sadly mistaken! Now grow up! Just get your slutty ass in a seat and be quiet and deal with it! I can’t stand your kind of people! You send chills down my spine just thinking of how annoying you are! Just, except that you’re not the fucking queen and deal with it!’’ Mochroisa screamed this as everyone starred in awe. No one ever stood against Crystal and her eyes or, really, anything of her. Everyone cheered for Mochroisa, for she had finally took down some power of the queen. Crystal simply stood stupefied at the sudden turn of events.

The teacher walked in and began to talk as soon as the late bell rang and all cheering stopped. ‘’Hello, class, I don’t know what all the cheering was about but I don’t happen to care either. Well, I think I figured it out by looking at the seat change seeing how Mr. Allen has two girls sitting beside him. Why, hello girls. I know you Mochroisa the one who came yesterday and was not here for causing on her bus with Allen. She crushed a senior’s hand he then died during surgery for his dismembered hand. Nice to meet you, I will do best to remember this. But, you missy are new, who would happen to be?’’ Ella looked up from where she had starred at her defeated, disheveled rival. ‘’Oh, me? I'm Ella. As you can tell I'm new, but assure you that I’m supposed to be here, call the office and see.’’ Ella said this in a sweet devious tone as the teacher walked over to the phone to call the office. Ella lifted her finger and pointed towards the phone. ‘’Hello, office, I have a girl named Ella who claims to be a student here who came today.’’ The teacher said this in a hushed voice she received an answer she didn’t seem to be happy about. ‘’Well, it turns out you check out and they will be notifying all of our teachers. You have two students who have all the same classes with.’’ The teacher said. She sighed as she said all this to Ella. Ella became very confused of how two people have the same classes as her when she wanted to be in all of Allen’s. ‘’Two?’’ She spoke in confusion but the teacher disregarded this and continued ‘’These two people are Allen, and … Mochroisa!’’ Mochroisa only smirked as she turned her face towards Ella who was clearly pissed at the outcome of having to spend all her classes with Mochroisa. Ella only turned her face as she became furious on the inside but didn’t let it show.

The rest of math class was very silent. No one spoke a word, it became very awkward but soon the bell rang and everyone fled the class. But, when getting up Allen and Mochroisa had bashed heads when she turned to say something to Allen. Allen couldn’t take the blow of Mochroisa’s rock hard head. He had collapsed onto the floor. Everyone gathered around to see him. He woke up within a few minutes to find everyone surrounding him. Mochroisa was holding him in her eyes as she had called his name for him to wake up. After hearing Mochroisa call his name he felt a sharp pain inside his head.  He began to scream and yell from the pain. Mochroisa only sat there still calling his name while Ella and the rest observed. Allen had crunched himself into a ball as a dark atmosphere began to loom over him.

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