We Are Young and Doomed

Milly Farber is tired of being boring, withdrawn, and socially awkward. At least, that's how she sees herself. She is determined to enjoy life. To stand out. To be exciting. To excite someone.

Jasper Hewn always took notice of the quiet little blonde girl who kept to herself at the back of the class. He always thought she seemed intriguing. But he never had the nerve to say hello.

Told from both perspectives in short bursts. Each chapter title is something the character is feeling, but it doesn't necessarily reflect the contents of the chapter. It's more of a reflection of their nervousness and self-consciousness within the situation.


4. This Isn't Going to Work

This was doomed. We were doomed. And it was all because I was such an idiot!

She was obviously trying to overcome her shyness. Obviously trying to change. And I just went and had to point out the elephant in the room.

Hey, guess what, you're totally talking. That's so weird because you never talk. I might as well had gone and called her a complete freak.

"I like it. I like you talking. You should talk to me more often." I tried to recover.


And she was done. Great. She'd never talk to me again.

At lunch, I bought a cinnamon roll and a can of coke and sat down at a table by myself. My friends were at our usual table, but I wanted to be alone and punish myself with unhealthy food for how I'd humiliated the girl I had liked forever.

I heard a tray plop down on the table and looked to my right. She was there. She wouldn't look at me.

"Hi, Mil... I mean, Liscent. Hi, Liscent," he stammered. My heart was pounding.

Red hair made her eyes look even brighter and more huge than they already were. She looked away from me.

"Hi, Jasper."

"Liscent," I said quietly, figuring I should take this risk since she joined me.

There had to be a reason for her joining me.


Oh, geez. This wasn't going to work. We are doomed.

"Liscent, do you like movies?" That was a stupid question, but I had to had a lead in.

"Yes," he said and her cheeks turned red.

"Do you want to see a movie together?" I asked and swallowed to keep my heart from popping out of my mouth.

"Yes," she said, then stood up and ran away from the table leaving her lunch behind.

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