Terrbile Things

Madison and Daniel has a baby boy together. When their son, Justin Lee Robertson, was 1 year old, Madison passes away. When Justin was 17 years old and falling in love with his girlfriend of 1 1/2 year, Daniel finally tells Justin the love story of him and Madison when they we're Justin's age. What would Justin do? Would he listen to his dad's words and run away from falling in love or would he do what he wants to do and stay in love with his girlfriend, doubting the same thing will happen to him that happened to his dad?


5. Chapter Four

Daniel's POV


After visiting Madison's grave, Justin and I went to get some ice cream.

Justin was looking out the window. He look so much like his mother at the very moment.

I sighed deeply and continued driving to the ice cream shop. Once there, Justin and I got out of the parked car and went inside the shop.

I ordered his Play Dough ice cream and my Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream.

We went outside and sat down on a bench and just slowly ate our ice cream.

Honestly, I feel bad for Justin because for most of his life, he grew up without a mother figure. I looked at him and smiled a little when he looked back at me.

"Your mother loves you a lot, son." I told him. "Remember that for me."

Justin nodded." I just wish I knew what it was like with her here, in our lives now." He told me as tears filled in his eyes.

I nodded, tears filling in mine as well. "Me too, son. Me too." I told him truthfully.

He wiped his tears from his eyes and continued eating his ice cream as I did the same.

Only if Madison was here, she will be proud of our son and how I raised him. I sure do know that she is proud of us though. I know that for sure.

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