We Are Young and Doomed

Milly Farber is tired of being boring, withdrawn, and socially awkward. At least, that's how she sees herself. She is determined to enjoy life. To stand out. To be exciting. To excite someone.

Jasper Hewn always took notice of the quiet little blonde girl who kept to herself at the back of the class. He always thought she seemed intriguing. But he never had the nerve to say hello.

Told from both perspectives in short bursts. Each chapter title is something the character is feeling, but it doesn't necessarily reflect the contents of the chapter. It's more of a reflection of their nervousness and self-consciousness within the situation.


5. I'm Going to Mess This Up

Why did I run away? That was so stupid! I didn't even let him suggest a movie, place, or time!

He asked me to see a movie with him! He asked me to see a movie with him!

I was so excited! Oh my goodness! This was the best feeling in the world! My heart was pounding. My head was spinning.

I stepped out of the stall I had been using for privacy to freak out and went to the mirror in the girls' bathroom. I looked at my face and still saw old Milly. I glared at her and willed her to be super confident Liscent. Come on, Milly, you can do it. Just change and let Liscent take over already.

I went back into the cafeteria and sat down next to Jasper again.

"When did you want to see that movie?" I asked.

"Would tonight be okay?" he swallowed. He kept swallowing. Did I make him nervous?

I nodded and smiled. He swallowed again. I totally made him nervous. Why had I never talked to this boy before?

"Okay, do you want to meet at the drive in just past downtown?" he asked.

"I'll have to check with my parents, but that should be fine," I said.

Drive in movies don't start until it's dark outside, which meant eight pm at the earliest.

"Okay, well, here," he said and scribbled something on a piece of paper. "Here's my number in case you can't make it."

I snatched the number from the table and put it in my pocket.

"Thank you," I smiled and blushed. Why couldn't I do things like a normal girl?


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