We Are Young and Doomed

Milly Farber is tired of being boring, withdrawn, and socially awkward. At least, that's how she sees herself. She is determined to enjoy life. To stand out. To be exciting. To excite someone.

Jasper Hewn always took notice of the quiet little blonde girl who kept to herself at the back of the class. He always thought she seemed intriguing. But he never had the nerve to say hello.

Told from both perspectives in short bursts. Each chapter title is something the character is feeling, but it doesn't necessarily reflect the contents of the chapter. It's more of a reflection of their nervousness and self-consciousness within the situation.


2. I Used to Know You

I watched the door, waiting for the girl to walk into class and sit in the desk next to mine.

You see, there was this girl who never talked, but everything about her spoke volumes.

She was petite and blonde and reserved. She wore the girliest dresses you could ever imagine and always had on mary janes with them.

She was the best drawer I had ever known. She could take one glimpse at you, capture that moment in her memory, and transmit it onto paper with graphite.

She knew the answer to every question posed in our history class. She never raised her hand, but she would always write the answer down before anyone else gave it aloud.

She was lovely. And I knew her. And I wanted to actually know her. I wanted to speak with her. I wanted to hear her voice.

And there she was, stepping through that door, but she was markedly different. She still wore a girly dress, but she paired it with chuck taylors. And her hair. Her hair was the color of a fire engine, now. My jaw dropped and I openly stared at her. She sat at her desk and turned to me, smiling. She turned away to face the class, then she turned to me again.

"Hi," she said.

"Hi, Milly," I said back and she frowned.

I don't know why. I knew her name. We'd been in the same classes for years.

She smiled again and extended her hand, "It's Liscent, now."

I involuntarily raised a brow, but partook in the handshake.

"It's nice to meet you, Liscent," I said. "Jasper."

"I know," she blushed.

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