You Can't See With Closed Eyes

Perl Johnson was a normal 10 year old, until her mother was grusomely murdered in front of her. Of course, she couldn't see. Being the first human with black iris's, she always kept her eyes closed, had never seen anyone. Now 18, her dad is remarried, and her step sister, Saphrie, is popular, well-loved, and top in all of her classes. When Saphrie goes missing, Perl is blamed, but they never found proof. Newly on the lam, Perl changes her name, dies her hair, pierces her body, gets many tattoos, and finally, finds the people she never thought she'd find. Her celebrity enemies, One Direction. One has fallen. Four are not as you'd think.


2. Just Woke Up

“Anthem?” He called from the bedroom.

“In the living room!” I yelled across the apartment. Silence. After a few minutes, I was about to go and get him until his body was flung next to me.

“You know, you should probably put more clothes on.” He purred, drawing circles on my bare, tan thighs.

“Hey, I got a shirt on, what more could you ask for?” I laughed, leaning up against him.

“My shirt, babe.” He said pulling on the edges of the shirt.

“Ahaha. Not now, you just woke up, you need,” I could feel him look at me, and in unison we both said, “Food.” He helped me stand up and dragged me to the kitchen. Me, laughing for no reason. He grabbed my waist and put me on the island, my feet dangling off.

“So, what do you want?” He asked.

“What do you want?” I asked in my fake girly tone.

“How about chicken.” He suggested.

“For breakfast? Well, for breakfast today? I don’t think so. How about eggs?” I asked.

“Sure, and bacon?” He asked, opening the fridge for the eggs.

“Of course! Who do you think I am?” I asked, laughing still.

“My little Anthem.” He said, trying to make me mad. He made the mistake of walking in front of me. I lifted my leg quickly kicking him mid-thigh.

“Oi! What was that for?” He laughed stepping closer to me, placing his hands on either side of me.

“What do you think, big boy?” I teased. His hands were smoothly behind me as they pushed me towards him. I curled my legs around his waist.

“You know what?” He asked.

“What?” I replied, smacking away his fingers that were twirling my purple hair.

“I almost don’t want the boys to come over.” He said. Now that made me angry.

“What?” I asked, more power-filled. He realized what he said after he said it.

“Ha, it was a surprise?” He asked, putting me on  the ground.

“You’re lucky I can’t see, Niall Horan, or you’d be in a world of pain.” I said through gritted teeth, Niall’s friends were jerks.

Harry Styles: The player, amazing at one night stands, not so cool with attitude

Liam Payne: Seems nice, until you hang out with him.

Zayn Malik: Can’t take a second away from his mirror to acknowledge your presence.

Louis Tomlinson: Sassy little bitch.

“Babe, they don’t hate you.” He defended.

“Fine, let them come over. I’ll be counting.” I do this every time they come over, I count on my fingers how many times they insult me.

“Oh, c’mon, you know that’s not fair.”

“Neither are they!” I screeched. Then, I was through with arguing, when the doorbell rang. “I’ll go change.” I said.

“Hey where’s the demon?” Liam’s voice came ringing.

“One!” I shouted, hoping Niall would here me.

“What the hell is wrong with her today?” Harry asked.

I finished getting dressed and joined them in the living room.

“Over here.” Niall said from the floor, me, joining him.

“So, Siren, how you doing?” Louis joked.

“Not funny.” I said, but something came to my ear. Niall. Was. Laughing.

“Oh thanks, nice to know you care.” I stood up and walked away, locking myself in the bathroom.

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