Terrbile Things

Madison and Daniel has a baby boy together. When their son, Justin Lee Robertson, was 1 year old, Madison passes away. When Justin was 17 years old and falling in love with his girlfriend of 1 1/2 year, Daniel finally tells Justin the love story of him and Madison when they we're Justin's age. What would Justin do? Would he listen to his dad's words and run away from falling in love or would he do what he wants to do and stay in love with his girlfriend, doubting the same thing will happen to him that happened to his dad?


3. Chapter Two

No One's POV


A few days after Justin heard his dad's story. He was thinking about his mother and how life will be like with his mom around. Sure he misses her but he's glad that he still has his dad around.

But the story. It had him thinking about it just a bit. Should he really fall in love with his girlfriend and love of his life, Misty? Or should he listen to his dad just don't fall in love at all?

One of the things, Daniel had always told Justin was, "Don't fall in love because whatever falls always end up broken into a million pieces."

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